Tanzania to buy mobile heavy-duty scanners to ease congestion at Dar & Tanga ports

Harry Kitilya, Commissioner General of the Tanzania Revenue Authority, said last week that the government wants to speed up clearing of containers at the two ports. He said TRA has already floated a tender for supply of scanners with higher capacity -- scanning up to 400 containers a day. Now ships with a capacity of 1,000 containers will be loaded and offloaded in two days, instead of five.

Tiscan Tanzania Ltd, a member of the Cotecna Group, has launched online services for clearing and forwarding agents to ease congestion at Dar port. Tiscan deals with destination inspection and container X-ray scanning services for imports into Tanzania. The company's deputy operations manager, Issa Jaye, said that agents and importers are now able to process their transactions from the comfort of their offices. The Tanzania Revenue Authority partnered with Tiscan to ease Customs documentation procedures. The services offered by Tiscan include commercial inspection, destination inspection, pre-shipment inspection, government services, risk management and container scanning. Tiscan Tanzania Ltd is registered in the country and is a member of the Cotecna Group of Switzerland.

The earlier pre-shipment inspection system formed a long chain of bureaucracy. Under this programme, Customs declaration is performed in Tanzania. Selected consignments requiring physical verification are inspected upon arrival in the country. X-ray scanning was initially done on imported containerised cargo. Scanners have been installed at KICD, JKNIA and other selected stations.

Excise duty is levied on seven items, each at its own rate. The items are beer, soft drinks, cigarettes, salon and station wagon cars with engine capacity exceeding 2000cc, plastic shopping bags, wine, mineral water and spirits, and petroleum products.

News source: http://Allafrica.com

PHOTO: The effects of Typhoon Ketsana in the Phillippines, Vietnam and Cambodia

Boston.com - The Big Picture has collected a total of 36 photos showing the effects of Typhoon Ketsana (known in the Phillippines as "Ondoy"), some photos are seen below.
According to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), Ketsana dropped 455 mm (17.9 in) of rain on Metro Manila in a span of 24 hours on Saturday - the most in 42 years. A month's worth of rainfall in a single day washed away homes and flooded large areas, stranding thousands on rooftops in the city and elsewhere. Ketsana later crossed over to Vietnam and Cambodia, where it is still active. Over 360 people are known to have been killed, and damage estimates are reaching $100 million. Unfortunately, another tropical storm may be headed toward the southern Philippines on Wednesday but is still 1,000 km (600 mi) off the coast. Here is a selection of photographs from the affected areas over the past week.
A complete list of photos is available at: http://boston.com/bigpicture/2009/09/typhoon_ketsana_ondoy.html

Residents wait for rescuers at a building during flooding caused by Typhoon Ketsana in Cainta Rizal, east of Manila September 27, 2009. (REUTERS/Erik de Castro)

Residents stand on electric wires to stay on high ground while others wade in neck-deep flood waters caused by Typhoon Ketsana in Cainta Rizal, east of Manila September 27, 2009. (REUTERS/Erik de Castro)

A Filipino resident trapped by floods brought by tropical storm Ketsana evacuates to higher ground with his pet dogs in Marikina city, east of the Philippine capital Manila, on September 27, 2009. (JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images)

An aerial picture shows houses destroyed by flooding brought by tropical storm Ketsana in Marikina City, east of the Philippine capital Manila on September 27, 2009. (NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Motorists drive by vehicles lined up along a road after flash floods caused by Typhoon Ketsana hit Provident Village in Marikina City, Metro Manila September 27, 2009. (REUTERS/John Javellana)

A Philippine Airforce aerial shot shows residents standing on a rooftop to escape the floodwaters caused by continuous rains brought on by Typhoon Ketsana in Marikina city, metro Manila September 27, 2009. (REUTERS/Rey Bruna/Philippines Airforce/Handout)

A man lays out blankets and clothing to dry on a rooftop in the town of Angono just east of Manila on September 29, 2009 still covered with floodwaters three days after tropical storm Ketsana hit the country. (JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images)

This aerial photograph shows the town of Angono just east of Manila on September 29, 2009. (JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images)

An aerial view of a flooded area caused by Typhoon Ketsana is seen from an airplane in Vietnam's central city of Danang September 30, 2009. (REUTERS/Kham)

Tanzania coal deposit up 18%

News reported on Reuters.com
Australian Atomic Resources said the estimated size of a Tanzanian coal deposit in which it has an interest through its subsidiary Pacific Corporation East Africa had been increased 18 percent to 212 million tonnes. Pacific Corporation and state-run National Development Corporation have a joint venture in local-based Tancoal Energy to develop the Ngaka coal deposit in southwestern Tanzania.Tancoal Energy plans to use the coal to drive a 400 megawatt (MW) power plant it is aiming to build by 2012.
Atomic Resources said the coal was also suitable for industrial use in cement and fertiliser manufacturing. The firm also has concessions to explore two other coal fields near Ngaka, and is exploring for uranium in the east African country. Investor interest in Tanzanian coal has grown this year. In August, the government said China was giving it a $400 million loan for a 200 MW power project using coal from Kiwira mine.

PhD vacancy at MUHAS - Tanzania


The Department of Internal Medicine – MUHAS announce PhD vacancy in Epidemiological Survey of
Epilepsy and Neurocysticercosis in Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam.

The project is funded by the Germany Research Foundation.

Applicants must posses Medical Doctor Degree, however M.Med in Internal Medicine or Paediatrics
or its equivalent will be an added advantage.

Candidates to be considered must provide:-
1.Up-to-date detailed curriculum vitae.
2.Their Undergraduate Academic Transcripts.
3.Two names of referees one of whom must be an academic professional.

Submit applications to:
The Director,
Postgraduate Studies,
Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences,
Box 65001,
Dar Es Salaam,

Further enquiries should be directed to:
Prof. W. Matuja, Internal Medicine Department, MUHAS.

Mobile: +255-784-784110

Email: [email protected] OR [email protected]

CLOSING DATE 31st October 2009

video, text, audio ya ajali iliyotokea Kimara Dar.

Habari kwa mujibu wa gazeti tando la Dar

"wow" weblinks - MyeBook

myebook.com - a simple way to create an ebook. Simply upload, or create from scratch, beautifully simple or adventurously complex page designs and covers online and publish your book. Create as many publications as you want.
Add to this myebook's powerful yet simple user interface and you have the ultimate ebook platform for any personal or corporate publication, whether it's for novels, childrens books, magazines, comics, photo albums, leaflets, brochures, instruction manuals. You can even embed or link to videos, audio, documents, images and flash files to make your books fully interactive. And what's more, since the whole myebook system is community-based, getting your word out to your audience is easy.

Another Online Banking Threat - Trojan Steals Your Money Silently

It has been overly emphasized by banks that one should exercise great caution in order to protect themselves against online robbery whenever they operate an online account . As online crime continue to grow, customers need to stay informed and take measures to keep safe at all time.

PCMag writes that there is a new form of online money stealing which operate in such a way that customers, banks and governement are at risk.
Read it at http://blogs.pcmag.com/securitywatch

The post is based on Finja's Cybercrime Intelligence Report.

In general, PCMag reminds online banking customers to exercise the following measures that could help them minimize the chance of getting robbed, these are: 
  • run as a less-privileged user.
  • don't click on unsolicited links.
  • run anti-malware.
  • keep your operating system and applications patched.

New tactic: Storing Bombs Inside Bodies

it's works just the same way drugs are smuggled inside body cavities.
Security officials are concerned over a tactic newly employed by al Qaeda.  Sheila MacVicar reports suicide bombers are now storing explosives inside their bodies in order to avoid detection.

Text version of this news video is also available at CBS via: http://cbsnews.com/stories/2009/09/28/eveningnews

Police Nails Five Web criminals who stole TRA's $77m

On September 21st, Mkinga Mkinga of TheCitizen reported that:

Investigators from the Financial Intelligence Unit, have revealed that inordinate hours taken by Tanzania Revenue Authority personnel to clear tax payments made through electronic transfers, allowed a syndicate to siphon out between $5 and $77 million (Sh6.5 billion and Sh100 billion) remitted by state corporations, after it was paid through the new electronic money transfer system.
...some TRA employees were not well versed with the new system.
Click on the following link to read the rest of this report: Allafrica.com

On September 27th, The Guardian Newspaper wrote:
At least five Tanzanians are part of the syndicate that planned and executed a massive financial fraud that saw the Tanzania Revenue Authority lose an estimated $77million, The Guardian  can reveal today. Earlier reports claimed that the theft involving the siphoning of tax collections paid by the Tanzania Telephone Company Ltd (TTCL) was masterminded by an international syndicate, but The Guardian on Sunday has learnt that some of the top men behind this scam are the sons of some prominent civil servants.Five local companies operating in Dar es Salaam received the stolen billions, acting in the same capacity in which the 13 companies that looted taxpayers’ billions in the external payment arrears account (EPA) scandal benefited.

So far investigators from the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) have established that these five Tanzanians are the prime suspects who siphoned Sh5,876,680,677.74 ($5million) in taxes meant to have been paid by the TTCL to the TRA.The Guardian on Sunday has also established that the PCCB has so far confiscated almost 20 luxury cars, including a BMW-M3, Range Rover Vogue, Toyota Lexus and others believed to have been bought with the stolen money.The PCCB also investigated 14 upscale houses built between July and May which are suspected to have been financed with the dirty money.

The posh houses are located in the Mbezi Beach, Sala Sala, Bahari Beach and Masaki suburbs of Dar es Salaam as well as the Buhongwa suburb outside of Mwanza city on the southern shores of Lake Victoria.The carefully orchestrated theft was carried out between June 2008 and January 2009, before the TRA detected the missing money with the Tanzania Interbank Settlement Systems (TISS) — the electronic money transfer system introduced in the country in 2004.

The five suspects known so far are Marcus Masilla from TTCL, Tuseke Anangisye and Paschal Mayila from the TRA, and Faraji Augustine and Nicholas Kwale from NBC Ltd.One of the suspects was arrested in Nairobi while trying to escape. He was repatriated to his country two weeks ago according to sources within TTCL and PCCB.According to details seen by The Guardian on Sunday, at least three local banks were used in what could be the second biggest corporate fraud in the country's history after the 2005 looting of the central bank's EPA account, in which the government lost $131 million in dubious payments to 22 local firms.

The banks used to transfer at least part of the stolen TRA money include Standard Chartered Bank, National Bank of Commerce and Barclays Bank, The Guardian on Sunday has established.It is believed that the paymaster at TTCL and his counterpart at the TRA had formed a money laundering system taking advantage of the loopholes within the computer system of the two agencies to steal taxpayers’ money.After authorising tax payments to TRA, a recruited agent from the TTCL paymaster’s office informed his counterpart at the tax authority, who then intercepted the payments and distributed them to five different companies with accounts at NBC, Standard Chartered and Barclays Bank.The money was intercepted through the computer system before it even reached the TRA’s large taxpayers’ account at the BoT, though the data at both TTCL and the TRA continued to show that the billions in tax payments had been made.

According to investigators, the fraudsters were able to log onto the system using a special code on TRA.com and then intercept the money that was being transferred from TTCL to the TRA via the TISS system —the online system introduced five years ago to facilitate payments in excess of $8,000 (Tsh10 million).

The theft was done on a monthly basis according to details obtained by The Guardian on Sunday.“I can call it an unholy trinity that involved employees from TTCL, TRA and local banks…It was a well crafted theft, but it did not involve the BoT,” a senior official from the Central Bank told The Guardian on Sunday.

Ipi ni tafsiri rasmi ya maneno haya: ATM na GPS

Rafiki mmoja anasema kuwa:
ATM  ni "Muamala wa kutoa fedha"
na mwingine akaongeza katika hilo akisema,
Nimeona ATM ambazo zinaruhusu kuweka fedha, basi tutahitaji kubadilisha jina na kuziita
"Muamala wa kutoa au kuweka fedha".

Kuhusu GPS, rafiki mwingine anasema inawezekana kupata jibu kwa kunyumbulisha hivi
1. Muamala wa kuonyesha sehemu
2. Mtambo wa kujiweka sawa
3. Mtambo wa kuashiria sehemu
4. Mtandao wa dira
5. Mtandao wa dira na sehemu
6. Mtandao wa dira na kuonyesha mahali/sehemu
7. Mfumo wa mwelekeo na sehemu
8. Mfumo wa dira
9. Mfumo wa dira ya mtandao
10. DYK (dira ya kisasa)
11. DMS (Dira ya muandamo wa satelaiti)
12. Dira toka juu
13. Dira najimu

Kind regards,
Mwidimi Ndosi,
Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Je, wewe wasemaje? tafadhali andika katika kisanduku cha maoni  utakapokuwa na nyongeza.

Download Microsoft’s New Tool in the Fight Against Malware (Free)

Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Corp.’s new no-cost, core anti-malware service that helps protect consumers against viruses, spyware and other malicious software, is available for download from today, Tuesday, Sept. 29. Microsoft Security Essentials, independently certified by West Coast Labs, is backed by the company’s global security response team and is built on the same award-winning core security technology found in the company’s security solutions for businesses.
  • Your PC must run genuine Windows to install Microsoft Security Essentials. 
  • Microsoft Security Essentials will be available for Windows XP SP2 or SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7 including Windows XP mode on both x32 and x64 PCs. 
  • Microsoft Security Essentials will be available in eight languages and 19 countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Read the full length of this press release at: http://microsoft.com/Presspass/press/2009/sep09/09-28SecurityEssentials

Useful website for Legal Information in Southern Africa

I came across this useful website containing various legal information for Southern African countries. Below are documents for Tanzania.

Tanzania Databases

Catalog and Websearch 

Other countries

Documents for other countries can be found via this link http://www.saflii.org/content/databases or by clicking on the name of the country listed below:

Vacancy: Technical Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation

Position : Technical Officer,  Monitoring and Evaluation

Requirements : University degree in demography, public health, biostatistics or any other related field

Job Description : Assist in development and implementation of UJANA Performance Monitoring Plan

Apply To : Human Resources Department

Full Address : Family Heath International, P.O. Box 78082, Dar es Salaam

Email Applications: [email protected]

Closing Date : 16/Oct/2009

Needed: Medical Doctor (Registrar) - 12 Posts - Tanzania

Job Title: Medical Doctor (Registrar) - 12 Posts

Requirements: Holder of a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree or MBCHB from a recognized institution. Must be registered by the Tanganyika Medical Council as a medical doctor with at least one year or working experience

Job Description: Attending in and out patients
Apply To: Executive

Full Address:
Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI),
P.O. Box 65474,
Dar es Salaam. Tanzania

Email Applications to: [email protected]
Closing Date: 12/Oct/2009

Vacancy: Laboratory Supervisor at Ebrahim Haji Charitable Health Centre, Tanzania

Category: Medicine, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Employment Type: Full-Time

Summary: Ebrahim Haji Charitable Health Centre is a fast growing and a reputable Health Facility operating 24 hours with a vision to be the best Charitable Health Centre in Tanzania and East Africa.
In order to realize this vision the Health Centre is looking for dynamic, innovative and visionary persons who have the professional / technical and managerial competences required to provide the type of strong leadership and efficient management that the Health Centre requires.
Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experienced persons from all over East Africa to fill the above stated vacant posts in the Health Centre situated in the city centre of Dar es Salaam.

Candidates with minimum qualifications of a degree.
Age limit: 25 - 35 years

Job ID: 29992
Closing Date: 10 October 2009
Applications accompanied with CVs and photocopies of Degrees /testimonials should be sent
Contact Info: The Administrator
Ebrahim Haji Charitable Health Centre
The Administrator
P.O. Box 14861
Dar es Salaam

You can also apply for this job online via BrighterMondaya at:  http://www.brightermonday.com/jobs/jobdetails.asp?jobid=29992

Needed:SWAHILI translators - LONG term Association

We are expecting jobs from English to Swahili & from Swahili to English. We are looking for translators who can work on long term basis and give us very good rates. A small sample may be needed.
Kindly send resume with experiences, references and your BEST RATES of Translation & Editing to [email removed* see below]
Also Freelance Translators of ALL OTHER LANGUAGES are invited to send resumes with best rates and references to [email removed* see below]
To contact the sender of this job for details, please visit: http://www.translatorscafe.com/cafe/SelectedJob.asp?Job=63593
The whereabouts of the Taifa Stars physical trainer, Brazilian Marcelo Guereirro, who left the country two months ago to attend family matters, remains unclear.

A report posted in The Daily News quotes the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) General Secretary Fredrick Mwakalebela, who confirmed that Guerreiro was granted a two month leave that elapsed last Sunday.

The trainer was expected to come back along with Taifa Stars coach and fellow Brazilian Marcio Maximo, who also went to Brazil on a two weeks leave. Maximo returned to the country early last week.

Apparently, Maximo is uncertain whether Guerreiro will return to take up his job that he briefly served before he went on leave.

“I never met him [Guerreiro] when I was in Brazil, neither did I have any communication with him, but I see little hope for him to come back,” said Maximo.

When asked for comments, Director of Sports in Ministry of Information, Sports and Culture Leonard Thadeo refused to reveal any details, though he admitted that the government has got all the information regarding the coach’s whereabouts. He referred the matter to the TFF.

Mwakalebela though told the paper that he has always been in contact with Guerreiro.

“There is no cause for alarm about the coach’s future. He is still with us, if anything else happens we will let the public know,” he said.

“The last time I contacted him, he said he was still tending to family problems and promised to return."

Guerreiro signed a two-year contract in May to assist head coach Maximo. He took over from fellow Brazilian Itamar Amorin, whose contract expired. Amorin is currently the head coach of the top flight Tanzanian side Azam FC.

Before joining Tanzania, Guerreiro also worked as a physical trainer with Flamengo, Americano, Bontucesso, Botafogo and Brazilian National team in 2003. He also worked in Germany, Portugal and Spain.

James Momanyi, Goal.com

Big up Kibasila pupils and students. Action speaks louder than words!

Wakati mwingine inabidi 'to take matters at your own hands' hasa pale uhai unapokuwa hatarini. Huwezi kuzembea wakati uhai wako unapohatarishwa. Uhai unao mara moja, baada ya hapo hakuna mwenye uhakika asilimia mia moja ikiwa unapoondoka duniani unarudi tena ama ulikokwenda ndo hurudi hadi siku ya kupulizwa parapanda. Ikiwa uhai utaondoka kizembe kwa ajali zinazozuilika, basi bora kuutetea na kuunusuru ama bora upotelee mbali katika harakati za kutaka kuuokoa!

Pichani ni wanafunzi wa sekondari ya Kibasila Dar es salaam wakiwa wamezuia magari kupita leo asubuhi katika makutano ya barabara za Chang'ombe na Mandela,kufuatia wanafunzi kugongwa mara kwa mara eneo hilo

WANAFUNZI wa Shule ya Sekondari Kibasila na Shule ya Msingi Kibasila leo walikua na mgomo kutokana na eneo hilo kuwa na ajali za mara kwa mara kusababisha vifo kwa wanafunzi wa shule hizo. Tukio hilo lililotokea leo asubuhi ambapo wanafunzi wawili wa shule ya msingi kibasila waligongwa na mwananchi mmoja ambaye alikua akiwavusha barabara kugongwa na hali yake sio nzuri na yuko hospitali ya temeke kwa matibabu zaidi.

Kwamujibu wa mashuuda wa tukio hilo walisema kuwa wanafunzi waliogongwa ni Consolatha Kilasa, Wiliston Sango wote wa darasa la 5  waliokuwa wakitoka nyumbani kuelekea shuleni ata hivyo jina la msamaria mwema halikupatikana. Akiongea na gazeti hili mmoja wa walimu alisema kuwa mwanafunzi mmoja aliyejulikana kwa jina Wiliston Sango yupo hospitali ya mifupa (MOI) kwa matibabu  zaidi kutokana na kujeruhiwa vibaya.

Pia katika tukio hilo wanafunzi waliweza kuzuia baadhi ya magari yasipite katika eneo hilo likiwamo gari la  jeshi lenye namba za usajili 2813 JW97 Defender na gari la polisi PT-0176.

Makamu  mkuu wa shule ya kibasila mwalimu Catherine Urio alito wito na kuomba wakala wa barabara kuweka matuta,taa,alama za pundamilia na askari wa kuongozea magari kwani kutokuwepo kwa vitu hivyo kunasababisha ajali nyingi na watu upoteza maisha kwa wingi.

Hatahivyo Wanafunzi walisema kuwa hawataki kusikia siasa zinatendeka wanachotaka wao matuta yawekwe na taa pia trafiki awepo katika barabara hiyo ya changombe.

Wakati huo huo mwenyekiti wa serikali za mitaa  Sophia Kinega alisema ni halali kwa wanafunzi kufanya mgomo huo kwani ajali nyingi zinatokea na kuua wanafunzi mara kwa mara kwani  wanafunzi hao wanaona uchungu kuona wenzao wakipoteza maisha.

Mkuu wa Wilaya  ya Temeke Jordan Lugimbano aliwataka wanafunzi aongee nao ila wanafunzi hao walionekana wakimzomea,baada ya  muda wanafunzi walikubali na kwenda kuongea nae iliwaweze kutafuta ufumbuzi wa tatizo hilo. - Darleo.co.tz

Call for applications: Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme for 2010/11

On behalf of the Research Grants Council (RGC) of the Hong Kong University Grants Committee, IIE is pleased to announce the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2010/11. The PhD Fellowship program will unite top international research postgraduate students and Hong Kong's world-class research institutions.

The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme has been launched by the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong in 2009 and aims to attract the best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD degree programs in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's institutions are extending the boundaries of various fields including sciences, engineering, humanities, arts, social sciences, medicine, biotechnology, business, and specializations such as textile design, and supply chain and tourism management.

The Fellowship will provide an annual stipend of HK$240,000 (approximately US$30,000) and a conference and research-related travel allowance of HK$10,000 (approximately US$1,300) per year for a maximum period of three years.

The application deadline is 1 December 2009.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria
Those who are seeking admission as new full time PhD students in UGC-funded institutions of Hong Kong, irrespective of their country of origin and ethnic background, should be eligible to apply.
Applicants should demonstrate outstanding qualities of academic performance, research ability/ potential, communication and interpersonal skills, and leadership abilities.

Selection Panels
Shortlisted applications, subject to their areas of studies, will be reviewed by one of the two HKPF Selection Panels with experts in the relevant broad areas -- one for science, medicine, engineering and technology and another one for humanities, social science and business studies.

Selection Criteria
While the academic excellence is of prime consideration, the Selection Panels will take into account, but is not limited to, the four yardsticks below for the selection of candidates:
  • Academic excellence
  • Research ability and potential
  • Communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Leadership abilities
Please find attached the program brochure and poster about the Hong-Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2010/2011 on the site, and for more information and details about application requirements please visit:
www.rgc.edu.hk/hkphd  and http://www.iie.eu/ or http://cerg1.ugc.edu.hk/hkpfs/index.html

Postgraduate scholarships 2009/10 at Kingston University, UK

We are offering awards totalling £250,000 for 2009/10 entry, with each scholarship worth £3,000. These are open to prospective full-time postgraduates in any subject area on a one-year taught masters degree.

You can apply for an award if you:
  • are an international student (classified as 'overseas' for fee purposes);
  • have an offer of a place on a course at Kingston for 2009/10 entry; and
  • are not currently registered on a postgraduate course at Kingston University.
  • Scholarships are available for both September entry and (for courses with a relevant start date) January entry.
Please note that the deadline for September 2009 scholarships has now passed but you can still apply for postgraduate scholarships for January/February 2010 until 16 November 2009.

How are the scholarships awarded?
The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of:
  • academic merit;
  • financial need;
  • what you expect to gain from the course you are taking; and
  • what you intend to do after completing the course.
How do I apply?
You can apply online now for scholarships for January/February 2010 entry. The scholarships application deadline is 16 November 2009 for January/February 2010 entry.

We cannot consider applications received after the deadline. Please note that the deadline for September 2009 scholarships has now passed. Remember that the scholarships application procedure is separate from the admissions application procedure.

Before you begin your application, please make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. You must:
  • be an international student (classified as 'overseas' for fee purposes);
  • have an offer of a place on a course at Kingston for 2009/10 entry; and
  • not currently be registered on an undergraduate or postgraduate course at Kingston University.
Please also note that you will need electronic copies of the following documents to make your application:
  • a copy of your offer letter;
  • an academic reference letter;
  • a copy of your academic transcript/worksheet; and
  • a copy of your IELTS/TOEFL result (where applicable).
Apply online now: http://www.kingston.ac.uk/scholarshipsform

If you have any questions about the application and selection procedure, please read our FAQs or contact us at [email protected]

The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes for Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe

The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) are demand-driven fellowship programmes designed to promote capacity building within organizations in 61 developing countries by providing training and education to their mid-career staff members.
50% of the available fellowships should be awarded to female candidates and 50% of the available budget should be spent on candidates from sub-Saharan Africa. Apart from this, priority is given to candidates from priority groups and/or from marginalized regions to be defined by the embassies.
The NFP is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the development cooperation budget.

Employer support

The need for education and training must be linked to the institutional development of the organization the applicants are working for. This means that applicants must be nominated by their employers. In fact, applications without the support of an employer will not be considered.

NFP sub-programmes

NFP master’s, NFP short courses and NFP PhD studies award fellowships to individuals. NFP also finances refresher courses for NFP alumni who would like to prolong the effect of earlier learning and update their knowledge and skills.

How to apply?

If you want to apply for PhD studies, master’s degree programmes or short courses you must first gain academic admission to the course of your choice before applying for a fellowship through the Netherlands embassy or consulate in your country. Also, you can only apply for an NFP fellowship if the course is on the NFP course list for that particular year.
In all cases, you are advised to contact the Netherlands Embassy, Consulate or local Nuffic Neso office well in advance for specific instructions, and to inquire about specific local procedures and deadlines, requirements and selection criteria. These may differ from the general information provided on Nuffic’s website or in the brochures.

More information

More information about NFP, including the application forms, is available at Netherlands Embassies and Consulates, Nuffic Neso offices or from this website under the three different sub-programmes as mentioned above.

NFP country list Click HERE to view the NFP country list

Scholarship search engine

Grantfinder is an online search engine that browses a range of Dutch scholarships for international students who wish to come to the Netherlands, here is the link: www.grantfinder.nl

Have you touched someone's heart?

If animals can see, and recall, and remember, and express their "Thank You"s why can't human beings? Next time think twice before saying anything stupid about animals, they are here for a reason (even if we don't know it, at least I don't).
She is pregnant;
he had just saved her from a fire in her house, rescuing her by carrying her out of the house into her front yard, while he continued to fight the fire.
When he finally got done putting the fire out, he sat down to catch his breath and rest.
A photographer from the Charlotte, North Carolina newspaper, noticed her in the distance looking at the fireman.
He saw her walking straight toward the fireman and wondered what she was going to do.
As he raised his camera, she came up to the tired man who had saved her life and the lives of her babies and kissed him just as the photographer snapped this photograph.

Loliondogate 2 has become a police project (Tanzania)

Communities are still suffering, violation of human rights is still going on, Maasai 'bomas' and houses are still burning, sticking of innocent people, communities began to become poorer because of the loss of their livestock/cattle due to lack of water and pasture, the woman who was raped, and her husband are worried of their lives, this is because they have been told by the government people to never testify if they want to survive. Two days ago, the woman refused to tell me anything, saying “tung’wayioki mayieu madamu, kayiew altau lai, emeekure akata ayie oltungani laitadamu, netero orkiyioi (Maasai)", Niache sitaki kukumbuka, nataka niishi, sitaki mtu yoyote tena aniulise', akaanza kulia (Swahili)” (“leave me alone, I don’t want to remember, I need to survive, I don’t need any person to asked me ever,” then she started crying).
Read the whole story at Pambazuka.org

Swahili interpreter needed ASAP

I found this in one of e-groups, I hope there is somebody who speaks both languages and can help. Please read the message below:

From Britt & Wanda Franklin  ( [email protected]  )
We have been asked by a Juvenile Court in Harrisonburg, Virginia area to help them with an upcoming Court Hearing. They have a Hearing where they will be deciding "visitation" rights for one of the parents of minor children. One of the parents speaks and/or understands little or no English and needs an Loatian/English Interpreter. This hearing is scheduled for October 02, 2009 starting at 9:00 a.m. Compensation for this assignment will be at the rate of $30.00 per hour with a two hour minimum while in Court. We will also pay a Stipend of $20.00 per hour four your travel to/from Harrisonburg. Can you help us with this assignment or can you help us find someone who can? Please advise me either way (Yes or No).
TNB Language Service 7180 Buckeye Rd., SW Roanoke, VA 24018

I was contacted by the Clerk of a Richmond, Virginia Court yesterday. He is requesting that I provide his Court with a Swahili/English Bilingual who can interpret for a person who speaks or understands little or no English for an upcoming Traffic (speeding) case. This Trial is scheduled for October 22, 2009 starting at 11:30 a.m.

If you can assist us with this case, we can pay $30.00 per hour with a one hour minimum while in Court. Also, we will pay a Travel Stipend of $20.00 per hour for travel to and from Court.

Can you help us with this assignment? If not, do you know of anyone who might be able to do so? Please Advise!

Ralph Bosen

TNB Language Service
7180 Buckeye Rd., SW
Roanoke, VA 24018

Senior International Accountant with Ajilon Professional Staffing

Description THE COMPANY:
In 1983, through an act of congress, a bill was signed into law establishing a private, not-for-profit organization that would support the advancement of military medicine. The organization has undergone tremendous growth since its inception. They rank in the top 10% of all institutions receiving NIH research grants. Today this organization manages more than 1000 research grants and projects across the globe.

The corporate culture is casual, yet professional. Dress is professional casual. Your colleagues are very nice, friendly, collegial and smart. There is a strong sense of “the buck stops here”. You will never hear someone say “it is not in my job description”.

This is a new position. As the new Senior International Accountant, reporting to the Director of Accounting, you will be responsible for implementing and coordinating accounting controls and related accounting activity for the organization’s international operations. As the new Senior International Accountant you will plan and coordinate the activities of international accountants in Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, S. Africa, Thailand, and Cameroon. The accounting activities that you will plan and coordinate are the accounting, audit, procurement, and treasury management systems appropriate to each country of operations, which will provide accurate results to the parent organization.

Your decisions and actions will have a significant level of impact within the organization.


  • BS Degree in Accounting or Finance.

  • Minimum of 3 years of international accounting, direct experience in a field office setting.

  • Knowledge of GAAP, Federal Grants and OMB Circulars.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • International Travel (20 – 25%).

    Salary Range $90,000 - $110,000 with excellent benefits.

    Email your resume to [Click Here to Email Your Resumé]

  • Source: http://careerbuilder.com/JobSeeker/Jobs/JobDetails.aspx

    'wow' weblinks

    1. Login2.me - This service is made for you to save your time on registration for many sites. You can not register at all sites, so just type the name of site for which you need to enter login and password and click «Get».
    2. Recordr.tv - Recordr is a way you record yourself live just with a microphone and a web camera, and share it with your friends. By using our bookmarklet, you can also comment with video/audio to a web page you are viewing.
    3. Emotiyou.com - Emotiyou is a generator of animated emoticons, which allows you to create your own emoticons and smileys from a photograph. You can view the head of your friends, your own, but also an animal or object, and then choose the animation of your choice.
    4. Pimptheface.com - Whether you want to create a custom caricature, a 'wanted' poster, or your mate's likeness, PimpTheFace makes the face-creation process as simple as ABC
    5. OldVersion.com has been supplying the online community with old versions of various programs since 2001. OldVersion.com assists computer users who are unable to continually upgrade their computer. Those who find that their machine is not able to run the latest version of a certain application have no choice but to use an old version of the program.  

    Healthy and Safety tips for mobile (cell) phone users

    Some days ago I published a post ranking ten mobile phones that are believed to be 'not so' safe to use, in that list too, were a number of 'least dangerous' phones. A good blog reader, Miss Candy1, commented in that post saying that her phone stays almost next to her all night long when she goes to sleep, to which I replied that, I remember reading an article warning against keeping cellphones in close proximity because of  its believed "some" potential health hazards to certain parts human internal soft organs. I then promised to gather some information for her and thus, this post features health tips regarding mobile and cell phones. Credits goes to the various sites which published these articles that are hereby quoted in highlight and linked.
    Phone companies are insisting that mobile phones only omit low levels of radiation, but tests have shown that even exposure to low levels of radiation CAN be harmful.
    Mobile Phone Radiation - The Facts & How You Can Protect Yourself

    Cell phones emit radiation to send voice and text messages to the other caller. Health risks aren’t confirmed, but some (not all) studies of frequent cell phone users suggest increased risks for brain and mouth tumors and children’s behavior problems.
    1. Lowradiation-cellphon (list by EWG) BUY A LOW-RADIATION PHONE
    Look up your phone on EWG’s buyer’s guide: www.ewg.org/cellphoneradiation/Get-a-Safer-Phone. (Your phone’s model number may be printed under your battery.) Consider replacing your phone with one that emits the lowest radiation possible and still meets your needs.

    Headsets emit much less radiation than phones. Choose either wired or wireless (experts are split on which version is safer): www.ewg.org/cellphoneradiation/Get-a-Headset. Some wireless headsets emit continuous, low-level radiation, so take yours off your ear when you're not on a call. Using your phone in speaker mode also reduces radiation to the head.

    Your phone emits radiation when you talk or text, but not when you're receiving messages. Listening more and talking less reduces your exposures.

    Hold the phone away from your torso when you're talking (with headset or speaker), not against your ear, in a pocket, or on your belt where soft body tissues absorb radiation.

    Phones use less power (less radiation) to send text than voice. And unlike when you speak with the phone at your ear, texting keeps radiation away from your head.

    Fewer signal bars on your phone means that it emits more radiation to get the signal to the tower. Make and take calls when your phone has a strong signal.

    Young children’s brains absorb twice the cell phone radiation as an adult’s. EWG joins health agencies in at least 6 countries in recommending limits for children’s phone use, such as for emergency situations only.

    Radiation shields such as antenna caps or keypad covers reduce the connection quality and force the phone to transmit at a higher power with higher radiation.
    Environment Working Group (EWG) -  http://ewg.org/Health-Tips

    Additional tips
    1. Reduce talk time
    2. Wait for the call to connect before placing the phone near your ear
    3. Avoid using cells in an enclosed space as radiation are higher
    4. Avoid using cells in speeding cars, buses, trains, planes as radiation levels is higher. And yes, there is something called second hand radiation too which can harm those next to you.
    5. Avoid living near a cell phone tower
    6. Use a hands-free device, but new research is saying that blue tooths are not necessarily safe. Some bluetooths intensify radiation into the ear canal!
    7. Choose a phone with a low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) but even this does not really keep radiation within safe limits, although it does reduce it.
    Ways to protect yourself from mobile phone and tower radiation -  http://nitawriter.wordpress.com

    There is also an article listing "11 Cell Phone Protection Tips to Minimize Radiation Exposure" most of the tips you have read them above, you may benefit from additional information written in this article, here is the link: http://streetdirectory.com/cell_phones
    Bloggers like to leave the best for last, and so is this article!
    The following link offers comprehensive information regarding cell (mobile) phones which I suggest you DO NOT MISS, have a look: http://buzzle.com/articles/cell-phone-safety

    East Africa Regional Security Advisor (Nairobi, Kenya)

    Apply by: 18 October 2009

    Provide technical leadership in regional security management and assist national offices implement sound security practices into World Vision operations so as to enhance the safety & security of World Vision staff, assets & programmes and to minimise operational risks to WorldVision.

    Lead the development and implementation of the regional security strategy. Develop an annual business plan in alignment with the regional security strategy and WV security policy and international best practice.
    Contribute to global security & risk strategies, priorities and plans ensuring that strategy concerns of the Africa Region are integrated and prioritized.
    Collaborate with the other regional functions to ensure that the regional security strategy appropriately supports the operational program priorities of HEA, Advocacy and Development.

    Provide technical advice and support to the Regional Vice President and the regional team on security issues and its likely impact to World Vision's strategies and programme operations.
    Work closely with national office security staff providing critical guidance and input in the area of security management.
    Recommend on the safety, security and protection of the organisation and its staff, particularly in insecure complex humanitarian environments or during potential security risks and threats arising from changing political, social and economic situations in the national offices.
    Contribute to development of global policies, guidelines and standards relating to security and provide leadership in contextualizing and mainstreaming them within the region.
    Support and advise national offices in carrying out Security Risk Assessments, using standard tools and processes.

    Provide sound technical leadership in managing critical incidents in the region and provide input to the regional senior management team in crisis management situations and reviews of critical incidents/.
    Review Security Risk Ratings in the region and engage with national offices to develop mitigation strategies that are compliant with World Vision's Core Security Requirements (CSR).
    Guide national offices in the development of security, evacuation and contingency plans in alignment with the Security Risk Assessment.
    Monitor regional security incident reporting and ensure the appropriate dissemination of information during emergencies.
    Manage ‘surge capacity' requirements for critical incidents that are beyond the scope of national offices (i.e. facilitate consultancies etc)

    Coordinate assessment, development and implementation of regional capacity building plan for security management based on regional & national program Security Risk Assessments.
    Engage with national offices and regional programme directors to raise the awareness of security management as per WorldVision Corporate Security policies.
    Identify, share / facilitate access to security tools, resources and materials as well as learning and support opportunities for national offices. These may include facilitating, conducting training, engagement of trainers, establishing institutional links and identifying opportunities for staff exchange or mentoring.

    Lead the process of continuous learning on international best practice in security management and identify tools and processes that can be implemented into World Vision operations in the Africa region.
    Encourage mutual learning on security management issues within the region and globally.
    Facilitate formation and coordination of regional security forum/network that promotes the embedding of security management in all layers of World Vision's programmes.
    Facilitate the documentation of best practices and contribute to the community of practice and center of excellence.

    Review minimum-security standards in the Africa region and promote alignment with World Vision's Core Security Requirements.
    Support and advise national offices in observing the appropriate security standards in accordance with the country risk rating.
    Support the Regional Vice President in addressing ministry quality issues and needs related to security.

    Act as a strategic link for regional security connecting national offices, support offices and global centre.
    Liaise with the World Vision security network on Africa security issues and provide analysis on the potential impact on World Vision operations. Regional Vice Presidents and actively contribute in the partnership forums, working groups and networks related to security management.
    Work with other members of the Africa functional groups so as to ensure that they are adequately aware of potential security issues.
    Work closely with the Office of Corporate Security so as to promote mutual learning, support and accountability.

    Identify and develop strategic regional security networks to share information on security issues affecting humanitarian operations in the Africa area.
    Liaise with external security networks (UN, INGO's, Embassies, etc) on global and Africa specific security issues and their likely impact with regards to national strategies and operations.

    Relevant undergraduate degree; and/or relevant work experience in the professional security arena.
    Sound knowledge of the security risk assessment process, security & contingency planning and crises management in the humanitarian context.
    Understanding of implementing Minimum Operating Security Standards (MOSS), or equivalent.
    Excellent oral and written (English) communication skills.
    Solid interpersonal, negotiating and networking skills.
    Strong analytical (tactical & strategic), organizational and problem solving skills.
    Ability to work under pressure.

    Must be willing and able to travel extensively in Africa.

    Accountant position at CARANA Corporation - Kenya

    Contract Length: Long-term consulting assignment

    CARANA Corporation (www.carana.com), a U.S. based international consulting firm and contractor for the United States Agency for International Development, designs and directs innovative economic growth strategies to help countries and businesses compete globally, reducing poverty and raising living standards around the world. For 25 years, we have specialized in market-led solutions to development challenges in more than 80 countries, packaging our expertise with on-the-ground resources for continuing, cost-effective results.

    CARANA seeks a qualified and experienced Accountant to be based in the Nairobi, Kenya field office of the Market Linkages Initiative (MLI), a two-year USAID-funded project focusing on agriculture market activities covering Kenya, Malawi, the DRC, Uganda and Southern Sudan.Purpose: To manage the financial reporting for the project and its various components and activities in an effective and efficient manner, including tracking "burn rates," expenses by component and activity and analysis of expenditures and forecasting expenditures. To organize and coordinate office operations and procedures to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

    Primary Duties:
    • Lead the compilation of monthly financial reports based on data submitted by the members of the project staff, especially the Task or Activity Leaders;
    • Ensure that CARANA Corporation financial reporting requirements are met and that all members of the project understand how to report project expenses;
    • Send monthly financial reports to the CARANA Corporation home office and work closely with the home office Finance Dept. to ensure that any discrepancies are clarified and that expenses are credited accurately to the appropriate budget and line item fund codes;
    • Work closely with Task or Activity Leaders to ensure that they are reporting their task and/or activity expenses accurately, completely and on time;
    • Project or forecast future spending patterns and alert the Chief of Party regarding expected financial or budgetary short-falls or risks of over-spending in any specific activity or task area;
    • Resolve any potential disputes on task and/or activity charges against the project budget as and when they arise; and
    • Assist the Task or Activity Leaders with the development of their monthly budget projections and expenses, including requests for funds for planned project activities or events;
    • Coordinate office set-up and maintenance;
    • Coordinate procurement needs and ordering of supplies an liaison with local project vendors for procurement of goods and materials;
    • Assist with travel arrangements (transportation, lodging, etc.) for short-term consultants and project staff;
    • Provide other administrative, financial and management services as requited to supporting program objectives.

    Skills, Education and Experience
    • Minimum of a BS Degree in Finance or Accounting;
    • A professional accounting qualification is preferred;
    • A minimum of 5 to 10 years accounting experience, preferably at a senior level, with experience managing other accountants;
    • Experience with USAID project financial reporting requirements is preferred; and
    • Very strong computer literacy skills in English, especially in EXCEL spreadsheets and word processing.

    Kenyans living in Kenya are highly encouraged to apply. Relocation costs will not be covered. 

    To apply: Email CV and Cover Letter stating date of availability to
    [email protected] and include "Accountant" in the email subject line.

    Apply by: 23 October 2009

    Only finalists will be contacted. No phone calls please.
    CARANA is an EOE.

    Communications Manager - Association for Women's Rights in Development, SA

    The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID). Cape Town, South Africa (preferred, but flexible).


    The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) is an international feminist membership organization working to strengthen the voice, impact and influence of women's rights advocates, organizations and movements internationally. We are currently seeking a Communications Manager to work out of our office in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Overview of Position:

    The Communications Manager is responsible for strategically leveraging information produced by AWID, and developing effective organizational messaging to advance our mission and expand our membership base. This is a new position and the incumbent will be responsible for:
    • Developing a communications strategy for AWID, implementing and evaluating this strategy.
    • Developing and upholding quality standards for all AWID communications
    • Developing communications strategy frameworks for use by AWID’s Strategic Initiatives (SIs) and supporting SI managers in their application and adherence to quality controls
    • Developing dissemination strategies for AWID publications (general and SI-specific)
    • Developing and implementing the communications strategy and messaging for AWIDs international Forum
    • Strategic and day-to-day content management of AWID’s website – www.awid.org
    • Developing and overseeing implementation of AWID’s membership strategy, including outreach and recruitment of members


    At least 5 years experience:
    • In a senior communications role, preferably in women’s rights or nonprofit setting
    • Writing, editing and producing a wide range of print publications
    • With developing and implementing a an organizational visual identity/branding strategy (from start to finish)
    • With developing and implementing a strategy for engaging mainstream media (has led a media strategy from start to finish)
    • Managing and developing content for a dynamic multi-lingual website
    • Supervising staff and consultants
    • Developing quality standards, communications strategies
    Academic Qualifications:
    • University degree in communications or related field
    • Courses or certificates in women's/feminist studies considered an asset
    Expertise & Skills:
    • Excellent writing skills and impeccable editing skills
    • Experience with online communications and website management, particularly content management systems and web 2.0
    • Ability to formulate communication policies and procedures appropriate to the organization and its target audiences
    • Familiarity with Quark or InDesign
    • Proactive, ability to work with minimal supervision
    • Strong conceptual ability and problem-solving skills
    • Strong project and people management skills
    Knowledge and Other Requirements:
    • Strong understanding of the role that communications play in advancing women’s rights
    • Strong understanding of design and its relationship to messaging
    • Sound knowledge of the latest communication technologies.
    • Experience developing communications policies and procedures and knowledge of best practices
    • Keen attention to detail
    • Able to manage conflict effectively
    • Able to work independently and as part of a team
    • Fluent in French or Spanish
    • Committed to the principles and values of feminism and anti-racism
    • Experience managing multi-lingual publications a plus
    • Experience working in a decentralized, virtual organization
    • Knowledge of multimedia tools, particularly audio and video
    • Knowledge of eZ Publish CMS
    • Knowledge of MYSQL
    • Trilingual (English, French, Spanish)


    Organizational Communications
    • Propose and develop organizational policies, protocols and controls to clarify and ensure proper approvals in the production and dissemination of materials
    • Develop and implement overall organizational branding (standard look and feel) and cohesive messaging (standard text), as well as “mini-brands” for AWID’s strategic initiatives (building on existing organizational branding strategy)
    • Write, edit and produce all external organizational (non-SI specific) publications, including the annual report and the organizational brochure
    • Manage AWID’s website - www.awid.org: ensuring adequate quality control, maintaining updated information about AWID and its initiatives, liaising with SI managers to establish and maintain new or expanded areas of the site related to SI themes, monitoring the site’s effectiveness.
    • Market AWID publications to relevant actors
    • Develop communications strategy and messaging for the AWID international Forum
    • Respond to media requests, in coordination with the Executive Director, as necessary
    • Works with Executive Director to develop public statements for release
    • Provide support on legal issues (copyright, digital rights, permissions, etc) and develop templates for staff use
    • Maintain general organizational mailing and emailing lists for dissemination
    • Develop and maintain an “image bank” for organizational and SI publications
    • Develop translation policies and protocols, monitor quality of translations and coordinate regular feedback to translators
    • Create and maintain Style Guides in English, Spanish and French, as well as Glossaries (of acronyms and terms) in Spanish and French
    • Provide occasional writing and research assistance to the Executive Director on position papers and public statements
    • Monitor and assess impact of AWID communications, suggesting improvements as necessary
    Communications Support and Inputs to the Strategic Initiatives (SIs)
    • Support SIs to develop their SI-level communications plans and dissemination strategies
    • Develop and oversee the production schedule for all AWID publications and proactively resolve issues to ensure timely production
    • Act as the primary editor for AWID, editing all major publications
    • Work with SIs to determine appropriate levels of editing, design and dissemination support for larger SI publications, like books and large research papers.
    • Set out protocols and practices to ensure quality control and consistency of SI publications with branding strategy
    • Train relevant staff within SI teams in design and layout for smaller projects, and provide oversight to their activities, to ensure quality control and consistency
    • Train and monitor relevant SI staff in proofreading, and assign proofreading work based on levels of skill and experience
    • Maintain a list of external translators, editors, and designers for SIs to draw upon
    • Be forward looking and bring new communications ideas to the SI managers
    • Liaise with office administrators in their coordination of translations
    • Develop (with input from directors and SI managers) and oversee implementation of AWID’s membership strategy (including an outreach strategy)
    • Oversee production of AWID’s quarterly e-newsletters and other relevant membership-related materials
    • Oversee design and implementation of AWID’s bi-annual membership survey
    • Ensure timely and appropriate communication with AWID members and responses to requests
    Financial and Human Resource Management
    • Implement and adhere to internal financial controls
    • Adhere to established communications budget, monitoring expenditures on a day-to-day, quarterly and annual basis, providing detail and explanation of any variances
    • Delegate responsibilities and duties associated with the membership strategy to relevant staff
    • Supervise Communications and Membership-support staff
    • Ensure the effective implementation of all project and individual workplans of direct-reports
    • Maintain professional conduct, confidentiality and ethical standards
    • Lead the planning and execution of activities in the areas of communications and membership
    • Ensure that communications and membership initiatives are evaluated and recommendations developed and implemented to increase the organization’s impact
    • Take an active role in the leadership of the organization, participating in managers meetings or other committees/groups
    • Proactively identify new communications strategies and opportunities for the organization and SIs, particularly around emerging ICTs
    • Proactively identify procedural/policy gaps or inefficiencies, filling or fixing them as required

    To Apply:

    Please submit a current CV, along with a cover letter that addresses how you meet the necessary qualifications and outlines why you want to work for AWID, by fax (+416 594 0330) or to [email protected]. Please include ‘Communications Manager’ in the subject line of the email.

    The application closing date is October 16, 2009.

    No phone calls please. Only email and faxed applications will be accepted. We thank all those who apply, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. AWID encourages, promotes and supports diversity in all aspects of its work.

    To learn more about AWID and our programs, please visit our website at http://www.awid.org.

    REQUIRED: Website and Magazine Agents and Contents Managers

    This blog extends many thanks to Mojatu.com for sharing with us and blog readers various job opportunities that cater for the people in East Africa.
    Please visit mojatu.com for more opportunities!
    Thank you Mojatu.com management!
    www.mojatu.com the No1 Eastern Africa directory, events and classifieds listing website and magazine in UK is expanding services to Eastern Africa – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Somali, Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia. To achieve this, we urgently require local agents to help in data capture, entry and management. This great opportunity enables creative persons to establish and manage their own businesses using Mojatu platform.  
    Mojatu.com seeks to give opportunities to diligent, industrious and highly motivated individuals who are committed to bettering their lives opportunities and to achieving their dreams by:

    1. Offering you an opportunity to run your own business
    2. Providing Mojatu magazines and business cards
    3. Sourcing Mojatu magazine and website contents - adverts, news, photos, videos etc
    4. Free training opportunities in business, computing and other skills training

    Steps of become a Mojatu agent:

    1. Complete Agents Application Form at www.mojatu.com
    2. Upon confirmation or application receipt, sign in as a member of Mojatu at www.mojatu.com
    3. Get a Receive Mojatu Agents Reference Number
    4. Order your business packs: (See Local Rates for rates in your local currency)
      1. Starter pack: 20 magazines and 100 business cards at £5
      2. 20 Mojatu magazines - £2.50
      3. Business cards - £2.50 for 100 cards 

      Benefits of Mojatu agent

      1. Keep all the monies you make from selling Mojatu magazines (selling price is £0.125 and recommended selling price is £0.25) 100% profit per magazine!
      2. 30% commission of all paid adverts – banners, featured, recommended, or magazine adverts as per the advertising costs and types listed.
      3. £10.00 for every 1,000 clicks for directory, classifieds, events, stories/news/articles, photos, videos etc that you upload onto www.mojatu.com associated to your account.
      4. Free magazine (You can sell for £0.25) for every 10 entries that you add – directory, classifieds, events, stories/news/articles, photos, videos etc
      5. Charge advertisers for data entry and keep all the monies you make for directory, classifieds, events, stories/news/articles, photos, videos etc entries you carry out on behalf of individuals and organisations.
      6. Free Training in business, marketing, IT, management, contents sourcing, online services among others offered by Skills Venture of UK. {Courses run on monthly basis and we offer transport, accommodation and meals for the period of the courses to all attendees}
      Start earning that extra income and develop your business acumen with basic at your free time. Apply today by completing the Agents Application Form.

      Senior Communications Officer, Nairobi, Kenya

      Job Summary
      The Senior Communications Officer (SCO), will be responsible for developing and implementing communications initiatives and activities to enhance the Foundation’s visibility in major country, regional and international media, and for assisting Africa country programs with development and implementation of both Foundation and program-specific communications and media strategies. The SCO will serve as the main conduit of information by coordinating and managing our priorities and messages from our country offices in Africa to the Communications, Public Policy, and Advocacy Department in Washington, DC, and vice versa. Communications activities will include ensuring consistent Foundation messaging and presentations, management of events, media outreach, preparation of press releases and advisories, development of talking points and speeches, and preparation of editorial products such as op-eds and brochures. The SCO will also be responsible for ensuring the consistency of quality, branding and messaging in all Foundation-produced materials. He or she will help administer regular comprehensive audits of existing communications activities and materials, and will recommend areas of focus, both generally for the region and specifically for individual country programs. He or she will also help develop a plan to integrate in-country activities more fully with programmatic and communications activities occurring in the U.S. The Senior Communications Officer will report to Director of Media Relations based in Washington, D.C. (with dotted line to VP Public Policy, Advocacy and Communications).

      Essential Duties and Responsibilities

      • Support the communications needs and strategic priorities of each of our country offices in Africa in close coordination with Communications colleagues in Washington, DC.
      • Work in close partnership with the Regional Policy and Advocacy Officer, Africa, (RPAO) to develop and implement comprehensive joint media and advocacy strategies that raise awareness of key program issues within country strategic plans.
      • Help to identify needs of country offices without communications officers; support hiring and staff development of such where possible.
      • Assist in the development of a regional communications and media work plan and budget.
      • Assist in media outreach and coordination of high-level visits to the region by senior Foundation staff, Foundation ambassadors, donors and partners, and support the preparation of briefing materials, as required.

      Media Relations
      • Provide on-going strategic media counsel and support to the country offices and Country Directors, while working closely with the Director of Media Relations and Communications and Advocacy staff in D.C.
      • Support the development of communications messaging, materials, and campaigns for use in-country, in coordination with country offices and Communications and Advocacy staff in Washington, DC.
      • Responsible for strategic planning, message and story development, media training, long-term relationship building with key policy and health/scientific press, as well as working with Communications and Advocacy Officers/Country Directors on day-to-day media relations and management of crisis communications.
      • Support the generation of meaningful press coverage with key country, regional and international media that highlights the Foundation's programs and advocacy work.
      • In coordination with D.C. colleagues, respond to media requests in a timely manner; use these opportunities to insert the Foundation’s messages, shape proposed story ideas and suggest appropriate sources that advance a story or concept.
      • Work with country teams to develop and disseminate press materials that integrate key messages, to include the development of press releases, backgrounders, FAQs and Q&As.
      • Prepare staff (and partners/sub-grantees as necessary) in the field for media interviews, speaking engagements, etc., as appropriate.
      • Keep Communications and Advocacy officers, Country Directors and senior-level staff informed of significant shifts in programmatic field procedures, media mentions, or potential coverage.

      • Identify editorial products – including printed and multi-media – that would augment advocacy, operational, fundraising, educational, and programmatic efforts of Foundation’s in-country programs; manage editorial calendar, budgets, and coordination with DC Communications and Advocacy teams.
      • Identify, recruit and supervise technical resources and consultants (photographers, freelance writers, etc.) as necessary to enhance visibility on Foundation work, programs, and initiatives specifically, as well as pediatric/women/families AIDS issues in countries across the continent where EGPAF has a presence.
      • Work with country offices on development and writing of country-specific editorial materials, including advocacy documents, donor pieces, brochures, and fact sheets.
      • Vet all materials for appropriate Foundation messaging and share with country communications officers.
      • Act as lead writer and editor for in-country remarks and speaking opportunities.
      • Liaise with Country Directors and/or Communications Officers to secure appropriate feedback and approvals of materials from in-country donors and partners as necessary, and ensure proper sign-off procedures.
      • Obtain relevant programmatic and statistical information from U.S. and in-country offices as needed to incorporate into editorial products; share this information on a regular basis with country DC Communications teams.
      • Ensure that Foundation branding and messaging is consistent in all Foundation documents and collateral; monitor adherence to donor branding policies.
      • Edit materials prepared by other writers or in-country personnel, and serve as final in-house editor and proofreader of all materials developed by country offices.
      • Apprise Communications and Programs leadership of all editorial products, written or video, proposed by country offices; receive approvals for proceeding as necessary, to include clearance through Foundation Publications Steering Committee, if warranted.
      • Train Communication Officers and country-level staff on the use and adaptation of Foundation boilerplate materials, including core messages and standard speeches.

      Required Qualifications
      • Bachelor’s degree with 5+ years of relevant experience in journalism, communications or public relations.
      • Experience with print and/or electronic and broadcast media and developing strategic communications initiatives.
      • Willing to live in Africa (Nairobi) and regularly travel within Africa (up to 30-40%).

      Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
      • Interest in HIV/AIDS and health issues.
      • NGO and international donor/grantee compliance experience a plus.
      • Familiarity with major Africa press.
      • Ability to synthesize feedback quickly and efficiently.
      • Attention to detail.
      • Problem-solving skills.
      • Excellent communications and organizational skills, with demonstrated success working in a team environment. Pleasant, flexible, and efficient communicator by phone and e-mail.
      • French or Portuguese fluency/proficiency desirable.


      Apply via: http://tinyurl.com/ybhxe5g

      Ajira KKKT - Dayosisi ya Mashariki na Pwani, Tanzania

      (Kanisa la Kiinjili la Kilutheri Tanzania)

      (Eastern and Coastal Diocese)

      Tel:.022-2125505, 2113246, Fax: 2125505

      Office of: Social Service Dept.
      Our Ref:  DMP/NKM: HJ/2009/3
      Your Re: …………………………………..

      P.O. Box 837
      Dar es Salaam


      Bwana Yesu Kristo Asifiwe,


      Ninayo furaha kuwatangazia kuwa KKKT: DMP inazo nafasi nne (4) za ajira katika Idara yake ya Huduma za Jamii kama ifuatavyo:-

      NAFASI            1.
      Atawajibika kwa Mkurugenzi wa Afya wa Dayosisi.

      Atasimamia na kuendeleza zahanati.
      Atatoa huduma ya kwanza kwa maradhi ya kinamama na watoto.
      Atashughulikia na kuratibu hatua za kinga na tiba
      Atachunguza na kushughulikia maradhi ya kawaida
      Atahakikisha huduma bora za utabibu zinatolewa vyema katika zahanati.
      Ataboresha mahusiano na wadau wa afya hasa serikali na taasisi zingine
      Atasimamia na kuratibu utoaji wa huduma za VVU/UKIMWI.
      Atatekeleza na kusimamia program za afya ya msingi.
      Atahakikisha miongozo na taratibu za kiafya za wizara zinafuatwa kikamilifu
      Na atashughuli zingine zitakazopangwa na Mkurugenzi wa Afya

      Awe na Diploma au zaidi katika masomo ya utabibu toka katika chuo kinachotambuliwa na serikali.

      Miaka mitatu au zaidi katika kazi hiyo
      Maelewano kwa kuzingatia taratibu na viwango vya Dayosisi.

      NAFASI      2.

      Atawajibika kwa Naibu Katibu Mkuu pamoja na kwa Afisa Mkuu wa Huduma za Jamii wa Dayosisi.

      Atakuwa ndiye mkuu wa kituo hivyo atahusika na shughuli zote za kiutawala za kituo ikiwemo shule na vitengo vingine.
      Atakuwa mwenyekiti wa menejimenti ya kituo.
      Atakuwa mwenyekiti wa kikao cha watumishi wote kituoni.
      Atakuwa Katibu wa Bodi ya Udiakonia
      Atawajibika kushirikiana na uongozi wa Idara kutafuta wafadhili.
      Atahusika kusimamia miongozo, será na maelekezo ya Dayosisi kituoni kwake.
      Atawajibika kupanga mipango na mikakati ya kimaendeleo ya kituo katika kuwasaidia watoto wenye ulemavu wa akili.
      Atahusika katika kuratibu ziara za kimafunzo, za wanaojitolea, n aza wageni wote watakaotembelea kituoni.
      Kwa kushirikiana na walimu kituoni hapo ataratibu ziara zote za kimafunzo za watoto pamoja na walimu na wafanyakazi wengine.
      Atakuwa kiunganishi katika ya wazazi wa watoto, viongozi wa serikali za mtaa katika eneo lao na Dayosisi katika kuwahudumia watoto wenye ulemavu wa akili.
      Atashirikiana na Chaplain wa kituo katika utoaji wa huduma za kiroho na pia kuandaa ziara za kutembelea sharika na mitaa.
      Atakuwa mjumbe katika kamati ya shule.

      Awe mwenye elimu ya Diploma ya juu au zaidi katika taaluma ya Ustawi wa jamii/sosholojia/maendeleo ya jamii/Elimu ya Ulemavu wa akili au viungo (OT) toka katika chuo kinachotambuliwa na serikali. 
      Awe na ujuzi wa kutumia kompyuta ni muhimu.

      Awe mwenye uzoefu mkubwa wa uongozi wa miaka mitatu au zaidi.
      Awe mwenye uzoefu na masuala ya watoto wenye ulemavu atapewa kipaumbele.

      Maelewano kwa kuzingatia taratibu na viwango vya Dayosisi.

      NAFASI        3.

      Atawajibika kwa Afisa Mkuu wa Huduma za jamii wa Dayosisi.
      Atawajibika kwa Afisa mipango, fedha na Utawala wa Jimbo.

      Atapanga, kuratibu na kutekeleza mipango ya ustawi wa jamii jimboni
      Atabuni na kutekeleza miradi ya ustawi wa jamii na maendeleo.
      Atasimamia na kuratibu utoaji wa misaada na huduma za kiutu kwa jamii hasa watu wenye ulemavu, yatima, wajane, waliopatwa na majanga mbalimbali n.k.
      Atashirikiana na Mkuu wa jimbo na Afisa wa jimbo kubuni na kuanzisha fursa za kuwezesha na kuvijengea uwezo vikundi maalum kama wanawake, watoto, vijana, wazee katika miradi yao ya kuzalisha mali na kupambana na umaskini, ujinga  na maradhi.
      Atabuni miradi ya kupambana na UKIMWI, Umaskini na Ujinga.
      Atahakikisha maazimio na será za DMP za utoaji huduma bora kwa jamii zinafuatwa na kutekelezwa ipasavyo.
      Atafanya kazi nyingine kadri atakavyopangiwa na wakuu wake wa kazi katika jimbo na Dayosisi.

      Awe mwenye Diploma au zaidi ya Ustawi wa jamii, Sosholojia, maendeleo ya jamii au inayofanana na hizo toka katika chuo kinachotambuliwa na serikali.  .
      Awe na ujuzi wa Kutumia Kompyuta ni muhimu.


      Maelewano kwa kuzingatia taratibu na viwango vya Dayosisi.

      1. “FIELD WORKER” -Mradi wa kutembelea watoto majumbani (HVP)

      Atahudumia watoto wenye Ulemavu wa akili.
      Atatembelea watoto wenye ulemavu wa akili majumbani
      Kushauriana na wazazi wenye watoto na kupanga mikakati na mbinu za kuwasaidia na kuwatunza watoto wenye ulemavu wa akili.
      Atashirikiana na Mratibu na Meneja wa mradi katika kuwatafuta na kuwafikia watoto wengi zaidi majumbani.
      Atashirikiana na maafisa ustawi wa jamii wa serikali, watendaji kata na viongozi wa serikali za mitaa katika kutekeleza vyema mradi huu.

      Awe mwenye Cheti cha Ustawi wa jamii/Sosholojia/maendeleo ya jami, Elimu ya Ulemavu wa akili/viungo (OT) au zinazofanana na hizo toka katika chuo kinachotambuliwa na serikali.
      Awe mwenye uzoefu wa kulea na kutunza watoto wenye ulemavu.
      Awe mwenye uwezo wa kuendesha pikipiki.
      Wanaume watapewa kipaumbele.

      Awe wenye uzoefu wa si chini ya mwaka mmoja katika utoaji wa huduma majumbani.
      Awe mwenye uzoefu wa kuhudumia watoto wenye ulemavu atapewa kipaumbele
      Maelewano kwa kuzingatia taratibu na viwango vya Dayosisi.

      Hivyo KKKT: DMP inakaribisha barua za maombi ya ajira kwa watu wote wenye sifa zilizoonyeshwa hapo juu.

      • Barua ya maombi yako yaambatane na wasifu wako (CV) wenye wadhamini watatu na mawasiliano yao, picha ndogo (Passport size), Nakala ya vyeti halisi vya elimu na kuzaliwa,Nakala za mafunzo ya ziada na kompyuta, Barua ya utambulisho toka kwa mchungaji wa usharika wako
      • Uwezo na uzoefu wa kuongea, kuandika na kusoma lugha ya Kiswahili na kiingereza ni muhimu
      • Umri wa waombaji usizidi miaka 45.
      • Barua zote za maombi ziwe na nambari za simu.
      • Waombaji wenye sifa zaidi zinazotakiwa watapigiwa simu kwa ajili ya usaili utakaofanyika kabla ya tarehe 18/10/2009; HIVYO USISUMBUKE KUPIGA SIMU!
      • Waombaji Watanzania watapewa kipaumbele zaidi.
      LUTHER HOUSE, Ghorofa ya kwanza,
      S.L.P 837,

      Ni matumaini yangu kuwa tangazo hili litawafikia walengwa kupitia ofisi yako ili tuweze kupata watumishi bora kwa kazi ya Bwana wetu Yesu Kristo.

      Wenu katika utumishi mwema wa Bwana wetu Yesu kristo,