3 signs that you boss doesn't like you

They don't give you feedback: A boss who wants to help you grow will provide feedback — good and bad. "But an absence of any feedback shows complete indifference towards your performance and your future growth as an employee," says Kerr.

They criticize you in public: Openly criticizing your efforts or ideas in a meeting is a huge sign of disrespect. If your boss goes out of their way to embarrass you, chances are they have no interest in helping you succeed.

They micromanage you, and only you: Bosses micromanage for a number of reasons — a need for assuming constant control, or insecurity at some level, for example. "But it can also mean they don't trust you". "In some cases this can even lead to mild bullying behavior, where the boss is so consumed with monitoring your every step that it begins to feel like a form of intimidation."

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