University of Calgary 50th Anniversary International Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

Guided by its bold Eyes High vision, the University of Calgary is poised to become a global intellectual hub, supported by its comprehensive internationalization strategy that aims to increase the diversity of students on campus, advance educational and research partnerships and boost international development efforts.

Increasing the international diversity of our student body prepares our students to be successful in today’s global marketplace. Top research universities attract the best students from around the world and our International Strategy sets a target of 10% of the undergraduate population and 25% of the graduate population to be international within the next few years.

Through the new 50th Anniversary International Scholarships, the University of Calgary is launching a fundraising initiative to raise $1M in scholarship money for international students. The campaign takes place during the university's 50th Anniversary year and the first scholarships will be awarded in 2017 or 2018. Coordinated by the University of Calgary International (UCI) Office, Faculty of Graduate studies and Enrollment Services Office, the scholarship money will be awarded to to exceptional undergraduate and graduate students from 25 designated countries.

Please see list of designated countries.

Eligibility: open to undergraduate and graduate students from designated countries.

Undergraduate scholarships: $24,000 per student per year for up to four years of study.

Graduate scholarships: $16,000 per student registered in a thesis-based PhD program per year, for up to four years of study.

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