Job: Program Director-Tanzania, One Acre Fund

We are seeking someone who can do the following things:
  1. Create a strategic vision: This position does not involve managing an existing operation – we are seeking a entrepreneur who can create an operation, growing it from roughly 5 existing staff to hundreds. This involves a lot of strategic flexibility and independence. We are also seeking someone who is based in the field (in rural areas) at first, in order to craft a vision that results in the best possible customer service to farmers.
  2. Hire and develop staff: Our program directors will have to hire a lot of people, and more importantly, invest the majority of their energy in developing managers and leaders underneath them.
  3. Engage staff and lead: Our program model requires high tailoring to specific contexts. The program director will have to make decisions together with their leadership team by engaging them, and then lead them to execute a common vision.
  4. External and internal relations: We are seeking someone who will be a strong communicator both externally and also internally, together with fellow leaders in the organization.
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