Dogo achojoa nguo zote alipofika kileleni mlima Kilimanjaro

Will you do anything for charity? 
Even if it means stripping naked in freezing temperatures atop Africa's highest peak?

That's exactly what cheeky Ben Boleyn did when he reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro after enduring treacherous conditions during a nine-day charity climb. Ben said:
'Once I was with the climb group I mentioned it in conversation and it just snowballed after that.
Everyone kept talking about it and one climber bet me 500 Tanzanian shillings, which is about 18p, that I wouldn't do it.
'When we got to the top I had to do it so just thought why not, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
'My parents were shocked at first but people seem to have donated more because of it, which is great. It is quite unique.
'I would do it again at other landmarks. I want to go to Machu Picchu next so maybe I will strip there too.'

He added: 
'It was between -10C and -12C but it didn't feel that cold, probably because of the adrenaline and we had just walked for six hours so I was already warm.'

Ben scaled the mountain with seven other climbers after he spent four weeks volunteering at a hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Now that the climb is over, Ben is taking a gap year and hopes to study medicine at a university abroad before training to become a doctor. He recently finished his A-Levels at King Edward VI College in Stourbridge, where he got an A in chemistry, an A in human biology and a B in maths with statistics.


Southern African Fashion Show yafana

Washereheshaji wakifanya vitu vyao kwenye usiku wa onesho la mavazi kutoka kwa wanamitindo na

Salum Mwalim achukua fomu za kugombea uchaguzi CHADEMA

Makamu Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Wazee la CHADEMA Zanzibar Bi Maryam Ahmed Omar akimkabidhi fomu Salum Mwalim fomu ya kugombea nafasi ya Ujumbe wa Kamati Kuu ya Chama hicho kundi la Zanzibar katika hafla fupi iliyofanyika ofisi kuu za CHADEMA kisiwani humo.
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Don’t dress to impress - 10 Safety tips for women travelling alone

To travel safely in a foreign country, you will probably fail at blending in, so aim for not standing out. To make packing easier on you, choose a versatile wardrobe with a pick a neutral-based color scheme of non-wrinkly clothes. Black/white/grey/blue-toned charcoal—those are all easy to mix and match. Keep your bling at home. A woman alone doesn’t have to travel in constant fear. The best travel safety tip is to look like you know what you’re doing. Lost often comes off as weak or vulnerable. Walk with determination and purpose. Don’t fumble for things. If you have to pick a stranger to ask for help, choose a family with young children or an older woman. Such choices are less likely to be serial killers in disguise. Research where you’re going. The CIA World Factbook is a great resource. Realize that, in a worst case scenario, bad things happen no matter how many precautions you take. Your job is to reduce the chance that those bad things will happen to you.
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Guide to Suit and Shoes colour matching - The Slaters

So you have the suit, the shirt, the tie. Now all you need to do is add the shoes. Use the below this handy guide to make sure you buy the perfect colour shoes to match your suit colour.

As a general rule, a Black Formal shoe will go with nearly all suit colours. However you can make more of an impact if you go for a brown or tan shoe when wearing either a Navy/Blue or Light Colour suit. It looks smart and will stand out against the sea of black when you want to make an impression.

This guide should help you make the decision of when to go black or when to go tan. --

Mystery condition gives Indian boy gigantic hands

Eight-year-old Kaleem suffers from a rare, undiagnosed, disorder that has caused his hands to grow out of proportion. Each hand is over 13 inches in length and weighs in excess of eight kilograms.

His disability prevents him from completing simple tasks and he does not go to school because other students are scared of his deformity.

Now his parents from India, Shamim and Haleema, are appealing for help so their son can receive medical attention.

Balaa! Utafiti wagundua watoto wanashiriki ngono haja kubwa

Sampuli tathmini ya matokeo ya mradi wa PREPARE uliokuwa na lengo la kuangalia uwezekano wa vijana kupunguza ngono, imebainisha haja ya elimu ya afya ya uzazi kukabili hali ya sasa ya tabia hatarishi zinazowakabili vijana wadogo.

Matokeo ya awali ya mradi yalionesha kuwa asilimia 10 ya vijana wenye umri wa miaka 12 mpaka 14 ambao ni darasa la tano na sita waliofanyiwa utafiti walikuwa wameshawahi kufanya ngono na asilimia kubwa ikiwa ni kwa kutumia njia ya haja kubwa.

Kauli hiyo imetolewa na mmoja wa watafiti wa Chuo Kikuu cha Afya na Sayansi shirikishi cha Muhimbili, Kitengo cha magonjwa na afya ya akili, Lusajo Kajula.

“Vijana wengi walionekana wakifanya ngono ya uke na ya mdomo ikifuatiwa na ngono ya njia ya

Rais Kikwete sokoni Kibaigwa

Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akitembelea soko la nafaka la kimataifa la Kibaigwa mkoani Dodoma katika siku ya kwanza ya ziara yake mkoani humo Agosti 28, 2014 , ambapo alijionea shehena kubwa sana ya mahindi iliyoletwa kutoka mashambani na kusafirishwa kila pembe ya nchi. Mwaka huu, kama ilivyokuwa mwaka jana, mavuno ya mahindi yamekuwa makubwa kiasi hata cha kupatikana kwa mavuno ya ziada yanayolemea maghala yaliyopo, ikiwa ni muendelezo wa mafanikio ya sera ya kilimo kwanza ambayo imekuwa ikileta matokeo mazuri kila mwaka. (picha hii na zote zinazofuata hapo chini ni kutoka Ikulu).