Call for Infographics: UNESCO 2017 Global Report

As part of a wider exercise to promote transparent and evidence-based policy making, the Global Report series serves as a benchmarking and monitoring tool, by analyzing current trends; by tracking progress and by identifying the principal advances made, but also the difficulties, weaknesses and challenges faced by Parties in the implementation of the 2005 Convention since its adoption.

The 2017 Global Report will include infographics which will succinctly and clearly communicate these successes, efforts made and challenges for each of the areas of monitoring (Cultural Polices, Public service media, Digital environment, Civil society, Mobility of artists and cultural professionals, Flow of cultural goods and services, Treaties and agreements, Culture and sustainable development, Gender equality, and Artistic freedom).

Interested individuals, companies, professionals or consortiums are requested to send in their proposals together with a financial proposal to Lindsay Cotton ([email protected]) and Anthony Krause ([email protected]) by no later than Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

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