Job: Institutional Capacity Building Specialist - Bariadi, Tanzania

This full-time position located in Tanzania will provide assistance to the Capacity Specialist Leader and shall be responsible for the design and implementation of a (human resource) capacity building and training program, coordination with the client and its partner stakeholders, design and implementation of an institutional strengthening activity. The individual will provide regular progress updates to the Project Manager and Capacity Building Leader and alert, ahead of time, should the capacity building and/or institutional strengthening plans be falling short of expectations and goals. The individual will be responsible for monitoring progress of the plans and adjusting accordingly. Client and stakeholder meetings will be frequent and often be outside of the capital city, thus requiring up-country travel. Other responsibilities may include:
  • Work closely with training specialists and relevant technical specialists to undertake capacity development assessment for client in areas such as project management, procurement, financial management, environmental mitigation, operations and maintenance of urban infrastructure, and other relevant training areas.
  • Coordinate, manage and provide guidance to agreed-upon capacity building programs.
  • Prepare designs for the conduct of training programs, workshops, seminars and on-the-job trainings, as needed, in accordance with the capacity development plan.
  • Assistance in curriculum development and procedures for selection of appropriate training participants.
  • Develop and carry out performance evaluation system, including pre- and post-training assessment analysis and impact.
  • Assist/advise in identifying relevant training institutions and human resources development centers including qualified resource persons to be engaged for training programs for the project, and beyond.
  • Strict adherence to CDM Smith's policies such as: anti-corruption, safety and quality.
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