Tanzania activists petition UN over violation of LGBT's rights

Yup, I saw this one coming, it was just a matter of time. Now that it's here, it's good to know; and let the fight talk begin. This story is obtained from AllAfrica website.
Human rights campaigners have filed a report with the United Nations, complaining against Tanzania's violation of the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) persons . The report submitted this month to the Human Rights Committee of the UN, seeks to highlight the social and legal obstacles that hinder the freedom of the groups with this type of social relations.

The report was filed by three non-governmental organisations: the Centre for Human Rights Promotion in East Africa, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, and the Global Rights. Mr Julius Kyaruzi, coordinator of LGBTI support unit in Tanzania; Ms Monica Mbaru, Africa Programme coordinator for IGLHRC; and Mr Stefano Fabeni, director for LGBTI Initiative for Global Rights, were behind the effort. "They degrade people's dignity by declaring their most intimate feelings unnatural or illegal," read part of the report. Because of the criminalisation and stigmatisation, they said careers and lives had been destroyed, while promotion of violence and impunity was the daily suffering by the LGBT that drive them underground to live in invisibility and fear.

Among many petitions, the three bodies are pushing for amendment of the Penal Code decriminalising private, consensual, adult same-sex sexual activity as well as reviewing the HIV and Aids (Prevention and Control) Act, 2008, to provide "access to HIV preventive information and services"to LGBT.

Auxiliary Bishop Method Kilaini of the Dar es Salaam Roman Catholic Archdiocese said lesbians and gays habits were unlawful and harmful to the society and that the practices should not be tolerated. "A man should marry a woman and the two shall form a family, so says the Bible," stressed Bishop Kilaini. However, he said gays and lesbians were part of the community, and should be treated like any other people.

Mr Muhidin Hassan, head of Pilgrimage Department at the National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA), strongly opposed the presence of such groups of people in society.

Read the uncut article at: http://allafrica.com/stories/printable/200907150825.html

The National Humanities Center: 40 residential fellowships, N.Carolina, USA

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Exchange students live American nightmare

Najua si watu wote wapo hivi na pia hakuna nchi ambayo ni 'kisiwa cha amani'. Lakini pamoja na hayo yote, ni lazima kutokuwa wepesi wa kuamini kuwa mambo ni mazuri kwa nadharia tu ama kusikia kutoka kwa baadhi ya watu. Ni vyema kujua kuwa katika dunia ya leo, hali ya mambo inaweza kutokwa inavyotarajiwa kwa kusikia tu, ndo hivyo tena mtu ajipange kukabiliana na hata kwa mambo asiyoyajua. Kisa kilichoripotiwa na CNN kinasisimua:
  • Exchange students to U.S. leave neglected, malnourished, abandoned
  • District attorney: One student was placed in a home with a convicted felon
  • Exchange program fires workers; some say not enough to oversee programs
  • District attorney convening a grand jury regarding placement
By Drew Griffin and Kathleen Johnston
CNN Special Investigations Unit

They came from around the world hoping to spend a high school year immersed in the culture and joys of America. Instead, five young foreign exchange students found themselves caught in a nightmare of neglect, malnourishment and abandonment by those supposed to protect them. Now those five -- natives of countries stretching from Tanzania, Vietnam, Nigeria, Denmark, Colombia, Norway and France -- are back home telling friends of a different America than they expected.

"We are talking 15- to 18-year-old children. We are introducing them to the United States. We are trying to put our best foot forward...."

"I know one of the students was placed in a home with a convicted felon -- convicted of drug trafficking or drug offenses -- and that is very disturbing to me."

"They weren't provided with food, in fact there is one incident with tape on food items in the refrigerator of the host family that says, 'Do not touch. This is for the host family only".

Tanzanian student Musa Mpulki has since returned home. Before he left, he told CNN he did not want to upset his mother, so he never told her that he had little to eat during his nine-month stay in the home of a 72-year-old man who had signs on his refrigerator that some food was only for family.

Although his housing situation was a nightmare, Mpulki said the students at the school made him appreciate America, and he said he appreciated the State Department grant that brought him to the United States.

"I guess I like to say, 'Thank you very much the government of the United States for to bring me here to get a good experience at the school and a good education.' "
Full and Uncut story can be read here: http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/07/15/us.exchange.students/index.html#cnnSTCText

also featured in one Tanzanian local newspaper - ThisDay

Raisi wa Kenya kuzuru Tanzania siku ya Alhamisi

Kwa mujibu wa vyombo vya habari vya nchini Kenya, Raisi wa nchi hiyo mhe. Mwai Kibaki anatarajiwa kufanya ziara nchini Tanzania siku ya Alhamisi.

Akiwamo nchini, atakutana na Raisi wa Tanzania, mhe. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwe ambapo watatia saini baadhi ya mikataba na maafikiano yanayohusu nchi hizi mbili.

Vile vile, Raisi huyo wa Kenya atafungua ubalozi wa Kenya nchini.

Anatarajiwa kutembelea visiwa vya Zanzibar na kuzungumza na Raisi wa Zanziba mhe. Abeid Amani Karume.

Ndege ya Raisi na watakaoongozana naye inatarajiwa kupaa kutoka Uwanja wa ndege wa Kimataifa wa Jomo Kenyatta saa tatu asubuhi.

Wagonjwa watibiwa kwa tochi usiku - Kisarawe

Kwa kweli tunapiga hatua katika maendeleo, kuelekea nyuma ama mbele? ah, ni mbele. Ninyi hamuoni? Mna visa nawe, si bure. Ni vile basi tu sijui hamna kurunzi ama vipi wivu tu umewashika. Yaani hamuyaoni ninyi? Kazi yenu kupiga keleeele kelele, keleeele tu, wakati mafanikio yanaonwa na wachache kwa mwanga wa kurunzi. Ah, kwa mwendo huu babu? mmh, natafuta mawe ya kurunzi, kurunzioooi yoyo!

Utani tuache, hapo kijiji cha jirani wanatibiwa hospitali kwa mwanga wa tochi, sikiliza John Gagarini, wa Kisarawe alivyoiripotia DarLeo, ya leo leo:
KITUO cha afya cha kata ya Masaki wilayani Kisarawe mkoani Pwani kinakabiliwa na tatizo la umeme hali inayofanya wagonjwa kutibiwa nyakati za usiku kwa kutumia tochi (kurunzi).

Akizungumza na waandishi wa habari waliotembelea kituo hicho kuangalia miradi ya afya katika wilaya hiyo, Mganga mkuu wa kituo hicho Dk. Ahmed Mkamba alisema tatizo hilo ni kubwa kwa wagonjwa hasa wale wanaokwenda nyakati za usiku kituoni hapo.

Dk. Mkamba alisema kuwa tatizo hilo limekuwa likisababisha utendaji kazi nyakati hizo kuwa mgumu na kusababisha usumbufu mkubwa wakati wa kutoa matibabu kwa wagonjwa wao.

"Tunaiomba Serikali kutusaidia kupata ufumbuzi wa tatizo hili ambalo limekuwa likitupa taabu kutoa tiba hasa anapokuja mgonjwa ambaye labda kapata ajali na anataka apate huduma ya kushonwa inabidi tutumie tochi au taa ya chemli," alisema Dk. Mkamba.

Alisema kuwa mbali na kuwa na tatizo hilo pia kituo hicho kinakabiliwa na matatizo mbalimbali yakiwemo ya ukosefu wa maabara na wataalamu wake pamoja na vifaa, na upungufu wa wafanyakazi hali inayowafanya wafanye kazi kwa saa 24 ili kukabiliana na upungufu huo.

"Mgonjwa ambaye anahitaji vipimo inabidi tumpeleke hospitali ya wilaya kupata vipimo jambo ambalo linaleta usumbufu kwa wagonjwa ambao wanakuwa wamezidiwa," aliongeza Dk. Mkamba.

Naye Mganga mkuu wa wilaya Dk. Elly Helela alikiri kuwepo kwa tatizo hilo na kusema kuwa ofisi yake inayashughulikia matatizo hayo ikiwa ni pamoja na kuwa na mpango wa kutumia umeme wa jua kukabiliana na tatizo la umeme.

Kituo hicho kilianzishwa mwaka 2006 na kinahudumia wagonjwa 800 kwa mwezi ambapo wagonjwa hutoka kwenye vijiji vya Bwama, Msanga Zalala, Mkamba, Kisanga na Kipanga kutoka kata tatu za Msimbu, Masaki na Kibuta.

Job Opportunity - HIV/AIDS Twinning Center Country Director for Tanzania

The American International Health Alliance (AIHA) is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Country Director - Tanzania.
This position will be located in Dar es Salaam and reports to the HIV/AIDS Twinning Center Program Director or her designee. The incumbent will provide overall management and programmatic support for the implementation of all HIV/AIDS Twinning Center activities in Tanzania.

AIHA advances global health through volunteer-driven partnerships that mobilize communities to better address healthcare priorities while at the same time improving productivity and quality of care. AIHA's HIV/AIDS Twinning Center Program (http://www.twinningagainstaids.org/) supports the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through partnerships, initiatives, and volunteer placements that help build critical institutional and human resource capacity to combat HIV/AIDS.
AIHA launched the HIV/AIDS Twinning Center program in late 2004 through a Cooperative Agreement with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the US Department of Health and Human Services.
Working closely with HRSA, host country officials and ministries of health, and the US government teams in country, AIHA and the Twinning Center help scale up and expand HIV prevention, care, treatment, and support services in countries targeted for PEPFAR assistance by creating partnerships and other initiatives that advance each nation's Strategic HIV/AIDS Plan and US Country Operational Plan.
 HIV/AIDS Twinning Center partnerships and programs:
  • Build human and institutional capacity through targeted training and mentoring;
  • Create national or regional training programs and centers of excellence;
  • Introduce new models of HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support;
  • Mobilize communities for change;
  • Improve access to evidence-based information resources and clinical guidelines in keeping with international best practices;
  • Ensure synergy and integration with other HIV/AIDS programs operating in country; and Provide organizational structure for the recruitment, placement, and support of long-term, highly skilled volunteers.
For a detailed job description, please view the attached or visit us online at: http://www.aiha.com/en/EmploymentOpportunities/documents/CountryDirector-TZ0508.pdf

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