Job: Chief, Child Protection, Dar es Salaam

As head of section, direct, lead, manage a group of professional and support staff in order to successfully develop, manage and administer the sectoral or inter-sectoral project/programme.

This will involve:
  • Timely sectoral analysis, input and guidance provided for the Situation Analysis, and its periodic update completed for effective programme planning, development and management.
  • UNICEF's global goals effectively promoted through advocacy and policy dialogue in the Child Protection sector.
  • Technical leadership and coordination provided to key Child Protection programme/ project documents, reports, plan of action, and targeted training/learning programmes, ensuring promotion of effective knowledge management.
  • Sectoral work plan and activities formulated, implemented and monitored, ensuring alignment with the defined project strategies and approaches. Gender/sex disaggregated data and inputs provided relevant to the Child Protection programme provided.
  • Programme delivery, evaluation and reporting carried out efficiently, rigorously and transparently in compliance with the established guidelines and procedures.
  • UNICEF and Government accountability properly and timely ensured regarding supply and non-supply assistance, as well as disbursement of programme funds for the Child Protection sector.
  • Effective communication and networking achieved through partnership and collaboration. 
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