These 9 things will disqualify you in a job interview

According to a Business Insider article these are interview faux pas that could automatically disqualify:
  1. Do NOT flirt with your interviewer. I'll say it again — don't flirt with your interviewer. This tactic is probably going to end badly.

  2. 'What job am I interviewing for?' or 'What does your company do?' Questions like this will make you look like you don't even care enough to run a simple Google search.

  3. Lying! Don't lie. If your lie is obvious, you'll be called out. If it's not, you'll be found out later.

  4. Asking the interviewer personal questions such as, 'Are you married?/Are you pregnant?'

  5. Anything offensive, sexist, racist, etc. or break out your controversial opinions or risqué sense of humor.

  6. Put yourselves in your interviewer's shoes. Would you want to hire someone who sounds like they're about to go "I want your job"?

  7. Anything that indicates this particular organization's not your top choice. Your interviewer is not going to respond well to someone that expresses an intention to use the position as a mere stepping stone to something bigger and better. Don't make the interviewer feel like you don't value their organization.

  8. Don't guilt the interviewer or say anything that comes off as threatening. Any interviewer worth their salt won't allow themselves to be guilted into offering you a job, so save the sob story. Consequently, avoid any sentence that starts with "I'd better get this job, or..."

  9. 'I know I'm not the most qualified person, but...' If you say this, the appropriate response from the interviewer is, "Oh, you're not? Goodbye then." Clearly, the interviewer thinks you're qualified enough to talk to. So stop with the self-deprecation. It's not refreshing. It makes you sound like a sad sack.