Child burned by cell phone that burst into flames as he played on it

A little boy playing a game on his mother’s cell phone was seriously burned after it burst into flames, his family said.

Six-year-old Kadim Lewis was sitting in his grandmother’s bedroom at his New York home, fiddling with the Samsung Galaxy Core when it suddenly caught fire, grandfather John Lewis told WCBS-TV.

“He was playing with the phone because he always has it,” Lewis told the station.

The boy’s mother, Marsha Lewis, said “The phone caught on fire, then the battery exploded, so he threw it on the floor. Then it was just like fireworks in the house.”

A frightened Kadim ran outside. Police and a fire truck arrived because the burning phone set off the house’s smoke detectors.

“We all were nervous,” said Kadim’s house.

The child was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for first-degree burns Saturday night.

Kadim went back to school this week, despite his bandaged hand and his newfound fear of cell phones.

“He was kind of timid because he doesn’t want to see no phone,” his grandpa said.