Consultancy to support qualitative component of USDOL funded research in Tanzania

Specific activities to be completed to achieve the objectives

Specific activities of the consultancy include:
  1. Support the preparation of the qualitative field work. Activities include: writing a brief overview of the relevant qualitative literature on child labor, drafting interview guides and enumerator manuals, updating interview guides based on comments and suggestions received, supporting the preparation of selection procedures for youths, caregivers and teachers, and preparing interview protocols.
  2. Support the implementation of the qualitative field work. Activities include: drafting a training outline, preparation of all necessary materials for the training of enumerators, and a plan for fieldwork implementation. Activities possibly include travel to Tanzania for training of the interviewers, debrief at the end of every day of fieldwork, coordinating preparation and finalization of the quantitative data (base).
  3. Preparation of the research report. Activities include: preparing a pre-analysis plan, analyzing the collected information in accordance with state of the art methods and procedures, preparing the draft research report, addressing and incorporating comments and suggestions including those from the USDOL, finalization of the research report.
The consultant will carry these activities out in collaboration with co-investigator at Innocenti.

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