video: Julius Nyerere interview | Tanzania | This Week | 1977 by ThamesTv

10 years after independence, Thames Television's 'This Week' programme visits Tanzania to see how the reforms of President Nyerere is changing the landscape of the country. In this report respected Journalist Jonathan Dimbleby speaks to President Nyerere about his reforms and ideologies.

First shown: 03/03/1977 

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16MM film original available

mwaka 1975 Tanzania waliweka malengo kuwa kila kaya iwe na maji ndani ya miaka 3!
“In Tanzania, the advance of basic health services has been more rapid than almost anywhere else on earth, even so such as poverty 1 out of every 4 babies born, still dies by the age of 5. In 3 years though, all should have health care.”
Fundamental principal of the Arusha declaration as defined by Nyerere,
"There is no socialism without democracy. Men can’t be forced to the freedom. A man must develop himself. Here they may decide to work for each other, elsewhere they may not. No outsider may force the pace, to do so is to destroy the principle of ujamaa by denying free will."
"In freedom with equality, the village is meant to run it’s own affairs but the affairs State  are their too. National policy requires national support, the people’s vote. In this one party State, Western democracy is considered irrelevant. Instead decisions are passed from cell to village to ward to district to region and then the nation. All officers at all levels are elected. Free debate should flourish but bullies and bureaucrats can abuse democracy."
We must stop using democratic institutions to intimidate people” Julius Nyerere, interview with the ThamesTv on “This Week” 1977.