Job: Assistat Project - Kijana Wajibika project

Salary: TSH 20,862,197 gross per annum

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

As the leading agency for youth led development, we put young people at the heart of our work, from community to board level. We recognize young people as an asset, who can and do contribute to, and lead change. Our vision is a world where young people are at the forefront of change and development, achieving a just and sustainable world for all.

We champion the engagement, position, and ultimately the influence of young people at every stage of development. Since 1993, we have been applying our experience to engage young people and young professionals at all levels of our organization to lead change. Our unique youth-led approach has been cited best practice and won awards from the Stars Foundation, World Bank, UNAIDS, and most recently the 2014 Resolve Award for Mabinti Tushike Hatamu.

The Youth Officer will support the planning, implementation and review of the Kijana Wajibika project, supporting our Youth Accountability Advocates to challenge decision makers and work with local authorities, communities and young people to lead change.

Please complete the application form by Sunday 19th February 2017. You can find the application form here or download it at the below.

Closing date: Sunday 19th February 2017