Call for applications: Dutch NFP TMT subsidy for group training

The NFP Tailor-made Training (TMT) programme is meant to improve the overall functioning of an organisation by training a selected group of staff. An organisation facing constraints in achieving its goals can (partly) eliminate these constraints with a tailor-made training course.

Target group

The programme is open to a broad range of organisations in NFP countries, from education institutions, research institutes and ministries to NGOs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The participants of the training course should be employees of the requesting organisation. Members of an association, or employees of member organisations of a federation, for example, do not qualify.

How to apply

You can find detailed information on current calls in the overview of open calls.

Applications have to be submitted at the Dutch embassy or consulate for the country of origin of the requesting organsation.

Please note that some embassies may only accept applications from organisations that they have invited to participate. Kindly check this with the embassy for your country.
Check the deadlines

To ensure timely processing of applications, embassies may deviate from the EP-Nuffic deadline and apply their own, earlier deadline. Therefore, please consult the relevant embassy or consulate for your country:

Overview of embassies, consulates and other representations

The embassy or consulate screens an application to see if it meets the eligibility criteria:

NFP Tailor-Made Training - Eligibility criteria(52 kB)

It also checks that the application has been filled in correctly and completely. Subsequently, the embassy or consulate formulates a recommendation based on the expected contribution of the application to the bilateral development goals of the embassy.

EP-Nuffic will rank eligible applications based on the following priorities:
  • Country classification (category 1 or 2)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Preference for the food security sector
  • Ranking and strongest recommendation by embassy/consulate
  • Co-funding coming from the requesting organisation or a sponsor in the NFP country
The highest-ranking applications will be assessed by EP-Nuffic on their content with the help of a score sheet which you will find on our application page.

The budget for the NFP-tailor-made training programme is limited. This means that we have to make a selection and only a limited number of applications will be awarded a grant. In recent years, only 20-25% of all applications submitted have received a grant.

Information for Dutch training providers

Information for Dutch embassies and consulates

Frequently Asked Questions