Man jailed for groping air hostess on Tanzania-Dubai flight

A passenger, who hugged and kissed an air hostess on a flight, has been sentenced to three months in jail, to be followed by deportation.

The Court of First Instance earlier heard that the 42-year-old Tanzanian national kissed the American flight attendant and hugged her against her will during the flight from Dar es Salaam to Dubai on April 22. He had denied the molestation charge in court.

The complainant, 25, said the passenger asked to take a 'souvenir' picture with her with the flight crew's camera. "He put his hand on my shoulder to try to get me closer to him. The supervisor scolded him," she told the prosecutor.

He then wanted to pose for a selfie with her with his mobile phone. "As I stood next to him, he hugged me and kissed me on the neck. I pushed him away."

He was arrested at the airport. He confessed to the charge during questioning. The verdict may be appealed.