Japanese Association of University Women call for applications for 2017 International Fellowships

2017 JAUW


Currently Inviting Applications

MUST BE RECEIVED BY March 31, 2017

This program is to offer core funding to financially help you come and stay in Japan when you have found that it is preferable or very important for you to stay in Japan to further pursue your ongoing study/research.

For details of this program, please see the INSTRUCTIONS, which is downloadable from below.
INSTRUCTIONS for 2017 JAUW International Fellowship Application, (pdf)& word (docx)

To apply, you have to use the designated forms, downloadable from here : 
2017 Application Form Part 1 (Personal Data), (pdf) &word (docx)

2017 Application Form Part 2 (Proposal & Related Data), (pdf) & word (docx)

2017 Form of a Letter of Acceptance/Confirmation/Invitation, (pdf) & word (docx)
(Be sure to ask your host professor etc. to use this form when writing a Letter of Acceptance. Other forms shall not be accepted.)

2017 Form of Certificate of Health, (pdf)