Assistant Programme Officer - Communications in Tanzania

  1. Assist Manager to ensure effective communications across different media and formats in adherence to the Uwezo Communication strategy consistent with Twaweza Communication Standards.
  2. Assist Manager in annual planning, development of detailed planners and calendars and internal monitoring of Uwezo communication, including drafting of Ideas and Decision Memos on the Communication budget lines.
  3. Assist to collect information from partners and generating good contents for social media and the website.
  4. Assist Manager in the internal monitoring of communications in accordance with LME Standards. Analyze emerging trends to learn, inform planning.
  5. Communicate clearly and in a timely fashion with the Uwezo partners, face-to-face, through email and telephone; conferences where appropriate, and other forms.
  6. Assist to managing the communication of the Country office; ensure that set targets are met as per the approved plans and budgets.
  7. Conduct writing assignments on Uwezo in diverse ways supportive to program goals, including internal learning, policy debates and opinion articles.
  8. Participate in the Uwezo processes (training, assessment)
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