Call for Young African Media Professionals

As part of the inclusion and mainstreaming of youth, the AUC will engage 10 young media professionals across the regions of Africa to consult with a demographic dividend expert on Africa’s demographic dividend agenda, and contribute to the narrative on the framing of the DD. The activity will entail the creation of a comprehensive media campaign strategy for the popularization of the demographic dividend among youth to facilitate ownership.

The proposed campaign will contribute to the discourse around the standardization and framing of the Demographic Dividend agenda to reflect the African reality. Framing the Demographic Dividend according to the realities of Africans will happen on the continental, regional and national levels, and will entail engagements with various stakeholders in Africa including Heads of States, Parliamentarians, Ministers, Private sector stakeholders, and the African Youth.
As a starting point, the AUC therefore proposes a comprehensive media campaign focusing on engagement with the African Youth, which will be owned and run by young Africans.

Why the consultation?

The consultation aims to provide a platform to launch continuous engagement of Africa’s young people in the discourse of framing the Demographic Dividend agenda to reflect the African reality. Specifically, the consultation aims to:
– Evaluate opportunities to engage young people, particularly non-conventional platforms and networks.
– Devise strategies for the provision of relatable information to young Africans on the Demographic Dividend, and stimulate awareness at the grassroots level.
– Empower audiences at different levels to understand and take ownership of the Demographic Dividend agenda.