Regional Cash Delegate, Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

The Belgian Red Cross – Flanders (BRC-FL) is looking for a Regional Cash Delegate based in Dar Es Salaam to support the design, implementation and delivery of high quality, timely and accountable cash preparedness programming as part of its Disaster Preparedness Programme in the Great Lakes Region, funded by the Belgian Federal Government.

Job description:

The Cash Delegate provides technical support to BRC-FL operations in its cash preparedness programmes in the Great Lakes region (Tanzania, Rwanda Burundi), in close cooperation with the respective Red Cross National Societies and their in-country partners. The main responsibilities include:
  • Ensure a regional cohesion in Multi-purpose Cash Transfer (MPCT) approaches by a.o. the organization of regional exchange events and trainings
  • Be an active partner for MPCT advocacy and diplomacy amongst high management National Society structures, beneficiaries and governmental and non-governmental actors
  • Establish an effective MPCT management structure within the 3 National Societies by a.o. the recruitment of key positions such as MPCT Focal Points and the establishment of an MPCT Working Group
  • Advise, on the development of MPCT-specific scenario’s and SOPs, resulting in cash-inclusive procedures on finances, logistics, M&E and communications.
  • Advise on the organization of simulation exercises and pilots
  • Ensure a rapid and correct MPCT disbursement to affected communities in case an emergency materializes during timespan of the programme
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