Tanzanian people seem "seem unfriendly" - A tourist says

So, a tourist goes to Tanzania and writes, "8 Things about Tanzania That Impressed Me"... here are two of those eight (quoted "as is"):
  • The side dishes are mostly limited to white rice and french fries. We kept saying that from the day after we wouldn’t eat french fries until the end of the holiday but it was really difficult to stick to this statement. We also tried the ugali, made by a maze flour (you can see a picture here), but it is definitely not something that I would like to retry.
  • People are very conservative and I would even add that they seem unfriendly. Of course this doesn’t reffer to those involved in the tourism industry but when we were wandering around the villages the locals were starring at us. When we smiled or waved at them they looked away. We met one Italian guy who has been living in Zanzibar for 6 years and I asked him if he feeled integrated. The answer was “No, they are more racist than we are”.
Read the rest in the article found here: chicinitie.com


  1. They are not racists, rather they can not express themselves in your language.Try them in swahili you will find out how friendly they are


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