Call for applications: Alliance Road Safety Advocates

Are you our next Alliance Advocate?

The Alliance Empowerment Program selects Alliance Member participants to become Alliance Advocates. The first cohort underwent an intensive, tailored training program in August 2016 in Memphis. Read about the 2016 program HERE.

Next cohort of the Alliance Advocates will be trained in August 2017 and applications are now open.

See Terms of Reference, which includes application details. Applications close on 18 May 2017

The Alliance Road Safety Advocates are selected through a strict, competitive, bidding process from among member NGOs. Selected participants must be self-starters who possess the experience, dedication, and willingness to make a change. The Road Safety Advocates will become role models for other Alliance Members, governments, and their communities in these key risk areas and will actively advocate for change.

The Advocates will be called upon to share their expertise with fellow Alliance Members. Through individualized mentoring and training, their skills will be nurtured and their expertise will grow as they advocate for risk areas. The Alliance Advocates are a key investment for the Alliance over the years to come and the Alliance will expect a significant return of investment from this core group.

The Alliance Advocate program 2016 has already resulted in mandatory seat belt use throughout Tunisia, building support for data collection on speeding in Togo and a partnership for community mobilization in New Delhi and child helmet campaigns in Malaysia.