Fellowships in Secularism - School of Social Science Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Applications for 2010-2011 fellowships with a focus on “Secularism,” in the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J.

The School of Social Science each year invites as Members up to twenty scholars from a large applicant pool. Visiting Members are expected to pursue their own research, but the School organizes a seminar on the year’s focus and a weekly lunch at which Members as well as invited guests present their on-going work. The School is not wedded to any particular intellectual or disciplinary approach. It welcomes applications in economics, political science, law, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. It encourages social scientific work with an historical and humanistic bent and also entertains applications in history, philosophy, literary criticism, literature, and linguistics.

How to Apply:
All applications for Memberships in the School of Social Science for the 2010-2011 academic year must be filed electronically through the Institute’s online application system by November 1, 2009. Applications will be accepted beginning June 1, 2009. It is expected that the selection process will be completed by February 1, 2010.

The theme for the 2010-2011 academic year will be Secularism. Please click on the announcement button below for more complete information. Each year it is expected that about one-third of the selected Members will be conducting research around the theme.

Writing Samples:
The application requires submission of a writing sample (A single sample is preferred, although up to three will be accepted.). The School would prefer that such samples be uploaded; all uploads must be in Adobe Acrobat format. If you must send hard-copy, such as a book, please indicate your intention to do so on the application and mail it with a cover letter to: School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study, Einstein Drive, Princeton, NJ 08540. Note that it will not be returned.

More info at: http://www.sss.ias.edu/applications

Call for application deadline: The Regional Woman Scientist Awards - Africa

The Regional Woman Scientist Awards are as the name suggests open to African women scientists only two prizes each of 20,000 USD will be given to successfully nominated candidates.

The closing date is 31 July 2009.
Rrelevant application form : Click here to download the Regional Women Scientific Awards Application Form-2009.doc

The Regional Economic Communities are running this award scheme.
Please click here to view contact details of the REC in your country or region.

Info source: http://sarua.org/?q=content/african-union-regional-woman-scientific-awards-2009

Prof. Mohamed Aziz (MD) is no more!

Some of you happened to know Professor Aziz of Muhimbili National Hospital (Tanzania). It's so sad to learn today that he just passed away last night.

Funeral preparations are underway at a Mosque nearby Diamond Trust Bank (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania). He will be laid to rest later today (afternoon, around 1pm).

I remember Prof. Aziz for his perfectionism and an empathetic heart. Apart from being a mentor (and later co-worker), he was such a quiet and a man dedicated to his job. I specifically remember him when he performed an operation on my young sister's fractured hip in 1997. By then, I had not even joined MUCHS, but the way he handled our case, he left me inspired and I admired his work ever since. He is one of those people who helped me find a reason to join the HealthCare industry. He was indeed such a caring man.

From his family to relatives, friends and colleagues, Prof. Aziz will be missed by many.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Short biography of  the late Prof. Aziz

Prof. Mohamed R. Aziz, Associate Prof. of Surgery (Muhimbili) & Consultant Surgeon, MB ChB (Makerere) M.Med. (Surg) (Univ. of Dare es Salaam)

Born in 1947.
MBchB at Makerere University College in 1973.
M. Med in Surgery at Universty of Dar es Salaam in 1979.
Lecturer in Surgery in 1979, Senieor Lecturer in 1984
Associate Professor in 1996.
Fellowship of the Commonwealth Foundation for Surgical Gastroenterology in UK.
Publications in the East Afr Med Journal and Cent Afr Jour of Medicine.

Fully-funded PhD research studentships at the University of Sunderland, UK


Research Studentships
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 515 2072
Contract type: Full time
Contract term: permanent

Building on our recent success in RAE 2008 (65% World Leading/Internationally Excellent research), the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies invites applications for five fully-funded PhD research studentships. Applicants should be suitably qualified and motivated to undertake a full-time programme of research leading to a PhD. Although we welcome applications from across the field of media and cultural studies, we would be particularly interested in research projects that fall within one of the Centre's general research themes:
  • Histories and Theories
  • Texts, Performances and Identities
  • Technologies and Spaces of Communication
Further details of staff research interests are available at http://centres.sunderland.ac.uk/crmcs/

The studentships will include the payment of all tuition fees and carry an annual bursary for a maximum of three years. Students will be provided with a programme of research training and excellent facilities on the University of Sunderland's new St Peter's Campus.

Further details of these studentships and application forms are available from: Diane Davis, University of Sunderland, Graduate Research School, [email protected] +44 (0) 191 515 2072

For informal discussion, please contact either Professor John Storey ([email protected]) or Professor Shaun Moores ([email protected]).


Closing date for the receipt of applications: 1 September 2009.

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund Grant

Purpose of the Grant: To support the education of women from developing countries who arecommitted to improving the lives of women and children in a developing country.

For students from developing countries who are currently studying in the United States or Canada, the MMMF awards annually grants of approximately $12,000 each; grants are not renewable. Please follow the application procedure below.

Grant recipients arerequired to sign a contract agreeing to the following:
If an MMMF grant recipient receives a grant from the World Bank Graduate Scholarship program in the same calendar year in which she receives an MMMF grant, her MMMF grant shall be rescinded. The MMMF expects grant recipients to return to their home countries or another developing country within approximately 30 months after receiving their grants and then to perform at least two years ofservice in her country or another developing country.

As a condition of the grant, the recipient will agree to make a payment, equal to the full amount of her grant, to the MMMF if:
a. therecipient does not return to her country or another developing country within 30 months ofreceiving the MMMF grant, or after completing her studies in the country the grant was awarded, or
b. the recipient does not complete the two years of service within 54 months ofreceiving the MMMF grant or after completing her studies in the country where the grant was awarded.

MMMF Educational Grants
US or CANADA: the on-line application for the academic year 2010-11 will be available around December 2009. Women from developing countries enrolled at US or Canadian colleges/universities will be elligible.

AFRICA:the application for the academic year 2010 is now available on-line until August 25, 2009 and women from developing countries currently enrolled in South Africa at either University of Pretoria or University of Cape Town are elligible.

Please submit the application and supporting documents to Mr George Chaukeat Client Servcie Centre, UP Main Campus. [email protected]

Info source & Application forms are available via this link: www.mmmf-grants.org   

MMMF Educational Grants US/Canada —Academic Year 2009-2010

For students from developing countries who are currently studying in the United States or Canada, the MMMF awards grants of approximetly $12,000 each; grants are not renewable. Follow the application procedure below.
  • Application Forms: available online from November 1, 2009.
  • Deadline for submitting completed applications: midnight February 25, 2010
  • Results: ONLY successful applicants will be notified around May 1, 2010
Click here to read the Eligibility Criteria, for students studying in the US or Canada
Click here to read the Application Procedure, for students studying in the US or Canada

If you are interested in the above grant, use this link to go to the World Bank site for a complete information: http://go.worldbank.org/NIDMOAHGU0

Ajali nyingine ya barabarani imeua watu takribani 33

Ninajua fika kuwa jirani yangu Mubelwa Bandio wa blogu ya ChangamotoYetu atakosa kauli kutokana na habari hii kwani ameshaizungumzia mara nyingi kiasi cha kutokwa na povu katika kulizungumzia suala la ajali za barabarani nchini Tanzania.
Dr. Faustine alishaandika kuhusu ajali hizi na kutoa mapendekezo yake, sijui kama kuna mtu aliyasoma hapa au hata kujaribu kumwuuliza ufafanuzi na hatimaye kujaribu kuyatendea kazi. Ni kama dharau vile, il hali watumiaji wa barabara ni sisi na tunaoathirika kwa ajali hizi ni sisi sisi wananchi.
Nilishawahi kuandika kutokana na kusikitishwa na suala la ajali za barabarani, leo wala sina jipya la kusema kwani ni kama vile hakuna anayejali kusaidia kupunguza sababu za makusudi zinazoweza kuchangia ajali hizi kutokea. Si kweli kuwa kila ajali imepangwa kutokea hivyo ilivyo na kwamba hatuna cha kuzuia ajali isitokee. Tukisema hivyo tutakuwa tunajifariji na kukubaliana na ajali zinazotokea kwa uzembe wetu wenyewe. Tutakuwa tunajiongopea nafsi zetu kukiri kuwa ajali hazizuiliki. Ukweli ni kuwa ajali inaweza kuzuilika au kutokuwa na madhara makubwa ikiwa kila mmoja atajali nafasi yake katika kuzuia ajali kutokutokea.
  1. Mmiliki wa gari kuhakikisha gari lake linapelekwa gereji kabla ya safari ndefu.
  2. Fundi makanika kuhakikisha kuwa anacheki vipuri na hitilafu yoyote katika gari.
  3. Dereva kuhakikisha kuwa anazingatia alama za barabarani na hasa mwendokasi uliopangwa.
  4. Utingo/Tandiboi kuhakikisha kuwa abiria waliopo ndani ya chombo cha kusafiria hawazidi uwezo wa gari na kwamba wapo katika mpangilio kadiri ya muundo wa gari.
  5. Abiria kutokukubali kuswekwa ndani ya chombo cha usafiri kilichokwisha timia idadi ya wasafiri kwani kwa kufanya hivyo, badala ya kuwahi kufika, yaweza kuwahi kufa. Wa kale waliasa, 'kawia ufike'.
  6. Wakandarasi kuhakikisha kuwa barabara zimejengwa katika kiwango stahili na alama za barabarani kutoa maelekezo muafaka kulingana na eneo.
  7. Askari/Usalama barabarani kuhakikisha kuwa wanakagua na kuruhusu chombo kuwemo safarini kwa mujibu wa standadi za usafiri.
  8. Serikali (kitengo husika kama vile mahakama na Wizara) kuwa na sheria za kuwawajibisha watendani katika kila hatua iliyotajwa hapo juu ikiwa kutatokea ukiukwaji wa kanuni na taratibu za usafiri kama zilivyoainishwa na kuelekezwa na wataalamu wetu.
Kwa masikitiko makubwa, inaelezwa na Francis Godwin kwenye blogu yake kuwa:
Habari za kusikitisha ambazo zimenifikia usiku huu nikiwa hapa jijini Dar es Salaam na kuthibitishwa na mkuu wa kikosi cha usalama barabarani nchini Bw James Kombe zinadaiwa kuwa zaidi ya abiria 20 waliokuwa wakisafiri na basi la kampuni ya Mohamed Trans wamekufa papo hapo na wengine zaidi ya 30 kujeruhiwa vibaya baada ya basi hilo kupasuka taili na kupinduka likiwa katika mwendo mkali.
Kwa habari zaidi, fuatilia vyombo vya habari na blogu mbalimbali.
The state-owned broadcaster (Tanzania) is reporting that a bus has crashed into a truck in northeastern Tanzania, killing 33 people. Tanzania Broadcasting Corp. is quoting unnamed police officials as saying the accident happened Sunday afternoon in Korogwe, about 210 kilometers (130 miles) northwest of the commercial capital, Dar es Salaam. The bus was traveling to Dar es Salaam from the northwestern town of Arusha, the station reports. Five people remain at the hospital at Korogwe, TBC reports. Other passengers had minor injuries and were discharged from the hospital after being treated, the station says. Buses are Tanzania's main public transport between towns and many bus drivers exceed the speed limit.
News source: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/world/6548115.html

ISOC Fellowship to the IETF

You have one more week remaining before the deadline. If you qualify, make sure you do not miss to apply for this fellowship this week.

Building Opportunity in the Developing World

In its long tradition of helping build technical capacity in less developed countries, ISOC provides a Fellowship program to enable more technologists from developing regions to attend in person at Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meetings.

The ISOC Fellowship to the IETF covers the cost of attending an IETF meeting for the selected Fellows and pairs each with an IETF veteran who serves as their meeting mentor. Use the following link to read the full length of this fellowship: http://www.isoc.org/educpillar/fellowship/

The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship for Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Eligibility requirements
  • Be a female student entering her final year of a Bachelor’s degree, or enrolled in an a Master’s or PhD programme (or equivalent), in 2010/2011.
  • Be enrolled at a University in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa. Citizens, permanent residents, and international students are eligible to apply.
  • Be studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Informatics, or a closely related technical field.
  • Maintain an excellent academic record (e.g. a First Class Honours degree).
To apply
You will have to complete the online application and submit all requested documents by 1st February 2010. All application documents must be in English.

All applications will be acknowledged by email. Finalists will be notified in April 2010. Scholarship recipients will be selected from the finalists.

In your application, you will be required to submit various documents, use the following original source link to read the full scholarship announcement and the required documents: http://www.google.com/anitaborg-emea/