African Researchers’ Small Grants Program

With support from the USAID, the African Research Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (ARNTD) is collaborating with the Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR NTD) to initiate the African Researchers’ Small Grants Program. The COR-NTD has made significant contributions to NTD operational research since its inception in 2013, with the involvement of a number of African implementation partners. Collaboration with the ARNTD as a network provides a unique opportunity for a synergistic, more concentrated, and all-inclusive effort to address emerging challenges facing program implementation in Africa in line with the goals established in the London Declaration.

This funding program has the following objectives:
  1. To increase homegrown African involvement and visibility in NTD operational research including through direct engagement with programs; 
  2. Contribute to improving the research capacity of an existing cadre of African NTD researchers and strengthening African research institutions in the process by supporting translational or operational research into NTDs that is locally originated and African-led; either by junior researchers or experienced researchers ready to take on larger research programmes; 
  3. To improve South-South communication and collaboration among researchers, policy makers and implementers, and for community participation in research and agenda-setting; and 4. To promote a viable model of North-South collaboration through improving the effectiveness of administering program engagements from within Africa and to increase ownership.
Informed by the above objectives, the African Researchers’ Small Grants Program is comprised of two small grant funding tracks: 
a. Small grants for junior researchers 
b. Small grants for mid-career and/or senior researchers 

The small grants targeted at junior researchers will provide up to four grants, ranging from USD 5,000-10,000. These grants are tailored to African researchers at the Masters or PhD level (including students). The aim is for young up-coming researchers not only to gain experience in research but also in the grant application and management system. A key feature of the small grants targeted at junior researchers is that they will require the endorsement of an ARNTD mentor who will serve as their research quality guarantor. 

The small grants for mid-career and/or senior researchers will provide up to three grants, ranging from USD 15,000-25,000. Applicants will have to demonstrate that the proposed research or activity is aligned with country/program interests and has potential institutional/individual capacity building impact. A key feature of the small grants targeted at mid-career/senior researchers is that can be used to supplement a clearly defined aspect of on-going research or to answer a new question linked to on-going NTD research.

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