PhD Studentship: Sensing charcoal making and understanding links to deforestation in Tanzania

Sponsored by Cranfield University Sue White Fund this studentship will provide a bursary of up to £5000 p.a. (tax free) plus fees* for three years.

This project will be based around the deployment of instruments for the generation of datasets of local air pollutants in Usumbara and related regions (potentially including Dar-es-Salaam) in Tanzania. The overall aim is to understand links between regional charcoal production and deforestation with changes in water catchment.

This project aims to provide data on a number of critical air quality species in a data sparse and understudied region. This innovative approach to targeted emissions monitoring in African industrialising nations has the potential to act as proof of concept for studies investigating local scale stressors in forestry and water management associated with forestry.

The student will be based at the University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) with extended periods at the Cranfield University Centre for Atmospheric Informatics and Emissions Technology.The student will use cutting edge miniaturised sensors made available by Cranfield University.

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