Job: Component Lead, Agricultural Skills Provision (Tanzania)


This Component Lead will drive strategy development and execution for activities that seek to improve youth access to high-quality vocational skills development, with a focus on skills needed in Tanzania's agriculture sector. S/he will be responsible for Outcome 3: Skills providers are better able to address skills demand from both youth and the market so that more youth can profitably and innovatively get involved in agriculture.

As Component Lead for Agricultural Skills Provision you will:
  • Provide technical leadership over activities that use a facilitative approach to increase rural youth access to high-quality agricultural skills provision, contributing to the project's overall goal of improved prospects for gainful employment and self-employment for female and male youth.
  • Identify, select, and support agricultural skills providers to develop short and innovative "all-inclusive" training courses dealing with soft, technical, and entrepreneurial skills, and facilitate linkages with market opportunities along the entire agriculture value chain from pre-production to post-processing (e.g. supplying, packaging, transport, customer care, marketing, etc.). These courses should be accessible for young women and men with lower education levels (e.g. those who have not completed Form 4) and identify and incorporate innovative technologies (i.e. IT and mobile systems) to help overcome costs and increase outreach and appeal.
  • Coordinate with fellow program staff to increase agricultural skills providers' awareness of the needs and skill requirements of agricultural employers and foster linkages to connect youth to employment opportunities.
  • Provide leadership over a pilot phase for the component (e.g. at regional level), in which to test and refine the approach before a wider roll-out.
  • Foster partnerships with initiatives focusing on employment creation to ensure that follow-up support (technical and financial) is available to youth once they complete the training.
  • Collaborate with monitoring and results management colleagues to ensure rigorous data collection, analysis, and incorporation of learnings for adaptive management.
  • Understand all gender integration requirements (donor as well as internal to TechnoServe) and ensure that activities reflect the project's gender strategy.
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