A tool to unclutter on your Facebook

Facebook is using your Facebook page 'likes' to target your friends. But, you can stop this if you want.

Go to Cleanser (likecleanse.com), follow the instructions to see the brands targeting you and you can 'un-like' the unworthy ones. 

FBME Bank allowed limited activities; Clients can access funds with daily limit thru cheques only

FBME Bank clients can only access their funds through cheques with a daily limit of €10,000, a special administrator said on Monday, because the branch’s cash transfer system has been shut down by the holding company in Tanzania.

The Central Bank (CBC) took over administration of FBME in July, following a US Treasury report describing the lender as a “primary money laundering concern”.

FBME, headquartered in Tanzania, had denied the allegations, saying the US Treasury had compiled the report without its input.

The CBC subsequently appointed an administrator for FBME Cyprus. The regulator said it was

CCM Uingereza wachagua Mwenyekiti Mpya



  • Aanza kwa kuunda timu itakayounda upya Jumuiya ya Watanzania UK na kuhusisha wadau wote;
  • Azungumzia suala la uraia pacha na Rais Ajaye katika uchaguzi 2015;
  • Kuunda Saccoss ya watanzania UK na Jumuiya ya Wanawake.
Na Abraham Sangiwa
Itikadi Siasa na Uenezi - CCM – UNITED KINGDOM.

Mwenyekiti Mpya wa CCM UK Ndugu Kapinga Kangoma akitoa nasaha na shukrani zake.

UK students stranded in Tanzania after travel company goes bust

A group of 11 students from the UK has been left stranded in Tanzania after a British trip organiser -GBCE Ltd, operating as Student Adventures - ceased trading on Thursday.

ITV News reports that 11 students who were already in Africa at the time of the collapse will not have accommodation or travel booked for the rest of their time in Tanzania, where they are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. The Practical Action charity is sending staff from its UK and Kenya office to help them.

In a statement, GBSC said: "GBCE assure parents and guardians that any travellers who are

Plane crashes in the Serengeti

The aircraft that went missing Sunday afternoon crashed and burned a few minutes after taking off.

The remains of the Safari Express Limited aircraft, with the registration number 5Y-SXP, was sighted by the search-and-rescue team Monday morning at the Serengeti National Park, about 15 miles from the Kenya-Tanzania border. All the three occupants were burnt beyond recognition.

It had left Mwanza Airport in Tanzania on Sunday at around 7.26pm. However, the Area Control manager at the Jomo Kenyatta International (JKIA) control tower, Mr Peter Clever Davor, said that upon reaching an altitude of 14,000 feet, it lost communication with the radar at JKIA.

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has clarified that the aircraft, a Fokker F-27 MK-500, was supposed to land at JKIA at around 8.36pm.

“The aircraft did not (land) as scheduled and an inquiry (was) sent to Tanzania as set out in the international standards,” read the statement from the KCAA.

Rais Kikwete ziarani Mkoani Dodoma; Atembelea Wilaya ya Chamwino

Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akilakiwa na Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Chamwino, Mhe. Fatma S. Ally alipowasili wilayani humo kukagua miradi ya maendeleo na kuzungumza na wananchi.

While the African diaspora is still bleeding, BRITTS hits Stuttgart again!

The following was submitted to wavuti.com via email. The original article has been edited to retract some strong words.  

The African Diaspora is still bleeding, just a few months ago when this fraudulent *** duped the African Diaspora in Germany, collecting huge sums of monies for a concert with Nigerian hip hop group "Bracket" leaving the crowd angry, frustrated and disappointed, this very *** just did it again, but this time shall not get away with it.

While the African diaspora is trying hard to promote the positive image of Africa in Germany, BRITT Events takes it upon himself to bring shame, fraud and tarnish the good reputation of the of the diaspora in Germany.

This time he landed on NASIB ABDUL AKA DIAMOND PLATNUMZ - the hip hop singer from

Ujerumani yakanusha tuhuma za kujihusisha na Katiba Mpya Tanzania

UBALOZI wa Ujerumani nchini, umekanusha kujihusisha kwa namna yoyote kwa taifa la Ujerumani katika kuingilia au kuweka ushawishi katika mjadala unaoendelea wa katiba nchini.

Kauli hiyo ambayo imo katika taarifa ya ubalozi huo iliyosainiwa na mtaalamu wake wa mawasiliano John Merikion.

Taarifa hiyo imesema kwamba Serikali ya Ujerumani kimaadili haiingilii mambo ya siasa za ndani na za nje za nchi zingine.

Taarifa hiyo ilisema kutokana na uhalisia huo, Serikali ya Ujerumani na maafisa wake hawafanyi