Consultant - Diagnostics Financing Structure and Fiscal Sustainability of Social Protection in Tanzania - Zanzibar component

Component 1. 

The consultant will carry out analytical work to undertake diagnostics of the structure and fiscal sustainability of the SPL system, which will be summarized into a single report for Zanzibar. A social protection programs dataset is available for the diagnostic, which will further build on existing reports. The consultant will coordinate closely with the team carrying out the SPL diagnostics for Tanzania mainland. The diagnostics will include:

A context and literature review of socioeconomic conditions of poor and vulnerable households in Zanzibar. The review will draw from existing resources and analytical work and where needed, will be complemented by household survey analyses.
A review of main SPL interventions in Zanzibar, with a focus on financing and assessment of fiscal sustainability. The review will draw from the available data set that contains design, coverage and budget/expenditure information for social protection programs in Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland. Programs are classified using the ASPIRE classification of Social Assistance; Social Insurance; Labour Market Programs; Subsidies; and Social Care Services. Apart from the analytical work, the consultant will work with authorities in Zanzibar to develop sound recommendations to improve the efficiency and sustainability of SPL systems and financing.

Component 2. 

The consultant will identify counterparts in the Zanzibar Government (including TASAF, ZSSF, OCGS, and MOF) with whom to collaborate closely, to enhance ownership of the final product and to build capacity to perform diagnostics of SPL systems. The analysis will be conducted in close consultation with the selected counterparts and other stakeholders, who will be asked to review and comment on intermediate and final outputs. The process will be tailored to ensure capacity building for core government agencies and will promote government ownership and lead role.

Prior to finalizing the diagnostics document, a technical workshop will be organized to review chapters, gather feedback, and go over the methodology and taxonomy that has been used. The consultant will then incorporate comments received and finalize the document to be formally delivered to Government.

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Closing date: 29 Jul 2017