Job: Innovation Officer, P2, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Temporary Appointment)

The TA will support the collection, analysis and dissemination of real time data to inform programmes as well as support the implementation of citizen engagement and social accountability interventions using the RapidPro platform. The incumbent will be responsible for identifying and implementing new mechanisms to increase adoptions and use of the existing and new citizen engagement platforms especially among the most marginalized girls and women.

Summary of key functions/accountabilities:
  1. Innovation, knowledge management and capacity building
  2. Networking and partnership building
  3. Technical and operational support to programme
Key Expected Results
  1. Reliable real-time data collection system and dashboards in place that continuously and concretely informs programme operations
  2. Citizen engagement and social accountability interventions implemented with women and girls represented informing quality of service.
  3. Wide spectrum of partners engaged and making use of the real-time data collection, analysis and dissemination system in key programme areas including government, CSOs, UN agencies, Media, Private sector etc.