Arrogance + Ignorance = ? Mahiza agoma kuwaomba radhi Walimu

You know exactly that YOU ARE DAMN WRONG but you won't admit it ofcourse, why would you? Tell you what, it's a civil thing to do especially for a high figure like you. Guess what, if civility is not a vocabulary to you it could be echoing a form of feeling low in your mind, and that probably doesn't suit you, it belongs to others. I heard you that other day when you opened your mouth, I have it in records (well, ofcourse not that it matters anything to you, but just so you know, I have it in records... just thinking... and wondering... that's all).
But, aren't you the smartest thing ever?
Just listen to yourself...

How does it feel?
Great huh?
What a.......!
One wonders what's the motive and what's behind all that harsh tone!
NAIBU Waziri wa Elimu na Mafunzo ya Ufundi, Mwantumu Mahiza, amekataa kuwaomba radhi walimu, na amemtaka mwalimu yeyote anayeoona kwamba ualimu haufai au haulipi aache kazi. Mahiza amesema, hafuti kauli hiyo na haombi radhi kwa kuwa alichokisema ni sahihi. “Kuliko mtu kukaa asiwajibike wala kufuata kanuni za kazi na kubangaiza ni bora aondoke ”, amesema Mahiza leo. “Nimesema tena narudia na uandike hivyo hivyo, mimi Mahiza siombi radhi anayeona ualimu haufai au haulipi aanze (aondoke),” amesema.

Rais wa CWT, Gratian Mukoba, leo amemtaka Mahiza afute kauli aliyoitoa Agosti 22, mwaka huu alipozungumza na wanachuo katika Chuo cha Ualimu Songea. Kwa mujibu wa Mukoba, kiongozi huyo wa Serikali aliwataka walimu au wanafunzi wa ualimu wanaoona mshahara wa ualimu ni mdogo kuanzia sasa wakasomee biashara au siasa. Kwa mujibu wa Mukoba, Mahiza aliwataka wenye mtazamo huo waondoke katika taaluma hiyo kwa kuwa haiwafai. “Ni vibaya sana kama mwalimu anafahamu kuwa mshahara ni mdogo halafu anajibaniza hapo, halafu uende ukafanye fujo, wakati umefika shuleni. Kama uko mwaka wa kwanza hujachelewa, hata mwaka wa pili,” Mukoba amemnukuu Mahiza. Mukoba amewaeleza waandishi wa habari jijini Dar es Salaam, Mahiza alitoa msimamo huo baada ya mwanachuo kumuuliza kama Serikali ina mpango wa kuinua viwango vya mishahara. Amemtaka Mahiza awaombe radhi walimu wote nchini kwa madai kuwa, amewadharau na amewadhalilisha. Mukoba amesema, kiongozi huyo amepuuza hadhi ya mwalimu na uhuru wa mwalimu kuhoji, na kwamba, hali hiyo ilitafsiriwa kwamba, walimu wote wanaotaka mishahara mikubwa wamekosea kuchagua taaluma hiyo.

Call for Fellowships - “Young” African Scientists

October 1, 2009
CPN Africa

The Contact Point Network to attract Young African Scientists to participate in EU-funded Research Programmes on Poverty Related Diseases (CPN – YAS – PRD) [An FP6 funded project]

Coordinator: Fobang Foundation: Prof. Wilfred F. Mbacham, 01 Fobang Building, 14 Missionary Road, Simbok 3, Biyem-Assi Yaounde, P.O Box 8094,  Yaounde, Cameroon, Tel/Fax: +237 2019778; Mobile: +237 7579180; Email: [email protected], [email protected]

CPN‐Africa hereby wishes to inform all eligible “Young” African Scientists about the FP7‐Africa‐2010 Call topics that were proposed by Africans and are directed mainly towards Africa’s research needs in the areas of Health, Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology. The deadline for this Call is the 14th of January, 2010. In view of getting European partners with whom to collaborate in the writing and implementation of their projects, CPN‐Africa is offering fellowships to eligible “Young” African Scientists to sponsor a 4‐week trip to Europe to search for and find European partners with whom to write up and submit a project related to this call.

More information on this call can be found on the CORDIS website of the European Commission, and some institutions searching for partners are also presented in the CIRCA website under the link:

In an attempt to give the YAS a better understanding of the FP7, its calls, to help in the writing of project proposals and in partner search, CPN‐Africa will be organising a series of regional Information Days and workshops within the months of October and November 2009 with the possibility of sponsorship. These will increase the chances of YAS to compete for the EU grants.

Applications should include an updated curriculum vitae, a project proposal and partnership with a European research group. The deadline for applications for these travel grants is October 30th, 2009.
The selection will take place during the upcoming MIM Malaria Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, and the
results published on 6th of November, 2009.

Applications should be forwarded to the following respective Regional Contact Points:

Western and Central African Region
Mr. Akindeh NJI
Email: [email protected]

Eastern African Region
Dr. Steven Kiwuwa
Email: [email protected]

Southern African Region
Dr. Emmanuel Kafwembe
Email: [email protected]

Click on the image to download and save the brochure

Project Partners:Austria:Büro für Europäische Programme - Dr. Wolfram Rieneck - E-mail: [email protected]; Estonia: Archimedes Foundation, Meelis Kadaja, E-mail
[email protected], Germany: PT-DLR – Nationale Kontaktstelle, Lebenswissenschaften, Dr. Sabine Steiner-Lange, Dr. Anne Pflug, E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]:
RCP in West & Central Africa, Prof. Wilfred F. Mbacham; RCP in Eastern Africa; Dr. Steven Mpungu Kiwuwa, Makerere University Faculty of Medicine, Kampala, Uganda, E-mail:
[email protected], Homepage:; RCP in Southern Africa, Dr. Emmanuel M. Kafwembe, Tropical Diseases Research Center (TDRC), Ndola, Zambia, E-mail:,
[email protected], Homepage:; LCPs in Western and Central Africa; Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria: LCPs in Eastern Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan; LCPs in Southern
Africa, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe

BEWARE! Spam has gained access onto Facebook!

I just happened to find that three of my friends have similar update statuses, and all of them point to one website that sells stuff related to weight loss, in fact, two of those three need to gain, instead of, loose weight, so I didn't see a logic behind them advertising for such a product. The third is a Medical Doctor who does not advocate the use of weight loss pills. It seems like Facebook was (is) under attack and some people's profile are being updated with spam messages by attackers, without them knowing what's going on. Unfortunately, some friends of those people are replying to these kinds of messages.

What I suggest?
Well, for those of you who have Facebook profiles,
  1. I urge you to visit your profiles regularly and make sure what's up there is actually what you wrote.
  2. I suggest you make sure you remove all sensitive information from your Facebook such as your real date of birth, physical address, telephone number, email etc. Someone can steal your photo and credentials and use them for illegal purposes. Worst case scenario, you might end up in a court of law fighting and defending your own ID, just to prove that the stolen information belongs to you and not the hacker.
  3. Check your status, check your notes, your links and blog, if you find anything on your profile that you didn't authenticate, you can hover your mouse at the end of the first sentence of that update, and a 'Remove' button will pop up, just click on it and the message/post/status will be deleted.
  4. Check your photos and videos, if you are tagged somewhere you don't want to be, you can un-tag. To un-tag yourself from a tagged photo or video, just find where your name is listed in that photo or video, and click on the word that reads, 'remove tag'. This is important because, if for some reason you find yourself tagged by somebody who allows friends and everybody else to see your photos and profile, those people, whom you don't know but are actually a friend-of your friend-of  a friend-of another friend ===>> could potentially be an attacker (or hacker, whatever name you want to call them).
Pray all you can, tell what, just like there is day and night, hackers and spammers won't just stop as long as there is internet. Not today, not tomorrow and not in the near future either, I may go further to even assume that this could be an industry, a job and work place for some people to earn a living and lead a life! Spammers don't care, they are just like a thief who breaks into your house to steal and/or harm you. If they cared, they would've not done it in the first place.

Alright now, some of you will understand why some of us don't use our "Real Names" and why we limit our "personal information" in these social network sites. It's for personal protection! We learned it from others' experiences or from our own bad past events, and it's not fun - can't let the same mistake repeat itself!

Go catch them and clean them good. Happy Facebooking and Tweeting!

East Africa Job Alerts - Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

Project Scale-Up Coordinator
The District Scale-up Coordinator is an integral part of a team that will strengthen Tanzanian district level local government authorities' (LGAs) to manage quality health, HIV/AIDS, and OVC programs. This new PEPFAR funded project will focus on developing a comprehensive approach to supporting the LGAs, by expanding district level skills to manage funds, monitor results and prioritize programs. A large portion of the project is focused on effective program monitoring, the use of data for decision-making, evaluating results and the effective utilization of financial management systems. The District Scale-up Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating the capacity building efforts in the initial pilot districts during the first year, and will lead the effort to scale-up interventions throughout Tanzania during subsequent years. *This position is contingent on successful award of a proposal.
Location: Tanzania

Senior Technical Advisor,Planning and Coordination
The Senior Technical Advisor- Planning and Coordination will be tasked with increasing and extending the administrative, managerial, and operational capacity of district health systems in Tanzania. The Senior Technical Advisor will assess current managerial and operational efficiencies at the district level, particularly with regards to Local Government Authorities including District Council Health Management Teams. The Senior Technical Advisor will consider specific issues concerning health system efficiency and staffing in each district, and tailor exclusive institutional capacity improvements for each district to improve managerial and operational decisions that advance health outcomes. The Senior Technical Advisor may also work with Local Government Authorities to better their planning, budgeting, and monitoring and evaluation skill-sets, in regards to health programming. The Senior Technical Advisor will be required to coordinate and work with a diverse group of organizations, including the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW), district health staff, several international and national development partner organizations, and the USAID mission in order to complete their work. The Senior Technical Advisor will report to project's Country Director, and may be asked to represent the project when the Country Director is absent. *This position is contingent on successful award of a proposal.
Location: Tanzania

Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor
The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Advisor is an integral part of a team that will strengthen district level local government authorities' (LGAs) capacity and ability to manage quality health, HIV/AIDS, and OVC programs in Tanzania. This new PEPFAR funded project will focus on developing a comprehensive approach to supporting the LGAs, which will include expanding the skills at the district (council) level to manage funds, monitor results and prioritize programs. A large portion of the project is focused on effective program monitoring with regards to capacity-building and improving district-level health outcomes. The M&E Advisor will examine the use of data for decision-making, evaluate capacity-building project results and identify effective development of financial management systems to improve district-level health outcomes. The M&E Advisor will be responsible for developing and executing an M&E plan, in consultation with other staff members, the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW), and USAID/Tanzania. *This position is contingent on successful award of a proposal.
Location: Tanzania

Fire Marshal
An International organization specializing in reconstruction assistance in post-conflict areas, we offer support services to the UN, NGOs, governments and the private sector around the world is looking for qualified applicants to work in the following position available in our various locations
Location: Outside East Africa

Insurance Sales Agents (Across Kenya)
Pan Africa Life Assurance is the leading Life Insurance Company in Kenya. The Company is listed on the NSE and has been providing insurance services in Kenya since 1947.
Looking for a career out of your comfort zone? Great learning potential?
You have found it!
Location: Kenya

Senior Associates
PricewaterhouseCoopers provides industry-focused advisory, tax and assurance services to public sector entities and private companies, building public trust and enhancing value for clients and their stakeholders.
With more than 6,500 professional staff located in 31 countries, PricewaterhouseCoopers has the largest foot-print of all professional services firms on the African continent. Local ownership of all our Africa firms assures commitment to the development of our people and economy.
Our Assurance team helps our clients link their business performance to financial information reporting to stakeholders. We combine technical expertise with an unparalleled understanding of industry issues and the local business environment, to provide services that meet our clients' requirements.
What we are looking for
We are in the process of strengthening our growing Assurance business in Kenya and we would like to recruit ambitious, highly motivated and dynamic Senior Associates. The selected candidates will work with multi-disciplinary assignment teams in a number of roles.
Location: Kenya

Marketing Manager
Evolution Magazine
Location: Kenya

Evolution Magazine
Location: Kenya

Fashion Editor
Evolution Magazine
Location: Kenya

Evolution Magazine
Location: Kenya

Health Coordinator
ADRA Uganda
Location: Uganda

Advocacy Coordinator
ADRA Uganda
Location: Uganda

Community Facilitators
ADRA Uganda
Location: Uganda

Education Coordinator
ADRA Uganda
Location: Uganda

ADRA Uganda
Location: Uganda

Livelihood Coordinator
ADRA Uganda
Location: Uganda

Senior Advisor - Finance
The Senior Advisor, Finance will lead the project's efforts to develop, transfer, and expand financial management skills for district health systems in Tanzania. The Senior Advisor will manage a project team that will strengthen a district health system's capacity in accounting, financial planning, and budgeting. This work may include assessing the financial management inefficiencies of a district health system. Thereafter, the Senior Advisor will develop training modules and work with several project partners to create strategies and implement technical assistance specific to each district's inefficiencies. The Senior Advisor should have a clear idea of how to improve financial and accounting capacity over a short period of time. The Senior Advisor will work closely with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW), district health accounting staff, several international and national development partner organizations, and may work closely with the USAID Tanzania mission. *This position is contingent on successful award of a proposal.
Location: Tanzania

Senior Accountant
Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization
Location: Kenya

Nurse Counselor
A research project in Nairobi
Location: Kenya

Clinical Assistant
A research project in Nairobi
Location: Kenya

Public Relations Officer
Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization
Location: Kenya

Electrical/Electronics Technician
A large agro-manufacturing company based in Thika
Location: Kenya

Administrator and Logistics Manager
Location: Kenya

Project Officer - SGBV(FGM/C)
Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organization
Location: Kenya

Program Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
CARE International in Kenya seeks to recruit a Program Monitoring & Evaluation Officer within its Emergency and Refugee Operations (ERO) in Dadaab in North Eastern Province.
Job Summary:
Reporting to the Program Quality Coordinator, the suitable candidate will be responsible for monitoring, evaluation and reporting of Emergency and Refugee Operations programs compared to donor agreements, weekly work plans,procurement plans and tracking tools.
Location: Kenya

Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) is a parastatal under the Ministry of Industrialization.
It was established under the Science and Technology Act, Chapter 250 of 1979.
Its mandate is to carry out Research and Development in industrial and allied technology.
The institute is expected to play a leading role in supporting the industrialization process in line with Vision 2030.
To achieve the above mandate, the KIRDI Board of Directors seeks to recruit a Director on a three (3) year contract, renewable once, based upon performance.
The Director shall report to the Board of Directors.
Location: Kenya

Trainee Branch Manager
We are a rapidly growing Financial Institution with over 150 retail branches over Sub - Saharan Africa seeking Dynamic, Energetic and Qualified individuals in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru & Eldoret to fill the following position
Main Purpose of the Job
To supervise and control all resources within your branch to required standards, within budgetary limits, company policy and parameters of the law.
To ensure standards pertaining to marketing and customer service are maintained and contributes to the profitability of the branches.
To consistently meet and maintain production targets as set by the company
Location: Kenya

Loan Officer - Micro-Enterprise Finance
Job Purpose
To deliver superior customer service to new and existing customers in becoming pre-eminent in the market
To effectively receive and interview clients within the assigned delivery channels in order to concentrate on sales targets, and to sell products offered by the company within company policy and legislative requirements.
To ensure standards pertaining to marketing and customer service are exceeded and that every opportunity of selling a variety of products to a customer is maximized.
To effect healthy administrative processes within the branch.
Location: Kenya

Sales Executives
An upcoming company
Location: Kenya

Legal Officer I
National Environment Management Authority
Location: Kenya

District Magistrate II (PROF)
Republic of Kenya
The Judiciary
The Judicial Service Commission wishes to fill the following vacancy positions.
Position: District Magistrate II (PROF)
(50 Posts)
Terms of Service: Permanent and Pensionable
Salary Scale: KShs. 35,275x1,764 - 37,039x1,852 - 38,891x1,944 - 40,835x2,042 -
42,877x2,144 - 45,021 Per Month
Station: Various
Location: Kenya

Legal Assistant

An International Christian Advocacy Organization is looking for a qualified candidate to fill
the vacant position of a Legal Assistant.
The successful candidate will report to the Head of the Legal Department.
Location: Kenya

Project Director

EngenderHealth works worldwide to improve health and well-being of people in the poorest communities of the world.
We do this by sharing our expertise in sexual and reproductive health and transforming the quality of health care.
We promote gender equity, advocate for sound practices and policies, and inspire people to assess their rights to better, healthier lives. Working in partnership with local organizations, we adapt our work in response to local needs
EngenderHealth is partnering with Family Health International and the University of Illinois at Chicago on the Male Circumcision Consortium (MCC), in Kenya. MCC works to improve and expand access to voluntary medical circumcision services in Kenya as part of an overall strategy to reduce HIV infections in men.
EngenderHealth seeks to recruit a Project Director for its MCC Project in Kenya.
Location: Kenya

Assistant Internal Auditor
Kabarak University
Location: Kenya

Engineering -Geologist/Geotechnical Engineer
A leading Consulting Engineering firm
Location: Kenya

Senior Water Engineer/Dam Engineer
A leading Consulting Engineering firm
Location: Kenya

Generator/HVAC Technician
An International organization specializing in reconstruction assistance in post-conflict areas, we offer support services to the UN, NGOs, governments and the private sector around the world is looking for qualified applicants to work in the following position available in our various locations.
Location: Outside East Africa

HZMAT Supervisor

An International organization specializing in reconstruction assistance in post-conflict areas, we offer support services to the UN, NGOs, governments and the private sector around the world is looking for qualified applicants to work in the following position available in our various locations.
Location: Outside East Africa

Air Export Manager

Local Kenyan Company focused on providing International Project logistics solutions originating from East Africa.
Location: Kenya


Sokonet (EA) Ltd
Location: Kenya

Teachers (All Subjects)
An upcoming Girls High School in Garissa town is seeking applications for the following positions
Location: Kenya

An upcoming Girls High School in Garissa town is seeking applications for the following positions
Location: Kenya

Media Competition on Men's roles and Family Health in Tanzania

Thank you Adam J. Foya ( for sharing this announcement.


“A media-led campaign to sensitize society and stimulate discussion on gender roles and reproductive health”

The Association of Journalists Against AIDS in Tanzania (AJAAT) in collaboration with the EngenderHealth/CHAMPION project which is funded by the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through USAID, is hereby announcing a two and half month-long media competition on MEN’S ROLES AND FAMILY HEALTH IN TANZANIA.

  • The aim of the competition is to mobilize journalists, photojournalists and cartoonists from print and feature writers/
  • producers to presenters from the electronic media to critically analyze and write or produce well thought out
  • articles or packages that highlight or examine the relationships between men’s roles and family health—especially
  • reproductive health. Reproductive health in this case will include but is not limited to HIV/AIDS, Maternal and
  • Child Health, Family Planning and Gender-Based Violence. The competition is expected to focus on the roles that
  • men have played or can/should play in promoting gender equity and overall family and community health.
Questions that may guide the cartoonists, writers, editors and producers are:
  1. How has the changing economic and 1. socio-cultural environment affected the relationships between men and women? In what ways? How have these changes affected the role that men play in the promotion of health in their families? How have the above changes affected the use of health services, or promotion of family health?
  2. Have gender roles and the associated power dynamics changed as a result of the changing and often challenging economic environment? How has this evolution of gender roles affected HIV infection/prevention? Do men and women share decision-making regarding family health issues? For example, do men and women share decision-making about the size of their families? About the use of family planning methods? What impact do these changes have on the incidence violence within the home?
  3. How have societal expectations of men’s behavior influenced Tanzania’s HIV epidemic?
  4. How have men participated in the promotion of family health? How can men take up more active roles in the promotion of the health of their families and communities? Why would this action be important? What impact would it have?
  5. How can spouses/families/the community help men to take up more prominent roles as facilitators or promoters of good health/healthier lifestyles especially with regard to reproductive health?
  6. How can communities tackle non-equitable gender and social norms that contribute to higher HIV infection risk? How can these communities support or nurture more gender-equitable behavior?
It is our belief that this competition will stimulate individual reflection and communal discussion about men’s roles in Tanzania today, and raise awareness about men’s potential to reduce the vulnerability of men, women, and children to HIV/AIDS and other adverse reproductive health outcomes.


The competition will run for two and half months starting September 3rd – November 18th, 2009

It is expected that this exciting competition will yield the following outputs;
i. TV and Radio programmes, commentaries, discussions and interviews
ii. Stimulating and educative cartoons (or well-captioned pictures) in print media,
iii. Feature articles, Opinions and commentaries in print media


The competition will be open to ALL practicing local print journalists/columnists, TV and radio programmers/ producers, TV camera persons, cartoonists and print media photographers. Only Tanzanian media organizations will be eligible, and journalists sending in their entries must be Tanzanian by nationality or foreigners writing for a Tanzanian media house.

Additional eligibilities and criterions of participation are as follows:
  1. Journalists wishing to participate in the competition must be currently living and practicing in Tanzania
  2. The entries of features/news and programmes or picture stories/cartoons must only focus on the issues
  3. raised in the section above (captioned: THE COMPETITION)
  4. The entries must demonstrate originality, and not be copied from other publications
  5. They must have been published or aired within the two and half month competition period that is September 3rd – November 18th , 2009
  6. They must be published in newspapers, or aired on TV or radio
  7. They can be published or aired in either English or Kiswahili
  8. Newspaper clippings and/or recordings of TV or radio programmes on CD clearly indicating the media house, day/date of publication/airing and contributor(s) must be forwarded to AJAAT. Only original clippings or items will be accepted
  9. Deadline for submission will be November 25th, 2009

a. Critical analysis of the role of men in family and community health—especially HIV infection/ prevention family planning, maternal health and gender-based violence.
b. “Grassroots reporting” – in other words, that the issues addressed are substantial concerns at the community level and that local voices are given prominence in the articles or pieces.
c. Raising of novel issues which were not discussed or told before in the media or other HIV/AIDS forums.
d. Originality in identification of issues and their treatment.
e. Coherence in the style of writing, and good and effective argumentation that is supported with evidence
f. Quality of TV and Radio programmes in terms of footages, voice casts and people represented, with proper analysis and use of non-traditional sources of information
g. Quality photographs or cartoons that are thought provoking and/or which tell stories and avoid use of familiar public figures

Certificates and cash prizes will be presented to the winners who will have been selected by a comprehensive panel of judges.

Distribution of winners awards will be as follows:-
  • Print media/newspapers – features/commentaries/articles
  • Print media/newspapers – cartoons
  • Print media/newspapers – photographic representations
  • Radio
  • TV
Individual media houses themselves will also be recognized/awarded for supporting the representations of their writers/cartoonists/photojournalists/TV or Radio presenters.

Ms Jovina Bujulu
Idara ya Habari MAELEZO
Mtaa wa Samora

AJAAT/CHAMPION Media Writing Competition
P O Box 33237
0786 653712, Email: [email protected]

AJAAT Office
Bahari Motors Building, Plot No.43
Kameroun Road, Kijitonyama
Tel. 0786 300219

Colorado State University: Ph.D. Graduate Research Opportunity

Wildebeest Foraging and Migration

The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at CSU, in collaboration with the African Conservation Centre and University of Maine, is conducting research on how changes in Kenyan rangelands are altering wildebeest forage acquisition. Fragmentation is reducing the permeability of landscapes, while the increased frequency of drought is leading animals to need to move greater distances to find sufficient forage.

To explore these opposing drivers, we will be tracking collared wildebeest in three Kenyan conservation areas, modeling future fragmentation in those areas, and using a multi-agent model to simulate wildebeest movements. Scenarios will be used to quantify wildebeest responses to different levels of fragmentation and drought frequency and severity.

A Graduate Research Assistantship is available for a well-qualified Ph.D. student to develop an independent research project within the context of the broader research.

The project will include a field component, which may include the relationship between wildebeest behavior and vegetation, landscapes, wildlife, or livestock.

The Ph.D. student will be working with Dr. Boone and other project participants to construct and use the multi-agent simulation model.

We seek a well qualified and self-motivated student holding an M.S. degree. Computer programming experience will be helpful, as will an ability to work effectively in rural Kenya.

To apply, send the following information by email to Randall Boone:
1) a cover letter outlining your research interests and experience,
2) a detailed CV, and
3) contact information for at least 2 academic referees.

Members of under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.

Graduate student stipend and tuition fees are available for 3 year, subject to satisfactory progress in both coursework and research.

Contact: Dr. Randall Boone, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, 1499 Campus Delivery, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1499.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 970-491-1806.


Visiting Fellowships at The Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science

University or Organization: Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science
Job Location: Tilburg, Netherlands

Job Rank: Visiting Fellows

Specialty Areas: Philosophy of Language; Semantics; Logic and Language; Formal Epistemology


Visiting Fellowships at The Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science

The Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science (TiLPS) invites applications for three-months visiting fellowships in the academic year 2010/11 (September 1 to November 30 or February 1 to April 30) intended
for advanced Ph.D. students or faculty. Candidates should work in one of the areas TiLPS covers and have a commitment to interdisciplinary and collaborative work.

To apply, send a hardcopy of your application package to the address below, or an email to the email address below (ideally everything in one pdf file).

Candidates should include a letter of interest (indicating the period of the planned stay), a CV, and a project outline of no more than 1000 words. Junior candidates (= pre PhD) should additionally supply one letter of
recommendation. TiLPS offers reimbursement of expenses, e.g. for housing and transportation, of up to 1000 Euro a month for senior candidates (i.e. candidates with a PhD) and 750 Euro a month for junior candidates (i.e. candidates without a PhD). Travel costs to and from Tilburg are also reimbursed. The deadline for applications is December 15, 2009. Decisions will be made by 1 February 2010.

Application Deadline: 15-Dec-2009 

Mailing Address for Applications:

Fellowships Committee
Tilburg Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science
Tilburg University
P.O. Box 90153
Tilburg 5000 LE

Email Address for Applications:

Contact Information: Reinhard Muskens

Web Address: