DFID is seeking a supplier(s) for Scaling Up Family Planning in Tanzania

Description DFID is seeking a Supplier(s) to deliver family planning support through a Scaling up Family Planning Services programme in Tanzania over five years (2018-2023).

The aim is to increase family planning use in Tanzania to reduce maternal mortality and increase the quality of life of women. This will be a comprehensive family planning programme with the existing component as the current programme and additional focus as follows:
i. Provision of family planning services, including HIV testing, Comprehensive Post-Abortion Care (CPAC) and Gender-Based Violence (GBV).
ii. Procurement of family planning commodities.
iii. Health system strengthening including capacity building of the Health Facilities Workers and supply chain strengthening.
iv. The programme will also focus on innovative ways of reaching youth, people with disabilities and refugees. DFID will have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United Nations.

Population Fund (UNFPA) for the procurement of commodities, strengthening of the supply chain at the national level and advocating for youth use of family planning. Additionally, DFID will contract a supplier(s) to provide comprehensive family planning services, in the interest of sustaining a competitive market and fostering innovation and challenge.

Response Required By Wed 31 January 2018 at 14:00
Contract Start Date Thu 01 November 2018

More info (source): https://supplierportal.dfid.gov.uk/selfservice...