Call for Consultancy - Assessment of rehabilitation needs of torture survivors in Kigoma region, Tanzania

The purpose of the investigation is to assess the need for rehabilitation of torture survivors in this area in light of currently available services for rehabilitation; and to assess the capacity needs for DIGNITY to provide such support.
  • Assessment Objectives
Objective 1: Understand the situation of refugees in Kigoma region in terms of presence of torture survivors, rehabilitation needs and available rehabilitation services. Specific questions include:

a. What is the general set-up of refugees in the district (refugee population size and profile, legal status, who are the service providers and what is the role of the government, etc.)? How long are refugees expected to stay in the area and where do they tend to go after departure? Is there refoulment?

b. What information is available on exposure to torture among the refugees? What is the general nature of the torture experienced (common perpetrators, victims, methods and year of torture, etc.)?

c. What mental health services are available to torture survivors among the refugees (Who provides the service? What does it consist of? Who pays for it? How long has the service existed and how long will it continue to exist?)? How are these services assessed by users and providers?

d. Is there a need for DIGNITY support to rehabilitation in the area? Where is the need? What is the ‘niche’ that could be filled by DIGNITY? Which potential service providers could DIGNITY partner with to offer rehabilitation to torture survivors in the area?

Objective 2: Assess the required capacity needs for DIGNITY to offer rehabilitation support in Kasulu district.

Specific questions include:

a. What is the scope of work needed by DIGNITY?
b. What clinical and/or psycho-social capacity is needed to offer support?
c. What other capacities are required and beneficial for DIGNITY to have in order to deliver those services?
  • Scope of Work and Activities
Desk study to collect as much information as possible in response to the above questions
Interview key DIGNITY staff to collect information on DIGNITY’s work and capacities
Field visit to observe camp(s) and services and interview key partners and service providers

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Deadline: 30th June 2017.