Job: Administrative & Finance Manager, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Key Expected Results

1. Manage bank accounts in accordance with UN/UNICEF financial rules and regulations and local banking practices. Forecast liquidity and monitors the cash position. Supervise reconciliation of bank statements, keeps abreast of all procedures and regulations regarding the maintenance of bank accounts, exchange and interest rates, etc. Responsible
for the safekeeping of cash and cheques.

2. Certify the appropriate, accurate and timely processing and recording of expenditures and disbursements (e.g. MIP, travel claims, pension fund, insurance, direct cash transfers), in the VISION system, in accordance with established rules and regulations. Also ensure recovery of advances and accounts receivable.

3. Review internal controls for compliance with all the administrative and financial systems and procedures, ensuring accuracy, promptness and appropriateness of information. Brief the staff on the application and interpretation of UN/UNICEF accounting and financial rules, regulations, procedures and policies.

4. Responsible for the systematic review of office premises to ensure a good and secure working environment for all staff members. Review and monitors contractual arrangements with administrative service providers to ensure that the terms and conditions of all contracts are being adhered when providing services.

5. Supervise travel and transport services. Brief staff on all policies and procedures covering official travel; reviews reports on use of petrol, mileage, driver overtime records, and maintenance services.

6. Manage and controls non-expendable properties inventory, its utilization and disposal in accordance with IPSAS rules. Ensure the safekeeping, annual physical inventory, including cost analysis and recommends replacement/disposal of administrative equipment and supplies.

7. Undertake periodic oversight visits to sub-offices for administrative and financial issues. Monitor and evaluate systems, procedures and compliance with rules and regulations. Provide training and guidance as appropriate.

8. Identify and proposes appropriate office accommodation,(i.e. purchase vs rental, ensure maintenance of premises, security of staff, office premises, equipment and supplies). Also advise staff on appropriate housing accommodations.

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Closing Date 7 Feb 2017