Very interesting topic about Tanzania started in this forum...

As usual, I have part of my life living in the internet which usually zoom to see what's happening whenever there is a mention of Tanzania and/or KiSwahili. Today, I came across this forum where they are discussing about Tanzania and her membership position in the EAC and SADC. The conversation is very interesting, almost engaging (not to mention how a conversation can swing from a point to another). These are SOME interesting comments that I read from this discussion forum (read below).

So what is the purpose of posting it here (if you may ask)?
Firstly, I wanted to reach to some blog readers to make them aware of the discussion.
Secondly, members of the forum have written in there that they would love to hear Tanzanian view on this.
Thirdly, I shared some replies to stimulate some of you, who would otherwise like to contribute, give opinions, clarify things and enlighten cross border forum members.

As I said, these are just some replies, the whole thing is in available via this link:

The question posed:
Where will Tanzania end up? EAC or SADC, She Currently belongs to both Blocks

SADC members will not flood Tanzania to grab their land.

TZ is less competitive than other EAC members, but they are self sufficient than them all combined.

Tanzanians problems is and always remains to be a feeling of inferiority and lack of aggresiveness. Now they want to hide under SADC where they are even more insignificant. TZ were immersed in the backward ideologies of socialism for too long and they are reaping the fruits now.Back in the years..Nyerere refused to buy milk products from Kenya...he ended up importing the same from Denmark.

You must agree with me that IF they are UNABLE to achieve much in a smalled playing field of EAC...they will achieve NOTHING is SADC which is a higher league with giants like SA. TZ will largely be a consumer state in SADC and that is why SA doesnt want it to join EAC

I really don't understand how people think that tanzanian are not as business minded. Have you seem howm many TZ license plates you run across in Nairobi. They run alot of business small scale but yet alot. Somali probably out number them now but in Nairobi Tanzanian run alot of shit. They may not have the large companies but when it comes to small business they control alot of them. That's the difference between Kenya and TZ. Kenyans don't even control small business were it really counts.

Off-topic: I wonder why we don't have any Tanzanian forumers here...

They use too much Swahili (i think.) They have to belong to one block when common currency.

Tanzanians forums are always in swahili...Never in the same way as it is difficult reading swahili forums(Not that u dont understand..but you strain reading) the same way they have difficulties reading English forums..

That makes sense, I guess. It would be interesting to hear a Tanzanian opinion on this subject.

Yes it would be. I wihs Congo did the same by enforcing Swahili or Lingala as in TZ.

Finance and Administration Manager - OUP, Tanzania

Oxford University Press (OUP) is the largest university press in the world. OUP publishes in many countries in a variety of languages and all the international branches are leading educational publishers.

In Tanzania, OUP publishes schoolbooks, dictionaries, children’s books and general books.

Oxford University Press Tanzania is looking for a qualified, experienced and dynamic professional to fill the position of Finance and Administration Manager.

Job Purpose
As a key member of the management team, the Finance and Administration Manager is responsible for planning, directing and controlling finance and administration, as well as ensuring financial due diligence as per professional standards and national laws.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Manage and coordinate the finance and administrative functions including general office administration and payroll;
  • Ensure adherence to accounting and financial standards as per IFRS, ISA and Tanzania legislation, with comprehensive internal policies and procedures;
  • Co-ordinate the annual budgeting process and interim forecasts, monitor actual performance against budget and recommend corrective action when appropriate;
  • Develop and maintain systems for controlling physical assets and working capital. Manage customer collections and establish credit control procedures with the aim of balancing sales growth with minimising overdue payments;
  • Establish internal controls to ensure efficiency and compliance in tax matters and compliance with policies and procedures at local and group levels;
  • Conduct the financial analysis and preparation of detailed financial reports and statements; including group financial reporting as per OUP group requirements;
  • Respond to auditors’ comments concerning the finances and operations of the company and implement any action that may be required to address deficiencies.
Qualifications & Experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Finance or Business Administration from a recognised university;
  • A fully qualified accountant possessing CPA (T), CA, ACCA, CIMA or equivalent qualifications;
  • At least 5 years post qualification working experience at a level of at least Chief Accountant in a commercial organisation;
  • A person of an age of about 35 years age is preferable;
  • Proficient knowledge of MS Office package and solid accounting systems experience;
  • The ability to know how to balance financial prudence with supporting business growth;
Sound integrity with good organisational, leadership and communication skills.Send your letter of application and CV by email before 5 p.m. on Friday, 7 August 2009, to [email protected]

ARCLP HIV Scholarship

Scholarship Description
The area of research is the organic and medicinal chemistry for the development of bioactive molecules to target the HIV-1 virus
Reference Number: 4362
Study Subject: Organic and Medicinal Chemistry
Provided By: Department of Chemsitry, University of Wollongong
To be undertaken at: University of Wollongong.
Level: Post Graduate (Research)

This scholarship is offered once only to one person. Open for applications from July 21, 2009 until August 7, 2009.

Payment Information
The value of this scholarship is AUD22500 (per annum). This award is to be used for living expenses. This scholarship is paid fortnightly for the period of 3 years.

Research Information

This scholarship is for one of the following fields of research: Organic chemistry or Other chemical sciences.

This scholarship is for study in Australia for those who have achieved Honours 2a or equivalent. There are no restrictions on citizenship.

Application Details
To apply for this scholarship you must apply directly to the scholarship provider. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Always confirm details with scholarship provider before applying.

Main Contact
A/Prof Paul Keller (Associate Professor)
University of Wollongong
Phone: 02 4221 4692
Email: [email protected]
Web Site:

Dept of Chemistry
University of Wollongong
Northfields Avenue
NSW, Australia


Job. opp with WaterAid: Country Representative – Tanzania

Based in Dar es Salaam, circa 75 million TZ shillings plus benefits

You will play a key role in realising our vision of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation, as you provide leadership to one of our biggest and most established country programmes – which has a team of 49 staff and an annual budget of over £2 million.

Your work will change people's lives. To rise to the challenge, you will need an impressive background in senior-level programme management, demonstrable financial management skills and be a superb manager and developer of people. Knowledgeable about social, economic and political issues in Tanzania, you will also have a track record of working with NGOs, local and national government and donors. This post is offered on a four year fixed-term contract.

To apply please download the Country Representative – Tanzania application pack (WordPad Document Word 258KB) and application form ( WordPad Document Word 272KB). Completed applications should be sent to [email protected].

Closing date: 4 August 2009

First interviews: w/c 10 August 2009

Final interviews: w/c 24 August 2009

Original job info source:

TanzaniteOne accused of ’stripping workers naked’

I liked Mr. Ole's statement, when he said that, "We are fed up...Tanzanians are very patient people, but one day our patience is going to run out". I am glad that one of their own warned them this time around. Time is moving really, really fast!

Managers of the South African-based gemstone mining company TanzaniteOne Ltd, working in Manyara Region, have been accused of racism and subjecting local workers to undue harassment and demeaning work conditions, Simanjiro legislator Christopher Ole Sendeka (MP) declared it in parliament.

The MP said,
...the local workers at the plant are forced to perform humiliating things like stripping naked, as part of security measures to prevent smuggling of gemstones from within the premises.

The MP said he has received complaints from workers extremely mortified at being asked, on a reportedly daily basis, to pass through X-ray machines while naked, so that they may be screened for possible thefts of tanzanite gems from inside the mine. He added that apart from the obvious humiliation, the workers are also apparently exposed to possible health hazards from the reportedly daily dosage of X-ray radiation. "Up to 30 workers at a time are asked to remove all their clothes, and then pass through a scanner. Afterwards, they are given a pair of shorts to wear. I have the evidence of photos...We must take action," Ole Sendeka implored his fellow law makers in the House.

He criticised the chairman of TanzaniteOne’s board of directors, Ambassador Ami Mpungwe - who is a Tanzanian of working in favour of the foreign investors and failing to defend the nation’s interests.

"Parliament must issue a firm statement on this matter...the minister will not be allowed to pass his budget proposals through parliament until he presents satisfactory explanations regarding this harassment and breach of privacy of local workers by TanzaniteOne".

He also accused the investor company of hiring foreign security guards from Nepal, while scores of Tanzanians capable of such work go without jobs. He furthermore hit at the government for turning a blind eye in incidents where TanzaniteOne security guards have been known to shoot local residents and set dogs on them.

"We are fed up...Tanzanians are very patient people, but one day our patience is going to run out".
Contributing to the same debate, Same East legislator Anne Kilango Malecela said it was a national shame that although the tanzanite gemstone is only obtainable in Tanzania, the country gets only a small fraction of proceeds from the global tanzanite trade. She asserted that Tanzania could be earning a fairer share of its own vast resources of mineral wealth if it rid itself of the foreign investors in the mining sector. The MP cited countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Madagascar that are reportedly doing okay in running their own mining sectors without the help of foreign investors. 
Read the uncut story from ThisDay via this link:'s BigPicture on Stories from Israel, Tanzania and Malaysia

Yep, we are on the spot again, not for good, but yeah, you know how that story goes.
In the past I have written about albinism (click here to read). The BBC Swahili correspondent, Vicky Ntetema, has done an extensive investigational journalism in this, to the extent of being threatened by these killers for exposing them and what they do. Vicky continue her work and she has been reporting it on her official BBC blog, her last entry was this July 21st (click here to read more). Now I am so glad to know that these unspeakable acts of brutal killings on our own people or the utter failure to protect them is getting some international attention. Perhaps this will help us take tangible measures.

We need more News companies and organisation to shame us on our lack of taking care of the vulnerable minority in the country. All we are good at is blaming it on somebody else or throwing the ball when we could very well take care of the situation. Shame on us indeed.

I have been a big fan of's BigPicture ever since I came to know it, and for yet another episode, I give them kudos for posting this photo-story on their website. We needed somebody to shine some light into this so that the international community take this seriously and intervene. If us and the government have failed to provide shelter for these innocent people, let's learn the lesson the hard way. I wouldn't mind at all if somebody wold be taken to the International Court in The Hague. This is failure for somebody with power to take action in protecting it's own people. Shame twice on you.

The pictures you see below are a part of BigPictures's story : Stories from Israel, Tanzania and Malaysia in focus Albinos in danger in Tanzania

A teenage Tanzanian albino girl sits in the female dormitory at a government-run school for the disabled in Kabanga, in the west of the country near the town of Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika June 5, 2009. The school began to take in albino children late last year after albinos were being killed in Tanzania and neighbouring Burundi by people who allegedly sell their body parts for use in witchcraft. Picture taken June 5. (REUTERS/Alex Wynter/IFRC/Handout)

Mabula, 76, crouches beside his bed January 25, 2009 in his mud-thatched bedroom in a village near Mwanza near the grave of his granddaughter, five-year-old Mariam Emmanuel, an Albino who was murdered and mutilated in an adjacent room in February of 2008 and who was buried inside the mud hut to discourage grave robbers who commonly dig up albino bones. (TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images)

his picture taken on May 28, 2009 shows human body parts including a femur and what appears to be stack of skin tissue exhibited in a courtroom during a trial of 11 Burundians accused of the murder of albinos, whose limbs have been sold to witch doctors in neighbouring Tanzania, in Ruyigi. A Burundi prosecutor, Nicodeme Gahimbare, demanded sentences ranging from one year to life in prison at a trial. Gahimbare requested life sentences for three of the 11 accused, eight of whom were in the dock over the killing of a eight-year-old girl and a man in March this year. (Esdras Ndikumana/AFP/Getty Images)

Neema Kajanja, 28, molds a pot from clay at her grandmother's home in Ukerewe, Tanzania on January 27, 2009, where she and two siblings, both albinos, curently live. Ukerewe, an island on Lake Victoria near the town of Mwanza, is a safe haven compared to other parts of Tanzania where people with albinism now live in fear for their lives as their body parts limbs, internal organs and even hair grow increasingly sought after to be sold for luck potions. (TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images)

ine-year-old Amani sits in a recreational hall at the Mitindo Primary School for the blind on January 25, 2009, where he enrolled following the murder of his sibling, five-year-old Mariam Emmanuel, an albino who was murdered and mutilated in February 2008. (TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images)

Albino children play at the Mitindo Primary School for the blind on January 25, 2009. The school has become a rare sanctuary for vulnerable albino children in Tanzania. (TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images)

Albino children take a break on January 25, 2009 in a recreational hall at the Mitindo Primary School for the blind, which has become a rare sanctuary for albino children.(TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images

A Tanzanian Red Cross Society (TRCS) volunteer holds the hand of an albino toddler at a picnic organised by the TRCS at the government-run school for the disabled in Kabanga, in the west of the country near the town of Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika June 5, 2009. (REUTERS/Alex Wynter/IFRC/Handout)

Photo credit and copyright goes to the specified individual names and/or organisations in brackets in each picture, and's BigPicture (for collection and compilation).

Fraud at NBC Ltd - Tanzania!

Inavyoelekea, kila mbuzi anakulaga kulingana na urefu na wepesi wa kamba yake kutoka kwenye kipago. Just when I thought at last, the country is getting on track, now I read this from a Tanzania newspaper, ThisDay...
Police probe 15bn/- fraud at NBC Ltd
AUTHORITIES are investigating alleged fraud within the National Bank of Commerce (NBC) that has led to the disappearance of at least 20bn/- from the accounts of some of the bank’s key corporate customers, including the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited (TTCL). According to latest THISDAY findings, some NBC officials at various branches in Dar es Salaam are suspected to have colluded in the facilitation of fraudulent transactions with local businessmen.

In one incident of fraud so far detected by bank officials, around 15bn/- was stolen through the use of fake companies and manipulation of electronic payment systems. Informed sources say another incident involved the embezzlement of 5bn/- earlier this year through use of the name of one particular construction company. A co-owner of a local magazine along with a number of NBC employees are believed to be under investigation following the discovery of over 4.5bn/- in vanished monies from bank accounts owned by TRA and TTCL, both state-owned enterprises.

"The fraud was done through the use of fake names and identities. In some cases, the photos of deceased individuals were also used to facilitate the scam, " said an informed source in the banking industry. NBC officials confirmed that a formal investigation has been launched into the matter, but declined to give details on precisely how much money has so far been stolen.
"The management of the National Bank of Commerce (NBC) Ltd is not at liberty to comment on the alleged fraud incidents, while the matter is under investigation,"’ said a brief statement issued by the bank in the wake of queries from THISDAY.

Police in Dar es Salaam are understood to be handling the investigation of the reported theft, with several NBC bank employees already subjected to questioning. The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Commissioner of Police Robert Manumba, said he personally was not aware of the alleged fraudulent incidents at the bank.

Investigating officers are believed to have last week questioned several suspects as part of the ongoing probe. There are reports of the probable involvement of various influential people, thus posing a more difficult challenge to the investigators.

The formerly state-owned NBC Bank was privatised in 2000 to South Africa’s financial services giant ABSA Group Limited. Its shareholders are ABSA Group (55 per cent), the Tanzanian government (30 per cent), and the International Finance Corporation (15 per cent).
Info source:

Research Scientist - FAO/IAEA

Research Scientist (FAO/IAEA), at the International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria
Application Deadline: 11 September 2009
Duty Station: Seibersdorf, Austria

The Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture is looking for a young scientist to join the research team of the mosquito project developing the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) for An. arabiensis at the Entomology Unit of the FAO/IAEA Agriculture & Biotechnology Laboratory of the IAEA's Laboratories in Seibersdorf, Austria.

The candidate should have an advanced university degree, preferably a PhD student or postdoc in medical entomology or equivalent. The candidate will assist the research team with the development of appropriate mass-rearing technologies for mosquitoes and to conduct R&D on mosquito mating behaviour, mosquito biology, radiation, genetic sexing, sterile male quality control, etc. US citizenship is required to be eligible, the person should not be over 32 years of age, and be willing to relocate to Austria. A two-year commitment is expected. Remuneration is set at the P2 level of the UN salary scale.

Please contact Marc Vreysen (0043 1 2600 28404, [email protected] ) for more information.

For more info on the activities of the Insect Pest Control subprogramme, visit:

Medical Entomologist - FAO/IAEA

For the above mentioned job, you need to meet the following requirements:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Good knowledge of the principles of AW-IPM with a SIT component.
  • Good understanding of the biology of An. arabiensis and/or of other major insect pests (e.g.Aedes) as it relates to the development of mass rearing technology, genetic sexing and implementation of the SIT.
  • Knowledge of radiation sterilization procedures, genetic sexing and the implementation of bioassay procedures.
  • Ability to design, implement, evaluate and analyse complex experiments. Good knowledge of statistical procedures.
  • Good management capabilities to deal with the necessary administrative formalities of the mosquito SIT group, and willingness to travel frequently.
  • Understanding of the needs of developing countries with respect to mosquito AW-IPM and SIT.
Communication skills:
  • Strong presentation skills;
  • Ability to prepare technical documents and scientific publications for submission to peer reviewed journals.
Interpersonal skills:
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity;
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with IAEA staff at all levels, with representatives of Member States and with external counterparts;
  • Ability to lead and operate in a team as part of the insect pest control subprogramme.
Education, Experience and Language Skills
  • Advanced degree (PhD level desirable) in medical entomology or equivalent.
  • At least 7 years of experience with R&D related to SIT for mosquitoes and/or for other pest insects.
  • At least 3 years of experience at the international level.
  • Practical experience in operational AW-IPM programmes with a SIT component would be desirable.
  • Proven record of scientific publications in international peer reviewed journals and/or other publications.
  • Experience in fund-raising desirable.
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken) essential. Working knowledge of French and German is desirable.
Position and Grade: Medical Entomologist (P-4)
Organizational Unit: FAO/IAEA Agriculture and Biotechnology Laboratory
Duty Station: Seibersdorf, Austria
Type/Duration of Appointment: Fixed term Temporary Assistance, 2 years (subject to a probationary period of 1 year)

If you feel that you meet the above mentioned criteria, please proceed to the following site for more information and application procedures:

Applications from qualified women and candidates from developing countries are encouraged
Application Deadline is 24 August 2009