Tanzania witnessing increase in mental illness

Tanzania government has cautioned the health care system and the society to take special care of psychiatric patients as the East African nation witnesses an increase of mental health cases reports The Citizen.

The number of people suffering from psychiatric problems has increased especially among secondary school students and university students according to the head of Psychiatric Unit at the Mawenzi regional hospital, Dr. Engelbetrus Mafikiri. The doctor added that, the Mawenzi hospital in Moshi at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro receives 8,00 to 100 psychiatric cases weekly.

Main reason for the marked rise is attributed to increased drug abuse among the youth.

The gravity of the problem is yet to be addressed with Tanzania culture stii stigmatizing the mentally ill. Some mental ill patients confined at home by relatives and deemed cursed according to the secretary general of Tanzania users and survivors of psychiatry organization, Pangarasi Msongore