Chances of early breast cancer detection in Tanzania to improve

Thanks to the donated machines from Hologic. Read the following piece of news from Deseret News by Wendy Leonard
In remote areas of Tanzania, women no longer have to rely on 20-year-old medical technology to determine their risks of breast cancer. Thanks to two clinicians from Intermountain Medical Center and donated machines from Hologic, a worldwide women's health company, the African country of nearly 40 million people is now home to 14 new mammography machines. The new network of devices replaces the antiquated and all too ineffective breast-cancer screening program that was in effect and could save the lives of thousands of women there.

Currently, low-tech breast exams are often done by health workers in the country, and many Tanzanian women who may have breast cancer never receive more definitive diagnostic tests. When it is detected, it is usually in an advanced stage, eliminating any chance of keeping both breasts. Many women there decline mastectomy, or removal of the breast.

"This is a tragedy that shouldn't happen today," said Dr. Brett Parkinson, medical director of the Breast Care Center at IMC. "We have the skill and technology to save many of these women's lives."

Parkinson, along with Dianne Kane, nursing director of oncology services at IMC, and Hologic representative Shannon McCarrel recently returned from the sovereign state of Africa as part of the East African Breast Care Project. The organization is devoted to helping Tanzanian women get access to screening mammography and breast ultrasound equipment and ultimately establishing a comprehensive breast-care clinic in that nation's largest city.

It was not the first trip for the project, as the group at IMC had forged a partnership with the Women's Medical Association of Tanzania in 2007 when a group of Tanzanian physicians visited Utah. Another group came the following year to train at IMC's center.

During their most recent trip, the group helped to educate dozens of Tanzanian health-care professionals, including physicians, students, technicians and administrators, in the area about the complications of breast cancer.

They also ran an ultrasound/breast biopsy clinic to instruct doctors on a new minimally invasive ultrasound-guided biopsy done through the skin. The procedure is a less-invasive option to surgical biopsy and facilitates tissue sampling of suspicious tumor masses originally identified on imaging but not felt on clinical breast exams.

"Our goal is to help doctors find the disease at a less-advanced stage so they can treat it with less-aggressive measures," Parkinson said. "Breast cancer seems to be different in Tanzania. We saw several cases of younger women with late-stage disease, most of whom will not survive."

As of now, the only option for women with breast cancer in the area is a mastectomy.

"As we collect data from our ongoing experiences, we will have a better idea of the epidemiology of breast cancer in that part of the world," he said.

The East African Breast Care Project plans to return to Tanzania annually, next year adding a surgeon to teach lumpectomy procedures to physicians in the country, a procedure that could save more breasts and stave off late stages of incurable cancer.
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Soma na fuatilia habari kupitia gazeti tando la MAJIRA

Kwa muda sasa nimekuwa nikisoma habari mbalimbali za ndani na nje ya Tanzania kupitia magazeti mbalimbali na kwa siku mbili tatu hivi, nimepata habari za kina na endelevu kupitia habari zinazoandikwa katika gazeti tando la Majira kupitia kisoma habari (RSS feed reader).
Nimegundua kuwa tovuti hii si nzito kufunguka na pia kurasa zake ni nyepesi kuperuzi. Baadhi ya habari za wiki hii zinazosisimua ni pamoja na:

#Article TitleHits
1Vilio, majonzi!33
2Hofu: Wanafunzi Lyamungo washinikiza shule ifungwe21
3JK kuongoza mazishi ya Askofu Mayalla23
4Mauaji mfanyabiashara Mbeya: Polisi wadaiwa kutaka kuwabambika kesi ndugu17
5Mgomo TAZARA wamalizaka8
6Wagonjwa wajifunika khanga Hospitali ya Mkoa9
7MOTO IDODI: Waliokufa kuzikwa kaburi moja leo409
8Waathirika mabomu wapokea fidia kwa shingo upande287
9Moto wateketeza wanafunzi 12255
10Kumwadhibu Sitta ni kulinda mafisadi-Slaa719
11DC aagizwa kukamata waliowapa mimba wanafunzi108
12DC aagizwa kukamata waliowapa mimba wanafunzi69
13Majambazi yateka kijiji, yajeruhi, yapora mamilioni366
14Wagombea CHADEMA wachapa makonde652
15Mbunge adaiwa kumzaba vibao fundi bomba546
16Shahidi: Nilimwona Sendeka akiwa na bastola334
17Utata wa namba fidia Mbagala wazua hofu105
18Mahakama yawaonya watuhumiwa EPA227
19Mahanga: Maamuzi NEC-CCM yaheshimiwe244
20Msalaba Z'bar wamwangukia JK1027
21Shibuda: Bunge limemdhalilisha nani?1194
22Hatujaingilia uhuru wa Bunge- CCM741
23Shahidi EPA aeleza pesa zilivyochotwa BoT421
24Kilichomsibu Sitta ni upungufu wa Katiba-LHRC519
25Sakata polisi picha za uchi: Mume wa mjamzito apinga kesi kuendeshwa kijeshi492

These con people in Tanzania

So, today I just read a 3rd post in two weeks different people complaining about their dissatisfaction and frustrations with the way they have business with some people in Tanzania.
After reading the text in the captured image below, you can also read the comments and leave yours too via the following link: Charcoalink: why-it-is-better-for-people-to-think-you-are-dumb
Now, since we are so re-active (and it's absolutely just and right to react), I can't wait to see how this one turns out as well! LOL (idiot me). Have fun but seriously, something(s) in our country sucks and needs to change! I know somebody will say other countries to the same or even worse.... but huh? two wrongs.....? c'mon, you know better than that. Well, sick of Tanzania? Keep writing. I keep reading! LMAO! (me sick) keep them coming, here you go: 

Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) to get new Maternity and Disabled Hospitals

The following promising and long awaited news report was published on the website, copied here FYI, it still is a copyright of the said website please give them all due credits:
Dar es Salaam will soon have two specialised hospitals following a partnership between the government and the Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation Trust. The two -- Baobab Maternity Hospital and CCBRT Disability Hospital -- will form what will be referred to as a regional designated hospital.

According to CCBRT chief executive Erwin Telemans, the Baobab Maternity Hospital will provide a safe place for mothers to deliver besides offering high quality care, reproductive health education and HIV/AIDS services. The construction of Baobab Maternity Hospital is scheduled to begin early 2010 and end by 2011.

CCBRT is one of eight special hospitals in Tanzania providing services for people with disabilities such as obstetric fistula, eye care, cerebral palsy and congenital deformities such as clubfoot. It also provides orthopaedic appliances and physiotherapy. There is also a strong emphasis on rehabilitation, with home-based care and community support offered through CCBRT's community programmes. CCBRT is now the largest indigenous provider of disability and rehabilitation services in the country, with 120,000 people directly accessing its services each year.

The organisation runs a special payment system where the poorest are treated for free while those who can, contribute only what they are able. Well-off patients pay the full cost of treatment, thus subsidising the cost of treatment for the poor. CCBRT is also supported by a number of development and corporate partners. In Tanzania, about 10 per cent of the population lives with impairments while one to two per cent of children live with a disability.

According to research, 50 per cent of all disabilities are curable. Apart from life changing cataract, cleft lip and club foot surgeries, it only takes minor interventions in some cases to help a child with impairment enrol in school. Devices such as glasses, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs or even relatively cheap medicine for children with epilepsy can improve a child's prospects in life.The disabled 10 per cent deny the economy more than the diminished work force.

In Tanzania, it is estimated that households with a member who has a disability have a mean consumption rate of less than 60 per cent of the average of the country. In most cases the care givers, predominantly women and girls are required to stay at home to take care of the family member living with a disability.

The need for addressing HIV care and extreme poverty is similarly crucial. A reduced workforce leads to reduced production, which leads to reduced economic output and exports. While data indicates falling HIV infection rates in Tanzania, approximately 10 per cent of pregnant women in Dar es Salaam are HIV positive.

KiSwahili has been added to Google Translation page, but....

I was so happy today to learn that a new language been added in the Google Translation page.
This means that you can have any text in any language or a link from any site translated to and from KiSwahili.
Well, it's not a perfect translation but at least one can get an understanding of what's been talked about in a text / page (but sometimes it might mislead you completely from the main idea, how will you know? Well, I suggest you find someone who understands both languages).

Here is the link:

I tried translating my blog and some posts left me laughing out loud -for example this one sentence from one of the many posts I tried, originally reads like this in English
The internships are 12 months in duration and will run from January 2010 to January 2011.
and when translated to KiSwahili, this is what I got
The praktikarbete ni miezi 12 katika duration na kukimbia kuanzia Januari 2010 hadi Januari 2011.
This was carried completely out of context:
However, there are restrictions for those in healthcare related fields, including dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine; please contact the DAAD New York office if your academic pursuits are in these fields.
Hata hivyo, kuna vikwazo kwa wale walio katika huduma ya afya kuhusiana na mashamba, pamoja Dentistry, dawa, pharmacy, na dawa za mifugo; tafadhali wasiliana na ofisi DAAD New York ikiwa ni yako Pursuits kitaaluma katika mashamba hayo.
Surely, this a very big and good step Google Translation team! I absolutely commend your good job but there is still work to be done. I hope you will improve this soon and help KiSwahlili and non KiSwahili speakers enjoy your free translation service!

My wonderful blog readers, as long as you understand both languages, I bet you are going to LOL.

BTW, LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud and BTW is By The Way.... LOL!

"wow" weblinks

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Hongera Mubelwa! Una kipaji cha pekee!

Hii posti nimeichukua toka kwenye blogu yake ya ChangamotoYetu. Huyu dogo amekuwa akiblogu kwa mwaka mmoja sasa na posti zake zinatia changamoto si kidogo. Leo ametimiza mwaka mmoja akaja na posti hii unayoiona hapo chini, yaani kila neno lililokozwa wino na kuandikwa kwa herufi kubwa lina linki ya blogu! Jamaa ni kichwa, yaani kwa ufupi, ni fulu kipaji!
Hongera sana Mubelwa mwana wa Bandio, tuendelezee ChangamotoYetu!
Nimeipenda sana hii posti!
Ni kweli kuwa siku kama ya leo miezi 12 iliyopita, niliamua kufuata ushauri wa Kaka MICHUZI wa kuanzisha BARAZA langu ambalo lingeniwezesha niJIACHIE kimawazo hapa na kuwakilisha mengi kwa jamii. Nilifuata ushauri huo kwani karibu kila NUKTA ya MAISHAyangu nimekuwa nikizama MAWAZONIUTAONA NA KUSOMA UNACHOKIPENDA tena toka kwa wazalendo. Na hata MWANANCHI MIMI nilipoamua kujikita katika ukumbi huu, nilijua kuwa kuna mengi tunayostahili kuyasema ili jamii yetu iJIELEWE kwa namna mbalimbali lakini kuu ikiwa ni kuwafanya wapate UTAMBUZI NA KUJITAMBUA. Hilo si jambo rahisi, kwani kuna waonao UPANDE WA PILI wa mambo kama wenye manufaa zaidi (hata kama si wa manufaa kwa jamii) na hilo hutusababishia kazi ya ziada katika UDADISI wa kile tuandikacho na hasa katika UCHAMBUZI wa habari mbalimbali. Uchambuzi huu hubainisha ukweli na uozo unaoendelea na si ajabu sasa kushuhudia VIONGOZI NA HOFU YA KALAMU zinazoanisha mapungu, uongo na udhaifu wa utekelezaji wa ahadi zao na haki za wananchi.
Kwa mwaka mmoja niliokuwa karibu saana katika kufuatilia majamvi yetu haya, nimejifunza meengi sana ndani mwake. Blogu zetu zimekuwa na zitaendelea kuwa sehemu muhimu kwa jamii yetu, na zaidi kwa kuwa sasa twawafikia wengi tangu tulipoamua kuwa ni SWAHILI TIME kwa teknolojia hii. Tuna mada tofauti zenye hadhira tofauti kwa nia tofauti na kupafanya kuwe na majina tofauti na hata wale wapaonapo kama KIJIWENI, bado tunajivunia kuwa ni kijiwe chema chenye mengi mema. Tujuao faida hatuwezi kuacha kukaa kijiwe hiki cha blog. Habari ni mseto kwani tunao wafuatiliao habari zaMTAA KWA MTAA ambao kila kukicha wanakuja na habari za namna ya kutuwezesha kupigana na magumu ya maisha na kutambua kuwa INAWEZEKANA kuikomboa jamii yetu. HAPA KWETU(bloguni) pamekuwa chachu ya suluhisho la mengi na kuifanya jamii iVUKANI (Ooops!! nimeongea ki-ukweni nikimaanisha iamke) katika usingizi iliyopo. Blogu hizi zimeifunza jamii kuwa UHURU HAUNA KIKOMO na kuifunza mengi yasiyojulikana kwayo huku ikiwasisitiza kutojiona wajinga kwani ukweli uko kwetu sote kuwa UTAKAPOJUA HUJUI NDIPO UTAKAPOJUA. Nililojifunza katika mwaka huu wa kuperuzi kwenye blogu zetu ni kuwa tunagusa kote na yote. TunatumiaHADUBINI zetu kuchungulia na kujulisha KULIKONI UGHAIBUNI na kwa wale wasomi hawaachwi nyuma kwani kuna wanaowapasha yatokeayo huko kwa kuangalia PILIKA VYUO VIKUU. Walio na mpango wa kuingia huko pilikani wanaendelea kuwa ndoto hizo wanapoweza kuona namna ya kupata SCHOLARSHIPS kwa wenye uhitaji na waliomaliza na kuanza kazi na maisha, wanasoma mchakato mzima wa UCHUMI NA FEDHA.
Lakini si hayo tu. Tunawezeshwa kuANGALIA BONGO na hata nje katika SPOTI NA STAHERE na kujua mengi katika ujumla wa ANGA LA MICHEZO. Tunapata TASWIRA katika BONGO PICHA na hata habari kuhusu BONGO MOVIES zinazorekodiwa kila uchao bila kusahau kizazi kinachoonekana kuwa na PASSION 4 FASHIONambacho chaja juu kwenye mambo ya FASHION na pia katika fani yaUMODO. Tumeanza kutumia blog zetu kuenzi kazi za kila BONGO CELEBRITY ambao kwa namna moja ama nyingine wanaonekana kusahauliwa na wenye mamlaka na hii ni kuonesha kuthamini mchango wa waliotutangulia. Iwe ni katika muziki wa asili ama ile tuijumuishayo katika AFRICA BAMBATAA ama aina yoyote ile ya muziki. Kwa ufupi, kwenye blogu zetu twaweza kupata kila KALI NA MPYA TOKA BONGO. Niseme kuwa blogu zetu zatupa FULL SHANGWE. Uzuri wa mseto wa logu zetu, ni kama nilivyosema awali kuwa unatupa yote. Humu twapata NYIMBO ZA DINI na pia mijadala mbalimbali ihusuyo imani kutoka katika zile zilizojikita katika injili pekee (kwa lugha nyingine twasema STRICTLY GOSPEL).
Lazima tukubali kuwa blogu zetu ni MWANGAZA na kiunganishi muhimu kwa jamii yetu. TWATAKIWA KULITAMBUA HILO na kulienzi. Tusiwe kama wale wapishi :"wababaishaji" watumiao sura za walaji kupima ubora wa vyakula vyao wakisahau kuwa CHAKULA KITAMU NA KICHUNGU VYOTE VYAWEZA KUMFANYA MLAJI AKAKUNJA USO. Humu ni mahala unapoweza kuelimika vema, tuna hazina ya busara na mafunzo humu. Tuna ABSOLUTELY AWESOME THINGS katika blogs zetu ambazo takribani kila moja imejidhihirisha kuwa THE HILL OF WEALTH katika yale izungumziayo.
Labda mwisho niwashukuru kinadada wanaoendeleza fani hii wa nguvu zote. Ma-DIVA hawa wamekuwa WANAWAKE WA SHOKA katika kueleza, kutetea na kuelimisha mambo mbalimbali ambayo kinakaka / kinababa wasingeweza kuyajengea hoja kikamilifu.
Kwangu mimi blogu ni kama nyumbani na sina budi kuwakaribisheni katika awamu ya pili na blogu hii. Nasema KARIBUNI NYUMBANI. Nyumba ambayo inajumuisha yooote toka ulimwenguni. Ni ulimwengu wangu mdogo (ama niiseme kimsisitizo kuwa MY LITTLE WORLD) tunakojuvyana na kueleweshana mambo mbalimbali. Tukitafuta maisha bora kwa kila mTanzania. Na nina hakika tukiwa na umoja na niaTUTAFIKA TUUU!!!.

Internship opportunity with Khulisa project, S.Africa

Khulisa Management Services

Khulisa is a South African project management and development consulting firm offering quality
services throughout southern Africa. Khulisa focuses on equitable growth and development for
southern Africa and provides services in the following areas:
  • Education
  • Health (especially HIV and AIDS)
  • Development
  • Child Labour
Internship Programme
  • The internships are 12 months in duration and will run from January 2010 to January 2011.
  • A salary is payable for this 1 Year Internship
Graduates with Master’s Coursework in:
  • Anthropology/Social Work
  • Statistics
  • Public Health
  • Sociology
  • Research & Industrial Psychology
  • Qualifications
  • Excellent writing and communication skills required.
  • Good follow-up skills essential.
  • Good computer skills in Word, Excel and Access.
  • Pro-active, team player willing to go the extra mile
  • Self-starter and committed to achieving project and organisational goals.
  • Excellent report writing and data analysis.
  • Interest in development, preferably related to education, health, labour and organisational
  • Driver’s license
  • Knowledge of statistics would be an advantage.
Open Day: Monday 7 September 2009 from 15h00 -17h00

All interested applicants are invited to an Open Day at Khulisa (26 7th Avenue, Parktown North)
Please RSVP to Amanda Mechanic at [email protected] or on 011-447-6464.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Motivational cover letter explaining why you would be suitable for the position
  • Typed CV/resume
  • 3 page writing sample
  • Copy of your driver's license
  • 2 Reference letters
To: Amanda Mechanic at [email protected] and write “Internship 2010” in the subject window.
Alternatively, fax this information to 086 550 2551, OR call 011-447-6464 for more information.

Deadline for Applications: 14 September 2009

Click on the image to download a copy of this brochure.

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