Kurasa za mbele na nyuma za baadhi ya magazeti ya Tanzania leo Septemba 3, 2016

Tanzania Govt to auction about 1,000 tonnes of abandoned sugar

Tanzania is to auction thousands of tonnes of brown sugar abandoned at the Dar es Salaam port by importers reportedly fearing President John Magufuli's tax crackdown.

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has put the consignment in 44 containers for auction in the first week of October should its owners fail to show up and claim the cargo in 30 days.

A notice issued through the media on Wednesday listed the brown sugar containers among several other items that have overstayed at the port without being claimed.

But unlike all the other products, TRA did no list in the notice, the names of the companies that imported the sugar nor the consignees. The tax agency did not also divulge the quantity of the said sugar.

However, sources at the port say there could be about 1,000 tonnes of the sugar with an estimated value of between Tsh2 to Tsh3 billion ($900-1,400).

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Man jailed for groping air hostess on Tanzania-Dubai flight

A passenger, who hugged and kissed an air hostess on a flight, has been sentenced to three months in jail, to be followed by deportation.

The Court of First Instance earlier heard that the 42-year-old Tanzanian national kissed the American flight attendant and hugged her against her will during the flight from Dar es Salaam to Dubai on April 22. He had denied the molestation charge in court.

The complainant, 25, said the passenger asked to take a 'souvenir' picture with her with the flight crew's camera. "He put his hand on my shoulder to try to get me closer to him. The supervisor scolded him," she told the prosecutor.

He then wanted to pose for a selfie with her with his mobile phone. "As I stood next to him, he hugged me and kissed me on the neck. I pushed him away."

He was arrested at the airport. He confessed to the charge during questioning. The verdict may be appealed.

Not handsome but she loves him? Scientists reveal non-phsicial characters women find more attractive in men

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and SUNY Buffalo came to conclusions after conducting a series of studies with hundreds of male and female undergrads as participants that, storytelling prowess is a desirable quality in a guy. Men, on the other hand, don't seem to be fazed by women's ability to tell a good tale.

The authors suggest that "storytelling ability reflects a man's ability to gain resources. Good storytellers may be more likely to influence others or to gain positions of authority in society."

Previous research has found that women prefer high-status guys, so this isn't especially surprising — what's new is the idea that storytelling ability is an indicator of status.

Yet this study adds to a growing body of research on the nonphysical characteristics that can make men attractive to women, like mindfulness and altruism. In some cases, these attributes seem to be even more important than a man's looks.

Bottom line: Women might not explicitly reveal that they're looking for a guy who can tell a good story — in fact, they might not even realize that's what they want. But if you want to impress a woman, consider ditching the pickup lines and starting with "Once upon a time ..." instead.

The 9 "hidden" costs that come with buying a home

Taarifa ya habari ChannelTEN Septemba 2, 2016

WM Majaliwa akagua Kampasi Mpya ya MUHAS iliyoko Mloganzila

Waziri Mkuu, Majliwa akikagua jiko wakati alipotembelea eneo ilipojengwa Kampasi Mpya ya MUHAS eneo la Mloganzila jijini Dar es salaam Septemba 2, 2016. Watatu kushoto ni Waziri Profesa Joyce Ndalichako na kushoto ni Makamu Mkuu wa MUHAS, Ephata Kaaya. . (Picha na Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu)
WAZIRI MKUU Kassim Majaliwa ameitaka Wizara ya Elimu, Sayansi, Teknolojia na Ufundi iweke mpango maalumu wa kuongeza wataalamu zaidi katika sekta ya afya ndani ya nchi ili kuipunguzia Serikali gharama za kusomesha wataalam hao nje ya nchi.

Ametoa agizo hilo leo (Ijumaa, Septemba 2, 2016) wakati alipokagua maendeleo ya mradi wa ujenzi wa Kampasi ya Chuo Kikuu Kishiriki cha Afya na Sayansi ya Tiba Muhimbili (MUHAS) na Ujenzi wa Kituo cha Tiba cha Kimataifa cha Muhimbili katika eneo la Mloganzila.

Amesema Serikali zilizotangulia zimefanya kazi kubwa na nchi imefikia hatua nzuri ya kuongeza wataalam ndani ya nchi ambao watakwenda kutatua changamoto ya upungufu wa madaktari bingwa kwenye hospitali za mikoa na wilaya.

Waziri Mkuu amesema ujenzi wa kituo hicho cha tiba cha kimataifa pia utawapunguzia wananchi adha ya kutafuta fedha za kwenda kupata matibabu nje ya nchi. Tayari upasuaji mkubwa wa magonjwa ya moyo umeanza kufanyika nchini.

Katika hatua nyingine, Waziri Mkuu amemuagiza Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Ubungo, Bw. Humphrey Polepole awasake watu wote waliohusika na wizi wa lita 1,000 za mafuta ya kuendeshea mitambo katika karakana ya mkandarasi anayejenga Kampasi hiyo.

“Wafanyakazi waache wizi. Lita 1,000 zinaondokaje katika karakana ya mkandarasi? Hii kampuni inayolinda kama imeshindwa kazi iondolewe na Mkuu wa wilaya usimhurumie mwizi,” amesisitiza.
Kwa upande wake Waziri wa Elimu, Sayansi na Teknolojia, Prof. Joyce Ndalichako amesema kukamilika kwa kampasi ya Mloganzila kutasaidia upatikanaji wa madaktari bingwa wengi nchini ambao watapunguza gharama za kupeleka wagonjwa kwenda kutibiwa nje ya nchi.

Awali, Makamu Mkuu wa Chuo hicho, Prof. Ephata Kaaya alisema kukamilika kwa hospitali pamoja na kampasi yote ya chuo kutawezesha kupunguza kwa kiasi kikubwa uhaba wa wataalamu wa afya nchini.

Amesema hospitali hiyo itatumika kutoa huduma za afya za kitaalam zaidi kwa magonjwa mbalimbali, hivyo kupunguza idadi ya wagonjwa wanaopelekwa nje ya nchi kwa matibabu. Pia itapunguza msongamano wa wagonjwa katika Hospitali ya Taifa ya Muhimbili.

Ujenzi wa mradi huo umegharimu Dola za Kimarekani milioni 61, ambapo Serikali imetoa Dola milioni 18 na Serikali ya Korea imetoa mkopo wa Dola milioni 43. Kukamilika kwa ujenzi wa kampasi hiyo ya Mloganzila kutawezesha chuo kuongeza idadi ya udahili wa wanafunzi wa fani ya afya kutoka 4,010 hadi 15,000.

Prof. Kaaya amesema mkataba wa awamu ya kwanza ya ujenzi wa mradi huo ulisainiwa tarehe 12, Desemba, 2014 na ujenzi ulianza mwezi Julai, 2015 na unatarajiwa kukamilika Oktoba, 2016.


S. L. P. 3021,

Waziri Mkuu Majaliwa akiondoka baada ya kutembelea na kukagua ujenzi wa Kampasi Mpya ya MUHAS eneo la Mloganzila jijini Dar es salaam Septemba 2, 2016.

These 9 things will disqualify you in a job interview

According to a Business Insider article these are interview faux pas that could automatically disqualify:
  1. Do NOT flirt with your interviewer. I'll say it again — don't flirt with your interviewer. This tactic is probably going to end badly.

  2. 'What job am I interviewing for?' or 'What does your company do?' Questions like this will make you look like you don't even care enough to run a simple Google search.

  3. Lying! Don't lie. If your lie is obvious, you'll be called out. If it's not, you'll be found out later.

  4. Asking the interviewer personal questions such as, 'Are you married?/Are you pregnant?'

  5. Anything offensive, sexist, racist, etc. or break out your controversial opinions or risqué sense of humor.

  6. Put yourselves in your interviewer's shoes. Would you want to hire someone who sounds like they're about to go "I want your job"?

  7. Anything that indicates this particular organization's not your top choice. Your interviewer is not going to respond well to someone that expresses an intention to use the position as a mere stepping stone to something bigger and better. Don't make the interviewer feel like you don't value their organization.

  8. Don't guilt the interviewer or say anything that comes off as threatening. Any interviewer worth their salt won't allow themselves to be guilted into offering you a job, so save the sob story. Consequently, avoid any sentence that starts with "I'd better get this job, or..."

  9. 'I know I'm not the most qualified person, but...' If you say this, the appropriate response from the interviewer is, "Oh, you're not? Goodbye then." Clearly, the interviewer thinks you're qualified enough to talk to. So stop with the self-deprecation. It's not refreshing. It makes you sound like a sad sack.

[video] "Masanja" aanza mgodi mdogo wa dhahabu ili kuongeza vyanzo vya kipato, ajira

Malawi, other SADC Sugar Exporters reach amicable position with Tanzania

Malawi together with other major sugar exporters in the SADC region got a good deal for their industries with Tanzania committing to allow sugar imports from the region at preferential tariff rates.

Additionally, it was agreed that sugar imports from countries outside the region, like Brazil and Europe, which is heavily subsidized will be imported into Tanzania at 100 percent duty which is the Common External Tariff on the product for the East African Community (EAC) Group.

This follows Tanzania’s application for derogation to impose 100 percent duty on sugar outside SADC and 25 percent for sugar originating in the region.

Tanzania has an estimated annual sugar deficit of 100,000 metric tonnes for its local market that it fills with imports from the SADC region and beyond.

Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Mauritius and Swaziland are the major sugar producers and exporters in the SADC region.

A Special Meeting of the SADC Committee of Ministers of Trade (CMT) met last week Thursday in Swaziland as part of the SADC Summit to consider and resolve outstanding issues as regards Tanzania’s application for derogation to impose 25% and 10% duty on raw and refined sugar respectively originating from the region and 100% duty on sugar from third party countries.

Tanzania had indicated that this was to enable its domestic industry adjust as it is undergoing restructuring. Ordinarily Tanzania was expected to commit itself to zero duty on sugar originating from SADC under the SADC Sugar Cooperation Agreement (Annex VII to SADC Trade Protocol).

The CMT agreed that Tanzania be given a dispensation of 12 months to adjust while allowing SADC surplus producers, including Malawi, to export to Tanzania at 10 percent duty for refined sugar and 25 percent for raw sugar. The CMT urged Tanzania to adjust the duty of 10 % upwards for refined sugar originating from third parties.

During the meeting, Tanzania also acknowledged the inconsistent tariff rate of 50 percent that Malawi was, in the past, subjected to. And it was reported that Zambia was subjected to an even higher import tariff rate of 100 percent for sugar exports into Tanzania.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Francis Kasaila, who represented his Trade, Industry and Tourism counterpart, Joseph Mwanamveka, at the meeting said as a country Malawi was satisfied with the outcome of the meeting as the local sugar industry will now be able to export to Tanzania at preferential rates.

“As Malawi, we are happy with the outcome of the discussions and am sure our sugar industry will be happy too with this opportunity to export at preferential rates to a readily available market," said Kasaila.

Kasaila disclosed that the Malawi delegation’s negotiating position had been discussed in advance between government and the sugar industry players as close partners adding that the outcome of the meeting was therefore a win-win solution that was generally expected.

He expressed the hope that the local sugar industry would try to exploit the opportunities arising from the deal to increase its exports saying efforts to create market opportunities and to increase the country’s exports are in line with the vision of the government of President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika of turning Malawi from a net importer to a predominantly exporting country.

On the inconsistencies of overcharging Malawi and Zambia with 50 percent and 100 percent respectively on imports, Tanzania requested evidence relating to the overcharging. The Malawi delegation produced and submitted the necessary customs notes as evidence and it is now expected that Tanzania will either refund the money that was paid in excess of the preferential duty or will provide credits on future exports from Malawi and Zambia.

Tanzania had submitted applications in 2011 and 2015 for consideration by the SADC CMT for derogation or waiver from its trade liberalization commitment for sugar in terms of the provisions of the SADC Trade Protocol in view of the problems its industry is facing. In 2016, at this Special Meeting of the CMT, Tanzania presented an application to extend the timeframe for the derogation for 3 years. However, the Committee approved the extension for only one year and on condition that preferences be given to SADC supplies and that world supplies be subjected to 100 percent as normally expected.

Ideally, Malawi and other major exporters in the region, especially Zambia and Swaziland, would have preferred a Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ) arrangement for access into Tanzania market. The TRQ arrangement was thought to be the best way, on one hand, to effectively manage the imports into Tanzania and therefore to help that country’s domestic industry and, on the other, to promote intra-SADC trade.

Kasaila, who was delegated by President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika to represent him at the Summit, was joined in the CMT negotiations by Malawi’s envoy to Mozambique Frank Viyazhi and his counterpart Annie Kumwenda who oversees respectively SADC and Botswana as well as technical officers Mufwa Munthali and Silas Sindi from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism.

Mwalimu akaribisha wanafunzi mwaka mpya wa masomo kwa wimbo "rap"

Instead of sending out the, "Welcome Back" newsletter, First-year teacher Dwayne Reed wrote a rap song and recorded a music video to go along with it, welcoming his 4th grade class with a music video stressing the importance of school and how he plans to make learning incredibly fun. In the video posted to YouTube, he dresses up as a mad scientist, a gym teacher, and of course, himself.

"Kupatwa kwa fursa" kulivyopatikana wakati wa kupatwa kwa jua Mbarali

Wafanyabiashara wa tikiti maji wakitumia tukio la kupatwa kwa jua katika mji wa Rujewa wilayani Mbarali kuuza matunda hayo kwa wananchi waliofika katika eneo maalum lililotengwa kwa ajili ya kushuhudia tukio la kupatwa kwa jua.

? Dau not accredited in Kuala Lumpur

Screenshot source, more info.,: africaintelligence.com

Taarifa ya JWTZ kuhusu habari iliyochapishwa gazetini Tanzania Daima

Jeshi la Ulinzi la Wananchi wa Tanzania limesikitishwa na taarifa iliyotolewa na gazeti la Tanzania Daima toleo Nambari 4290 la tarehe 01 Septemba 2016, ikihusisha shughuli za Jeshi hilo zinazoendelea katika maadhimisho ya miaka 52 ya kuzaliwa kwake na shughuli za kisiasa.
Tunapenda kuwataarifu wananchi kwamba kazi ya Jeshi ni kulinda na kutetea maslahi ya Taifa na mipaka ya nchi, aidha, Jeshi letu linafanya kazi kwa kufuata mila, desturi, nidhamu, kanuni na sheria za Kijeshi kwa weledi wa hali ya juu, hivyo lisihusishwe na propaganda zozote za kisiasa kwani Jeshi letu ni lenye maadili ya kitaasisi ya hali ya juu. 

Jeshi ni taasisi ya dola wala si taasisi ya kiitikadi, kwa maana uhusiano wake na wanasiasa ni wakati linapotetea na kulinda maslahi ya wananchi. Inaombwa kuwa makini katika utoaji wa maelezo au malalamiko, iachwe mara moja vyama vya siasa kuingilia ratiba za Kijeshi. 

Ikumbukwe kwamba tarehe 25 Julai kila mwaka ni siku ya kuwakumbuka Mashujaa wetu waliolitumikia Taifa hili kwa umakini na nguvu zote kwa kuleta mafanikio tunayoyaona, na hii ilipitishwa mwaka 1979 wakati Majeshi yetu yanarudi kutoka Uganda baada ya ushindi wa vita vya Kagera. 

Sherehe ya mapokezi hayo yalifanyika mji wa Bunazi Wilaya ya Misenye wakati huo Wilaya ya Bukoba Mkoani Kagera ilipoanzishwa kuwa tarehe hiyo iwe siku ya Mashujaa na kupitishwa Kisheria, ikabaki siku ya tarehe 01 Septemba kuwa ni siku ya kuanzishwa kwa Jeshi la Ulinzi la Wananchi wa Tanzania, hivyo jana tulikuwa tunasherekea siku ya kuzaliwa JWTZ. Ieleweke hivyo na iachwe mara moja kuchanganya shughuli za Kijeshi na mambo ya Kisiasa, viongozi wa kisiasa wekeni kumbukumbu zenu vizuri. 

Jeshi linasisitiza wanasiasa ni vizuri wakasoma vema historia ya nchi wanayotaka kuiongoza na wanayoongoza ili kuepusha upotoshaji, lugha na maneno yanayotolewa na viongozi wa kisiasa wenye matakwa binafsi kuhusisha shughuli za Jeshi na siasa zao yanatia ukakasi na kiungulia, awe makini kuongea vitu ambavyo haelewi na kutokuwa makini zaidi aelewe madhara yanayoweza kutokea kutokana na upotoshaji.

Jeshi letu linafanya shughuli zake ki weredi.

Imetolewa na Kurugenzi ya Habari na Mahusiano
Makao Makuu ya Jeshi, Upanga
S.L.P 9203, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Kwa Mawasiliano zaidi: 0784-477638

Taarifa: JKCI kufanya kambi ya upasuaji wa moyo kwa watoto

[video] Hotuba nzima ya Rais Magufuli aliyoitoa ziarani Pemba

Kuna video ya saa 2 na dakika kadhaa, unaweza kuitizama youtube.

Ofisi za LAPF zimehama / LAPF offices have moved