CANAL+ AFRIQUE gets rights to broadcast entire 2014 FIFA World Cup competitio​n

PARIS, France, April 23, 2014 — CANAL+ AFRIQUE ( is pleased to announce the acquisition of broadcasting rights for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ to be held from 12 June to 13 July 2014 in Brazil.

CANAL+ AFRIQUE will broadcast the entire competition, on its CANAL+ channels, with every single match being aired live. CANAL+ FOOT will be fully dedicated to the competition for one month.

Throughout this major sporting event, CANAL+ subscribers on the African continent will benefit from exceptional broadcasting thanks to a team of well-known journalists and pundits, a daily highlights show and

Remittance rip-offs: The huge cost to Africa in money transfer fees

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  • These excess fees cost the African continent $1.8 billion a year; enough money to pay for the primary school education of 14 million children in the region.
  • This is because workers are paying an average of 12% in fees to transfer money back to relatives in sub-Saharan Africa. To put that in context, a worker sending $200 home to provide for a relative’s education would incur a $25 fee.
  • The global community pledged to cut remittance charges to 5% by 2014, yet this ‘super tax’ shows there is a long way to go.
LONDON, 22 April 2014 (IRIN) - All over the world migrant workers are sending money home to their families. The money pays hospital bills and school fees, buys land, builds houses and sets up small businesses. The cash goes from the US back to Mexico, from the Gulf back to India, from the UK back to Somalia, and from South Africa back to Malawi, Zimbabwe and the rest of southern Africa.

But what these workers probably do not realize, since they usually only ever send to one country, is that the cost of sending money varies greatly. Now a study [ ] of the cost of remittances, carried out by London's Overseas Development Institute with support from the fund-raising charity Comic Relief, has revealed that transfers to African countries cost around half as much again as the global average, and twice as much as transfers to Latin America.

The ODI estimates that if remittance charges were brought down to the world average, the money saved could educate an extra 14 million primary school children, half of all those currently out of school on the

Forbes: Leadership lessons from ManU's hiring, firing Moyes

1. Don’t change the two most important people in the organisation at the same time

Sir Alex Ferguson had been manager of Manchester United for 27 years and David Gill had racked up a decade as chief executive when the duo stepped down last summer. For manager and chief executive at a football club, read chief executive and chairman at a publicly listed company. Allowing both to leave at the same time is dangerous, particularly when their combined leadership has been so successful. Where was the succession planning that didn’t let that happen? And what happened to the board’s oversight of the career decisions of its two most important executives? How many companies have lost their chairman and chief executive at exactly the same time and replaced both with great success?

2. Don’t let the last business leader choose the next one.

Sir Alex Ferguson imposed what some observers have described as a “Stalin-like grip” on Manchester United during his 27 years in charge. Very little, it is said, happened without either his direct say-so or tacit

Hakuna UKAWA aliyerudi Bungeni wala kuomba posho - Katibu

Nimesikitishwa sana na kauli iliyotolewa bungeni leo kwamba UKAWA wamerejea bungeni na wamefikia kudai posho.

Naomba watanzania watambue kuwa kauli hiyo ni mwendelezo wa propaganda za CCM dhidi ya wale wanaotetea na kutaka baadhi ya maoni ya msingi yaliyomo katika rasimu ya katiba yaheshimiwe na kuboreshwa.

Tangu tumeondoka bungeni tumekuwa tukiendelea na vikao maalum vya kistratejia Zanzibar na katika mikoa 10 ya Tz bara. Baada ya vikao hivyo tutawatangazia wananchi ratiba ya shughuli zetu.

UKAWA inaundwa na wajumbe zaidi ya 200, lakini baada ya kutoka bungeni kuna wale ambao

The anatomy of a bridal gown and How to choose a wedding dress

This infographics has details of a bridal gown.

Anatomy of Bridal Gown


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