Job opp. Medical Entomologist at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria

Medical Entomologist (P-4) at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria
Application Deadline: 24 August 2009

Issue Date: 8 July 2009

Duration: Fixed term temporary assistance post, 2 years

Duty Station: Seibersdorf, Austria

Functions / Key Results Expected
  • Coordinate all activities and staff of the mosquito SIT group in the insect pest control subprogramme and manage its human and financial resources.
  • Provide guidance and leadership for the development, testing and improvement of innovative and effective methods of mass-rearing, sterilizing, releasing, evaluating and the development of genetic sexing strains for the production of sterile males only of Anopheles arabiensis and other potential mosquito species (e.g. Aedes spp.).
  • Develop, conceptualize, and implement CRPs, including the evaluation of research contracts and agreements, organization of research coordination meetings, and the preparation of meeting reports and other relevant documents.
  • Contribute to technology transfer to mosquito SIT projects supported by the IAEA technical cooperation programme by developing project concepts, project designs, workplans, planning and implementation of training courses, participating in field missions and training fellows in the field of mosquito rearing and genetics.
  • Develop guidelines, manuals, e-learning modules and contribute technical expertise to the organization of technical meetings and consultants meetings in relation to all components of the SIT for mosquitoes.
  • Prepare reports and scientific publications, contribute to a newsletter and website, and represent the IAEA at international meetings.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Good knowledge of the principles of AW-IPM with a SIT component.
  • Good understanding of the biology of An. arabiensis and/or of other major insect pests (e.g. Aedes) as it relates to the development of mass rearing technology, genetic sexing and implementation of the SIT.
  • Knowledge of radiation sterilization procedures, genetic sexing and the implementation of bioassay procedures.
  • Ability to design, implement, evaluate and analyse complex experiments. Good knowledge of statistical procedures.
  • Good management capabilities to deal with the necessary administrative formalities of the mosquito SIT group, and willingness to travel frequently.
  • Understanding of the needs of developing countries with respect to mosquito AW-IPM and SIT.

Communication skills:

Strong presentation skills;

Ability to prepare technical documents and scientific publications for submission to peer reviewed journals.

Interpersonal skills:

  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity;
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with IAEA staff at all levels, with representatives of Member States and with external counterparts;
  • Ability to lead and operate in a team as part of the insect pest control subprogramme.
Education, Experience and Language Skills

  • Advanced degree (PhD level desirable) in medical entomology or equivalent.
  • At least 7 years of experience with R&D related to SIT for mosquitoes and/or for other pest insects.
  • At least 3 years of experience at the international level.
  • Practical experience in operational AW-IPM programmes with a SIT component would be desirable.
  • Proven record of scientific publications in international peer reviewed journals and/or other publications.
  • Experience in fund-raising desirable.
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken) essential. Working knowledge of French and German is desirable. 
The Medical Entomologist, as a member of the insect pest control subprogramme and reporting to the Head of the Entomology Unit, develops appropriate technologies for an outcome-based strategy to assess the feasibility of SIT for mosquitoes and provides technical expertise and support for field feasibility studies. 

The medical entomologist is: (1) a team leader of scientists and technical staff carrying out R&D and technology transfer activities in relation to mosquito SIT; (2) a programme planner, providing input on programme planning and evaluation, and; (3) a promoter pro-actively attracting extrabudgetary funds for the mosquito SIT activities.

For more information and how to apply, please use this link:

PACN Africa-UK Scholarships

PACN Africa-UK Scholarships provide the opportunity for African scientists who are employed in their industrial, academic or public service sectors to visit the UK. The aim of the Africa-UK Scholarship is to exchange information and facilitate networking with the aim of establishing future long term research collaborations.

The call is open for any African scientist who wishes to visit an African or UK institution, or for any UK scientist who wishes to visit an African institution and who has an agreement or invitation from any UK or African institution to host their visit.
Applicants MUST meet the following criteria:
  • Minimum academic qualification - Masters degree in relevant field
  • Research areas: Chemistry and Biology, including Biotechnology
  • Currently employed in Industry, Academia, Public service or registered PhD student in an African or an UK Institutions .
  • Submit a written confirmation of their employment in Industry, Academia, Public service or their student status.
  • Submit a written confirmation of acceptance of the host institution.
  • Submit a comprehensive programme proposal for the full period of the scholarship with an itemised list of the expected expenses associated.
Programme details

  • PACN Africa-UK Scholarships are tenable for up to a period of 2 weeks.
  • Preference will be given to African scientists who can demonstrate a long term benefit for their research or institution as a consequence of the visit, e.g. areas of research of the host institution or host professor that can eventually lead to research collaborations.
  • The applicant, in consultation with the host institution(s) will be responsible for making arrangements for the conduct of the programme for the visit.
  • The language of the report and application is English.
The total value of the fellowship is up to £2,000 which should cover all costs including:
  • The grant will be paid by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in advance directly to the applicant's primary host in the UK, in which case the host institution will be responsible for disbursing funds to the individual as appropriate. PACN Kenya office will provide the African scholar with the corresponding flights to/from the UK. RSC will reimburse the costs of the flights for UK scholars visiting African institutions.
  • Within one month after the end of the scholarship, the scholar will provide the RSC with a statement of the expenditure supported by receipts. Money unspent at the end of the fellowship shall be returned to RSC.
  • Within one month after the end of the scholarship, the scholar will also produce a short report on the visit.
Applicants MUST submit references from:
  • Their immediate supervisor at the home institution, giving written permission for them to undertake the fellowship.
  • Two independent referees, who should be acquainted with the applicant's work and be prepared to referee their application.
  • A letter from the host institution stating the agreement of the scholar's visit
There will be two calls per year with the following deadlines for receipt of applications: September 15 and February 15 of each year.

This half information was obtained from  Pan Africa Chemistry Network. Visit their website to see the full lenght of this information at: and

Long Term Experts with Experience from Implementing Public Sector Reform (Africa)

ORGUT is currently looking for  Long Term Experts with Experience from Implementing Public Sector Reform in Africa.

Especially relevant would be practical experience from implementing Local Government Reform combined with a good understanding of issues related to governance, financial management, organisational development, capacity building and human resources management.

Please send your full CV as soon as possible but at the latest by July 31 to [email protected] and [email protected] .

For more information kindly contact Mr Niklas Herrmann, telephone number +46 8 406 76 36,
e-mail [email protected] , or visit website

Please also note that ORGUT is always searching for experienced international and local experts in the field of development co-operation for short and long-term assignments in Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. Interested individuals are kindly requested to send their CV to [email protected] mentioning "Consultant: CV" in the subject field.

Source & Reference for further info:

Maisha ya Bongo? mbona utapenda mwenyewe!

Huko Tekeke, kamera ya bro Mjengwa ilimnasa askari akitembea kwa raha zake huku anapiga stori na shoga'ke kama vile hamna noma wala nini. Watoto nao wapo bize na michezo yao, kinawahusu nini. Kijana kati hapo anachekiii, nadhani anakariri a to z ili akatoe mchapo kijiweni. E bwana ee, bongo shwari asikudanganye mtu walahi.


Kampuni Tanzania inatafuta mshirika wa utengenezaji gesi ya katani

Kampuni ya Segera Estates inatarajiwa kujikika katika shughuli za utengenezaji wa gesi asilia (biogas) kutokana na mabaki ya mmea wa katani.
Kampuni hiyo yenye kufanya shughuli zake Afrika ya Kati na Mashariki imefikia uamuzi huo baada ya kupata mafanikio katika majaribio madogo iliyofanya kwenye mradi wake wa mashamba yaliyopo Hale na Korogwe mkoani Tanga. Kampuni hii kwa sasa inatafuta mshirika ambaye wataongeza juhudi katika kulifanikisha hili.

Kampuni nyingine binafsi ijulikanayo kwa jina, Katani, imethibitisha kuwa mradi huu wa uzalishaji gesi asilia kutokana na mabaki ya mmea wa katani inawezekana kwani, katika mradi ambao ulifunguliwa rasmi mwaka jana na Raisi wa Tanzania mhe. J. Kikwete alifungua rasmi alipokuwa mkoani Tanga, tayari umezalisha kiwango cha kilowati 150 za umeme kinachoweza kutumika katika shughuli za mashine kwa saa 12 mfululizo. Kampuni ya Katani tayari imeshafungua kampuni ndogo kwa jina Mkonge Energy System ambayo itatengeneza nishati ya umeme kwa ajili ya biashara kutoka kwenye mabaki ya mkonge na vitu vingine vinavyoweza kutengeneza nishati ya umeme.

Huenda gesi hii ikasaidia kuongeza uwezo wa upatikanaji nishati ya umeme na kupunguza utegemezi wa aina moja tu ya nishati, yaani ile inayotegemea maji ya mvua. Vile vile gesi asilia *inaweza kuwa njia mojawapo ya utunzaji mazingira*. Inaaminiwa kuwa, matumizi ya gezi asilia hupunguza kiwango cha gesi yenye madhara, yaani Methane, na gesi zinazotokana na 'green house' (na sijui kwa nini wakaziita green hizi zenye kuleta madhara kwenye hali ya hewa kiasi kikubwa namna hii, zinazalisha hasara kubwa bora wangeziita red houses au jina jingine, eniwei, ndo maisha).

Tanzania tuna mjusi wa historia huko Ujerumani! Ivo kumbe eeh?

Ama kweli kuishi kwingi kama si kusikia mengi, basi ndiko kuona mengi. Leo hii rafiki yangu mmoja ameniorodheshea mali asili tuliyonayo Tanzania na kuniacha mdomo wazi. Aliyoyataja ni mengi na miongoni mwa hayo, mengine yamenifanya kujiuliza ikiwa kweli ninaifahamu vilivyo historia na jiografia ya nchi yangu.

Sasa tena nikiwa napekua pekua magazeti, nikashangazwa na hii habari ya mjusi wa kihistoria kutoka mkoani Lindi nchini mwetu hapa hapa Tanzania ati yupo huko Ujerumani. Nimejaribu sana kukumbuka kama mwalimu wa Shule ya Msingi hadi Sekondari aliwahi kulitamka hili, kwa kweli kumbukumbu zangu zinanikatalia, na kwa bahati mbaya sina hata chembe ya ugonjwa wa kusahau, lau kama nimesahau, basi vitabu vya kiada haviwezi kuwa vimekosea, sasa iweje hata nisisikie mtu anasema kuhusu huyu mjusi? Na siwalaumu Walimu wangu. Wao wangejuaje? Ah, potelea mbali, popote alipo, huyo ni mjusi wetu.

Swali ninalojiuliza bila  ya kuwa na majibu ya kukidhi haja ni je, hiyo siku ya kiama (kama ipo) tutakapoulizwa WaTanzania utetezi wetu wa ni kwa nini tuliishi kimasikini (ingawaje wapo wachache miongoni mwetu wanaoogeleka kwenye ukwasi), tutatoa maelezo gani? Mi nimefikiri kwa kukurupuka nikasema, nitajitetea 'Si ni hao Viongozi uliotupa?' lakini nikajiuliza, kama akiambia, 'si ni ninnyi mliwachagua wenyewe?', hapo nitamjibu kauli gani? Aliyepiga kura, Asiyepiga kura, wooote manzanyaze! Sote tu lawamani.

Habari ya mjusi ndiyo hii, kama ilivyo andikwa na Na Kizitto Noya toka Dodoma na kuchapishwa na gazeti la Mwananchi.
WAZIRI wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa, Benard Membe ametofautiana na Waziri wa Maliasili na Utalii, Shamsa Mwangunga kuhusu kurudishwa nchini kwa mjusi mwenye urefu wa mita za mraba 22 (dinosaur) aliyechukuliwa na Wajerumani mwanzoni mwa miaka ya 1900.

Wakati Waziri Membe akisema mpango wa serikali kumresha mjusi huyo nchini bado thabiti, Mwangunga alisema serikali inaangalia kama kuna uwezekano huo ama kumwacha mjusi huyo nchini Ujerumani. Hata hivyo, Waziri Mwangunga alieleza ingawa jambo hilo bado linaangaliwa kwa makini, ni bora mjusi huyo akabaki Ujerumani kupunguza gharama za maandalizi ya kumleta na kumhifadhi nchini. Alisema serikali inatakiwa kujenga jengo la ghorofa tatu kwa ajili ya kumhifadhi mjusi huyo aliyechukuliwa nchini enzi za ukoloni kati ya mwaka ya 1918 na 1919 kutoka Kijiji cha Mipingo mkoani Lindi.

Kwa mujibu wa Waziri Mwangunga, mjusi huyo anaweza kuendelea kubaki Ujerumani na Tanzania kukusanya mapato yatokanayo na mjusi huyo akiwa huko kwani gharama za kumrudisha nchini ni pamoja na kubomoa mifupa yake, kuisafirisha na kuiunda upya. “Tunajaribu kuangalia kama kuna umuhimu wa kumrudisha mjusi huyo ama abaki Ujerumani, alisema Mwangunga akijibu swali la Mbunge wa Masasi (CCM), Raynald Mrope.

Mrope alitaka kujua sababu za Serikali kuchelewa kumrudisha mjusi huyo kama ilivyoshauriwa na Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa la Sayansi Elimu na Utamaduni (UNESCO) baada ya serikali ya Ujerumani kuendelea kukusanya mapato mengi kutokana na mjusi huyo.

Membe ambaye ni Waziri wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa alisema, uamuzi wa kurudisha mifupa ya mjusi huyo bado upo na serikali imeiandikia nchi ya Ethiopia kuomba wataalam wa kumsafirisha. “Nchi ya Ethiopia iliunda kamati iliyofanikisha kurudisha nguzo za kihistoria nchini humo,” alisema Membe akielezea wanachama wa kamati hiyo wanaweza kushirikiana na Tanzania kuona namna ya kumrudisha mjusi huyo.

LA Galaxy fans vs Beckham!

David Beckham was involved in an ugly confrontation with fans at his home return game in Los Angeles.
The former England captain attempted to jump over a barrier as he left the field at half-time to approach a section of the crowd that had been jeering him.
He was held back by security staff, members of whom were also needed to restrain an angry fan who left his seat and rushed towards the footballer.
Read the uncut story from the Independent here:


 David Beckham

David Beckham (Pic:Getty)

Job opp. Project Manager Primary Health Care (Tanzania)

Project Manager fort he Primary Health Care Project in Ulanga (PHCU), Tanzania
SolidarMed a Swiss Non Governmental Organisation for Health in Africa starts in 2010 in Tanzania a new project called Primary Health Care Ulanga (PHCU).

Expected Qualifications
  • Graduate or postgraduate degree in a related field (health, social sciences, anthropology, development studies, management);
  • Strong management skills and experience in institutional and organizational development, especially at NGO-level;
  • Knowledge of public health best practices;
  • Working experience in project management and institutional/human resources development;
  • Working experience in community participation and decentralised health service delivery would be an asset;
  • Excellent conceptual, writing (English) and communication skills;
  • Social competence and ability to (net-) work in an interdisciplinary environment with governmental, civil society and donor organizations;
  • Regular travelling and the willingness to live and work in a rural environment;
  • The position requires managing a local team in a context of deep poverty.
We offer
  • A professionally frame to build up a Primary Health Care Project in Ulanga in a rural African setting with lots of exciting development possibilities;
  • A stimulating environment, linked to bilateral organizations, universities and non-governmental organizations;
  • A motivated local and expatriate team with flat hierarchies;
  • Specific training and the possibilities for professional development;
  • The possibility to scientifically capitalize experiences;
  • An attractive benefit package.
  • Applications should contain a photo and 3 recent references;
  • You can obtain further information by calling Martina Weber at SolidarMed;
  • As equal opportunity employer, SolidarMed encourages the application of women;
  • SolidarMed is a medium size NGO, dynamic, flexible and with a clear vision. It aims at capitalizing its experiences and at sharing its knowledge.
  • While we appreciate all responses, only candidates under consideration will be contacted after closing date for applications. We kindly ask not to send in duplicate copies of your resume.
SolidarMed, Obergrundstr. 97, Postfach, 6000 Luzern 4
Tel. +41 41 310 66 60
[email protected]


If you are interested in this job, please read the Purpose of the position, key tasks and responsibilities here:

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