INSEAD's GEMBA alumni Social Entrepreneurs Scholarship


INSEAD and its GEMBA alumni will offer a Social Entrepreneurs Scholarship for self financed executives participating in the GEMBA programme beginning October 24th 2009. We define social entrepreneurs as individuals who address pressing social problems through innovative and sustainable business solutions.
They usually focus on creating value for disadvantaged segments of the population and develop solutions that can be scaled up and achieve sizable societal impact.

The Scholarship committee will only consider complete applications having successfully gone through the INSEAD GEMBA admissions process. To earn a scholarship, participants need to be self sponsored and demonstrate
financial need.

Additional Essay topic:
In addition to the application essays, please respond to the question below to be included in your scholarship application. Use no more than 500 words to address this topic:
- What would you say identifies you as a social entrepreneur?
- Why and how do you make a difference?
- How would the GEMBA programme transform your efforts/organization?

Personal Financial Situation: please fill in the pdf document and send it with your essay to EMBA.[email protected]

Scholarship Amount:60 000€ (funded partly by the GEMBA Alumni fund and partly by INSEAD) to be deducted from the tuition fee. The first deposit of 15% must be paid in full.

Scholarship Results: September 15 th, 2009 .

INSEAD GEMBA Scholarship Committee:
The scholarship will be awarded by a committee composed of INSEAD GEMBA Alumni, INSEAD GEMBA Faculty and admissions staff. No appeal process is offered.

Please send you complete application for the INSEAD GEMBA Alumni Scholarship to: [email protected]


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