Job: Develop National Guidelines on Bio-fortification in Tanzania

Consultancy Team Profile and Collaborating Institutions.

For the purpose of this assignment, the indepth review of guidelines should be hosted by a nutrition, health or agriculture institution/consultant and is expected to work in close collaboration with TFNC and Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. At a minimum, the institution/consultant should have substantial experience in agriculture and nutrition programming or public health and in producing guidelines and/or manuals on bio-fortification.

At least one team member or the consultant should be a food scientist/crop scientist who He/she will hold a masters degree in the area of crop production with experience in bio-fortification, or a nutritionist with wide experience in using bio-fortified food crops.

Guidelines for Submission

Interested consultancy firms should send submit the following:
  1. Curriculum Vitae (max 5 pages) and a description of the role of each team member (if applicable)
  2. The consultant should fill out annex A in lieu of a full proposal.

Deadline: August 1st, 2017