Foreign Policy Interrupted’s Fellows Program

Foreign Policy Interrupted’s Fellows Program is open to women 26 and older with a clear commitment and passion for foreign policy and international affairs.

This is not a program for those “breaking into” foreign policy. While we welcome early-career fellows, this program is best-suited to mid-career and late-career foreign policy experts. The program is open to academics, entrepreneurs, journalists, students, and business professionals. The program is open to both US citizens and non-US citizens, fluent in English.

Upon the start of the fellowship in early 2017, applicants must be available for six weeks, for an hour each week.

A commitment to foreign policy is not an interest or hobby, but demonstrated engagement in foreign policy matters and/or a foreign policy matter. Demonstrated engagement is work in the field.

Applicants for an FPI Fellowship ideally have at least three years of full-time professional experience. For interruptors on an academic track, applicants must have completed their master’s degree.

While we encourage applicants to have already authored pieces or appeared as commenters on radio or television, such experience is not required. Achievement and a demonstrated interest are, however.

Which all goes to say: Lean in. Show us what you got.