Job: Partnerships Specialist (Central Corridor, Tanzania)


The Partnerships Lead will work closely with the program's Component Leads to drive cross-cutting strategy development and execution for activities that identify, cultivate, and manage relationships with partners within Tanzania's labor market system.

As Partnerships Lead you will:
  • Provide leadership over-identification, cultivation, and relationship management of diverse labor market system partners, contributing to the project's overall goal of improved prospects for gainful employment and self-employment for female and male youth.
  • Develop systems and tools to methodically identify and vet local training partners, and map partners' needs and capabilities.
  • Develop a robust network of relationships with private sector partners, including employers and experts in needed technical skills areas. Promote and strengthen coordination between skills providers and private sector/market players at various levels (local, regional, national).
  • Develop and lead the presentation of basic business cases to incentivize labor market system actors to pilot and adopt desired behavior changes.
  • Foster partnerships with civil society and donor-funded initiatives focusing on youth training and employment creation to coordinate and leverage mutually beneficial efforts.
  • Collaborate with monitoring and results management colleagues to ensure rigorous data collection, analysis, and incorporation of learnings for adaptive management.
  • Understand all gender integration requirements (donor as well as internal to TechnoServe) and ensure that partnerships reflect the project's gender strategy.
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