Not handsome but she loves him? Scientists reveal non-phsicial characters women find more attractive in men

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and SUNY Buffalo came to conclusions after conducting a series of studies with hundreds of male and female undergrads as participants that, storytelling prowess is a desirable quality in a guy. Men, on the other hand, don't seem to be fazed by women's ability to tell a good tale.

The authors suggest that "storytelling ability reflects a man's ability to gain resources. Good storytellers may be more likely to influence others or to gain positions of authority in society."

Previous research has found that women prefer high-status guys, so this isn't especially surprising — what's new is the idea that storytelling ability is an indicator of status.

Yet this study adds to a growing body of research on the nonphysical characteristics that can make men attractive to women, like mindfulness and altruism. In some cases, these attributes seem to be even more important than a man's looks.

Bottom line: Women might not explicitly reveal that they're looking for a guy who can tell a good story — in fact, they might not even realize that's what they want. But if you want to impress a woman, consider ditching the pickup lines and starting with "Once upon a time ..." instead.