Consultancy: Evaluation and Baseline Survey of Integrated Livelihoods, Camp Management and Protection Projects In Nduta, Mtendeli and Nyarug

Focus of the Evaluation and Baseline Survey

The proposed Evaluation is focusing on two closely related projects: a) The DFID funded “Enhancing a Protective Environment through Community Driven Mechanisms in Camps for Refugees in Tanzania” and b) The ECHO (phase one) funded “Enhancing protective environment for Burundian refugees in Northwestern Tanzania”. The proposed Baseline survey focuses on the ECHO (Phase two) project and is primarily intended to establish baseline targets for the key performance indicators. The ECHO Phase one evaluation is closely linked to the Baseline for ECHO phase two in the sense that some of the indicators being measured in the former will constitute the baseline targets for the latter. Indeed, the interventions in both projects are more or less similar.

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