How to tell if your Galaxy Note 7 might explode

Samsung halted Galaxy Note 7 sales and new launches in most markets and issued a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7, except for China because the units sold in China have supposedly safe batteries that come from a Chinese supplier, ATL.

Samsung subsidiary Samsung SDI supplied 70% of batteries for the phone and Samsung identified those batteries as posing risks, The Korea Herald explained.

In order to tell what type of battery you have in your Galaxy Note 7 
  1. Crack open the device and look at the information printed on the battery.
  2. Look on the back of the handset, or head to the Phone info section of the Settings app and find the desired information.
“If it says ‘manufactured in China,’ there is a nice chance it will have ATL-packaged battery cells inside, though T-Mobile, whose model is made in China, is also taking part in the voluntary recall that the other US carriers issued as well,” Phone Arena says, “If it says ‘manufactured in Korea’ or ‘in Vietnam,’ return the unit to the vendor.”
Since you can’t be certain that only safe batteries made by ATL were used inside devices made in China, for your own protection and precaution, take that Galaxy Note 7 back to the store and wait for a replacement!