Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, CARANA Corporation - Kenya

CARANA Corporation (, a U.S. based international consulting firm and contractor for the United States Agency for International Development, designs and directs innovative economic growth strategies to help countries and businesses compete globally, reducing poverty and raising living standards around the world. For 25 years, we have specialized in market-led solutions to development challenges in more than 80 countries, packaging our expertise with on-the-ground resources for continuing, cost-effective results.

CARANA is implementing the Market Linkages Initiative (MLI) project, a two-year USAID-funded project focusing on agriculture market activities covering Kenya, Malawi, the DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Southern Sudan. The monitoring and evaluation specialist will be based in the Nairobi, Kenya field office.

The MLI project will monitor implementation results and evaluate their impact on the East African economy. The USAID-required tools to monitor project goals and results include the PMP and Workplan. The Task Order requires these documents to be prepared and updated on an ongoing basis and to implement a system to accurately collect and document project activities, outputs and outcomes.

The M&E Specialist will be responsible for these Task Order requirements and will report directly to the COP.

The M&E Specialist will review all implementation activities of the MLI Project to assess results and the impact on local beneficiaries. The M&E Specialist will gather and evaluate information and ensure that these findings are accurately presented in all USAID reporting and tracking tools including, but not limited to, the PMP, Workplan, and Monthly Reports.
In addition, the M&E Specialist will maintain information about the MLI project on key public relations media such as the project's website and newsletter. The M&E Specialist will also assist the local Kenyan staff with written communications by editing English language documents that will be released for publication or sent to USAID for internal reporting.

Key Skills and Experience:
The M&E Specialist must have relevant international business development experience, preferably working on USAID economic development projects. The M&E Specialist must have a solid understanding of private sector development approaches, USAID regulations and reporting requirements, as well as excellent English writing ability.

The M&E Specialist must have a Bachelors degree from an accredited university and prior experience evaluating USAID private sector project plans, especially related to private sector value-chain development. The M&E Specialist must be able and willing to travel extensively throughout East Africa to conduct on-site field reviews. Strong interpersonal skills are needed to work with local project staff and beneficiaries. Communication skills are essential for this position because the M&E Specialist must be able to write effectively and persuasively in English and be able to present information in a variety of settings and formats. The M&E Specialist must be an energetic, self-starter with the ability to work independently. This is a full time, mid-level position.

1. Responsible for tracking MLI indicators, collecting and verifying information and maintaining PMP reports, workplans and monthly reports.
2. Provide assistance to MLI's local staff with respect to editing documents and reports and communicating their work results to USAID and CARANA.
3. Attend organized field visits of applicants' business to validate the results of MLI's assistance.
4. Assist the COP with preparing reports, writing project procedures, preparing recruiting advertisements and responding to USAID requests for information.
5. Conduct on-site reviews of MLI project initiatives.
6. Verify that MLI project activities were implemented as described in project applications, grant agreements and implementation plans.
7. Verify that technical assistance was satisfactorily delivered.
8. Evaluate the effectiveness of project interventions and the impact on the East African economy as outlined in the PMP.
9. Identify strengths and weaknesses of the intervention activities and recommend ways that the project results could have been positively enhanced.
10. Suggest follow-on activities to leverage the results of the project.
11. Produce easy-to-read written reports in English of the review and evaluation results, accompanied with pictures of the project facilities.

The M&E Specialist must be a Kenyan national and preferrably living in Kenya. No relocation costs will be covered.

To apply: please send CV and cover letter stating date of availability to [email protected]. No phone calls please.

Congratulations to Smart Baitani for winning the DICOTA Award

Brother Smart B was interviewed by Dira ya BBC (Swahili), the program aired on Thursday.
Sharing with us the good news, Smart says,
I am deeply humbled and grateful to inform you that, on behalf of COSAD, I have just won the DICOTA’s 2009 “OUTSTANDING PHILANTHROPY AWARD”.

The award is “to honor an outstanding individual who has invested his/her passion, time, talent, and/or financial support through philanthropic activities…as an agent of positive change in Tanzania and the communities they live in.”

The award will be presented in Houston Texas, this Friday October 2, 2009. The guest of honor is expected to be the president of the United Republic of Tanzania, Mr. Jakaya M. Kikwete who is currently in New York attending the UN general assembly.
On behalf of COSAD Board of Directors, I want to sincerely thank you all for your generous support and commitment to the people of Tanzania through COSAD. I am humbled by the fact that this award was highly competitive and it is the first ever to be awarded to anyone! (See more at

COSAD shall remain committed to building genuine relationship that inspires and empowers individuals in Tanzanian communities to become productive citizens themselves. With your continued support, my dream and vision will only grow stronger!

Thank you again! Warmest regards and Blessings,

Stop WOMBAT! Learn the acronyms - WYSIWYG

Recently, some friends of mine decided they should just give up guessing and ask what these LOL, LMAO etc meant. Well, I just searched and sent them a list of the most used acronyms (English) today in texting and senging short messages.  This is what I gathered, feel free to add anything on the comment box below.

AFAIC as far as I'm concerned

AFAICR as far as I can recall

AFAICT as far as I can tell

AFAIK as far as I know

AFAIR as far as I recall

AFAIU as far as I understand

AFD away from desktop

AFK away from keyboard

AFU all fucked up

AFW away from window

AIU as I understand

AIUI as I understand it

AKA also known as

ASAIC as soon as I can

ASAP as soon as possible

ATM at the moment

AWOL absent without official leave

AYBABTU all your base are belong to us

AYT are you there

B/C because

B/S bullshit

B/W between

BBIAB be back in a bit

BBL [I'll] be back later

BBS be back soon

BBT be back tomorrow

BFD big fucking deal

BIAB back in a bit

BIAF back in a few

BIALW back in a little while

BIAS back in a second

BIAW back in a while

BOATILAS bend over and take it like a slut

BOFH bastard operator from hell

BOGAHICA bend over, grab ankles, here it comes again

BOHICA bend over here it comes again

BRB [I'll] be right back

BS bullshit

BTDT been there, done that

BTTH boot to the head

BTW by the way

CMIIW correct me if I'm wrong

CNP continued [in my] next post

COB close of business [day]

COTS commercial off-the-shelf

CYA see you around

D/L download

DIY do it yourself

DKDC don't know, don't care

DSTM don't shoot the messenger

DTRT do the right thing

DTWT do the wrong thing

DWIM do what I mean

EG evil grin

EMSG email message

EOB end of business [day]

EOD end of discussion

EOL end of life

ETLA extended three letter acronym

EWAG experienced wild-ass guess

FAQ frequently asked question

FCFS first come first served

FIGJAM fuck I'm good, just ask me

FIIK fuck[ed] if I know

FIIR fuck[ed] if I remember

FM fucking magic

FOAD fall over and die

FSDO for some definition of

FSVO for some value of

FTFM fuck the fuckin' manual!

FUBAR fucked up beyond all recognition

FUD fear, uncertainty and doubt

FWIW for what it's worth

FYI for your information

G grin

G/C garbage collect

GAC get a clue

GAL get a life

GIGO garbage in, garbage out

GMTA great minds think alike

GTFO get the fuck out

GTG got to go

HAND have a nice day

HHIS hanging head in shame

HICA here it comes again

HTH hope this helps

IAC in any case

IANAL I am not a lawyer

IC I see

ICBW I could be wrong

ICCL I couldn't care less

IHAFC I haven't a fucking clue

IHBW I have been wrong

IHNFC I have no fucking clue

IIANM if I am not mistaken

IIRC if I recall correctly

IIUC if I understand correctly

IMAO in my arrogant opinion

IMCO in my considered opinion

IMHO in my humble opinion

IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion

IMO in my opinion

IOW in other words

IRL in real life

ISAGN I see a great need

ISTM it seems to me

ISTR I seem to recall

ITYM I think you mean

IWBNI it would be nice if

IYSS if you say so

J/K just kidding

JHD just hit ``delete''

JIC just in case

JK just kidding

JMO just my opinion

JTLYK just to let you know

KISS keep it simple, stupid

KITA kick in the ass

KNF kernel normal form

L8R later

LART luser attitude readjustment tool (ie, hammer)

LBNL last but not least

LJBF let's just be friends

LMAO laughing my ass off

LMSO laughing my socks off

LOL laughing out loud

LTNS long time no see

MIA missing in action

MOTAS member of the appropriate sex

MOTOS member of the opposite sex

MOTSS member of the same sex

MTF more to follow

MYOB mind your own business

N/M never mind

NBD no big deal

NFC no fucking clue

NFI no fucking idea

NFW no fucking way

NIH not invented here

NMF not my fault

NMP not my problem

NOYB none of your business

NOYFB none of your fucking business

NP no problem

NRFPT not ready for prime time

NRN no reply necessary

OIC oh, I see

OMG oh, my god

OT off topic

OTL out to lunch

OTOH on the other hand

OTT over the top

OTTOMH off the top of my head

PEBKAC problem exists between keyboard and chair

PFO please fuck off

PFY pimply faced youth

PITA pain in the ass

PKSP pound keys and spew profanity

PNG persona non grata

PNP plug and pray

POC point of contact

POLA principle of least astonishment

POLS principle of least surprise

POS piece of shit

PPL pretty please

PTV parental tunnel vision

QED quod erat demonstrandum

RFC request for comments

RIP rest in peace

RL real life

RLC rod length check

ROFL rolling on floor laughing

ROFLMAO rolling on floor laughing my ass off

ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing

RP responsible person

RSN real soon now

RTFB read the fine/fucking book

RTFC read the fine/fucking code

RTFD read the fine/fucking documentation

RTFM read the fine/fucking manual

RTFMP read the fine/fucking man page

RTFS read the fine/fucking source

SCNR sorry, could not resist

SEP someone else's problem

SFA sweet fuck all

SHID slaps head in disgust

SIMCA sitting in my chair amused

SMLSFB so many losers, so few bullets

SMOP simple matter of programming

SNAFU situation normal, all fucked up

SNERT snot-nosed egotistical rude teenager

SNMP sorry, not my problem

SNR signal to noise ratio

SO significant other

SOB son of [a] bitch

SOL shit out [of] luck

SOP standard operating procedure

SSIA subject says it all

STFA search the fucking archives

STFU shut the fuck up

STFW search the fucking web

SUS stupid user syndrome

SWAG silly, wild-assed guess

SWAHBI silly, wild-assed hare-brained idea

SWMBO she who must be obeyed

TANSTAAFL there ain't no such thing as a free lunch

TBC to be continued

TBD to be {decided,determined,done}

TBOMK the best of my knowledge

THNX thanks

THX thanks

TIA thanks in advance

TINC there is no cabal

TLA three letter acronym

TLB translation lookaside buffer

TMA too many abbreviations

TMI too much information

TNF The NetBSD Foundation

TOEFL test of english as a foreign language

TPTB the powers that be

TRT the right thing

TTBOMK to the best of my knowledge

TTFN ta ta for now

TTYL talk to you later

TWIAVBP the world is a very big place

TY thank you

TYVM thank you very much

U/L upload

UTSL use the source, Luke

VEG very evil grin

W/ with

W/O without

WAG wild-ass guess

WB welcome back

WFM works for me

WIBNI wouldn't it be nice if

WIP work in progress

WOFTAM waste of fucking time and money

WOMBAT waste of money, brain, and time

WRT with respect to

WTF {what, where, who, why} the fuck

WTH {what,where,who,why} the hell

WYSIWYG what you see is what you get

YALIMO you are lame, in my opinion

YHBT you have been trolled

YHL you have lost

YKWIM you know what I mean

YMA yo momma's ass

YMMV your mileage may vary

YW you're welcome

Gates Cambridge Scholarship for International Students

Study in: UK
Course starts October 2010

Brief description:

The award of a Gates Cambridge Scholarship provides excellent opportunities for personal intellectual development, living and working alongside other similarly outstanding students from the UK and from many other countries.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are full-cost awards for graduate study and research in any subject available at the University of Cambridge. A small number are also available for study towards a second undergraduate degree.

Host Institution(s): University of Cambridge in United Kingdom

Field of study: Any field of study offered at the University.

Number of Awards: The Trust seeks to elect approximately 100 new Gates Scholars annually (although the exact number of awards may change from year to year). Approximately 40 of the 100 new scholarships each year will be awarded to US citizens.

Target group: The scholarships are highly competitive and are awarded to citizens of any country outside the United Kingdom.

Scholarship value/inclusions:

A Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the full cost of studying at Cambridge, namely:
  • • the University Composition Fee and College fees at the appropriate rate
  • • a maintenance allowance for a single student (£12, 250 for 12 months at the current 2008-09 rate; pro rata for courses shorter then 12 months)
  • • the cost of the most economical airfare from the scholar’s normal country of residence to the UK at the beginning of their course and the cost of the most economical airfare from the UK to the scholar’s normal country of residence at the end of the course
  • • A discretionary contribution towards the costs of supporting dependants at Cambridge (upon application)
Once in residence, Gates Scholars may apply for financial help with the costs of attending conferences, undertaking fieldwork and other activities.

  • may be citizens of any country outside the United Kingdom.
  • may apply to study any subject available at the University of Cambridge.
  • must apply to pursue one of the following full-time residential courses of study:
    • Research leading to the PhD degree
    • One-year post-graduate courses (e.g. MPhil, LLM, Diploma, CASM or Part III Maths, MBA etc.)
    • 2 year MSc degree
    • Second Bachelor degree as an Affiliated Student
    • MBBChir Clinical Studies

  • must be admitted to Cambridge through the University’s normal academic procedures. The Trust cannot admit students.
  • must have a first class or high second class honours degree, or its equivalent, from a recognised university. For universities which work according to the North American pattern, candidates will be expected to have excellent transcripts with high GPA scores showing evidence of sustained achievement in study, together with the type of academic references which speak of the candidate’s leadership potential, social commitment, intellectual ability and why further study at Cambridge is particularly appropriate. The Gates Cambridge Trust does not require candidates to take a GRE test, although some Departments in Cambridge may do so; candidates should check the relevant section of the Graduate Studies Prospectus.
  • must be well prepared for the Cambridge course for which they are applying and must meet the academic criteria for admission specified by the University. Some courses may have particular requirements for admission, and details of these can be found in the relevant sections of the Graduate Studies Prospectus for graduate applicants, or the Undergraduate Prospectus for affiliated applicants.
  • who are not native speakers of English are required by the University to provide proof of their proficiency in the English language to meet the minimum standard required for admission to Cambridge. For further information see English language requirements for graduate applicants or English language requirements for affiliated applicants.
  • from countries of the European Union who intend to pursue graduate study or research must, where eligible, apply for public fees awards offered by the Research Councils by the relevant deadlines.
  • who are already studying at Cambridge are only eligible to apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship if they are applying for a new course of study (e.g. a one year ‘MPhil only’ student may apply for funding to continue on to the PhD). Candidates already studying at Cambridge who are not applying for a new course of study (e.g. have already started their PhD) are not eligible to be considered for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship.
Scholarship criteria:
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the candidate’s academic excellence, a good fit between the Scholar and the University of Cambridge, evidence of leadership potential and a commitment to improving the lives of others.  See this page to read about the scholarship’s ideal candidate.

Application instructions:

It is important to visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.  The GRADSAF form and supporting documents must arrive at the University by 15 December 2009.

Contact information:
If you have a general enquiry but cannot find an answer on this website, please contact the Trust by email: [email protected].   This is the best way to contact the Trust and we will aim to answer your enquiry as soon as possible.  See the complete contact details here.
If you would like to contact a past Gates Scholar to discuss any aspect of the scholarship programme, please go to the web page of the Gates Ambassadors to find an alumnus in your country or region.


Official Scholarship Website:

Moto waua tena bwenini - kituo ch Bethelem, Kilombero, Morogoro

Nashauri tutumie wataalamu wetu kikamilifu kupambana na majanga yanayozuilika; majanga yanayohitaji tu kutumia maarifa tunayoyapata masomoni na kwenye historia ya visa hivi inayojirudiarudia.
Moto umeua watoto watatu katika kituo kinacholea watoto wenye ulemavu wa mtindio wa ubongo kiitwacho Bethelem wilayani Kilombero, Morogoro kinachomilikiwa na Kanisa Katoliki Jimbo la Mahenge. Watoto hao wamekufa kwa kuunguzwa bwenini wakati wamelala usiku wa kuamkia leo. Bweni katika kituo hicho limeteketea, watoto sita wamejeruhiwa, wamelazwa katika Hospitali ya Mtakatifu Francis ya Ifakara, mkoani humo. Chanzo cha moto huo ulioanza saa 9 alfajiri hakijafahamika. Bweni lililoteketea lilikuwa na uwezo kuhudumia watoto 15, wakati wa ajali hiyo, 14 walikuwa wamelala bwenini humo, mtoto mmoja hakuwemo bwenini kwa kuwa anaumwa na alilazwa kabla ya tukio. Kituo hicho kina mabweni sita yenye uwezo wa kuhudumia watoto 93 wenye ulemavu wa mtindio wa ubongo

Ndugu wa watoto hao wamewatambua marehemu kuwa ni Gerald Thomas (21) mkazi wa Dar es Salaam, Yohana George (11) mkazi wa Maswa, Shinyanga, na Victor Chilimba (15) mkazi wa Ifakara. Maiti za watoto hao zimehifadhiwa katika hospitali hiyo ili kusubiri taratibu za mazishi na maziko.

Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Ifakara, Mhandisi Evarist Ndikilo alisema kuwa moto huo umemuunguza sana mlezi wa watoto hao, Paskalina Barua (22), mkazi wa Ifakara, amelazwa katika hospitali hiyo ya Mtakatifu Francis, Morogoro. Aliwataja watoto sita waliolazwa katika hospitali hiyo ni Deo Malongo, Said Salehe, Lusajo Loli, George Gaiza. Wengine wametambuliwa kwa jina moja la Amos pamoja na Mendrahad, wanaendelea kupatwa matibabu. Alisema kujengwa maeneo tofauti kwa mabweni hayo kumesaidia kuyanusuru mengine yasiungue.

Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Morogoro, Issa Machibya, ameunda tume itakayochunguza chanzo cha moto huo na kutoa mapendelezo kuhusu hatua za kuchukuliwa kwa tahadhari za majanga ya moto ili yasitokee tena. Kamanda wa Polisi mkoa wa Morogoro,Thobias Andengenye, ataongoza tume hiyo, inatakiwa kukamilisha kazi hiyo Ijumaa ijayo.

Habari hii imeripotiwa toka katika gazeti tando la

Tangazo: Mgawo wa umeme Tanzania nzima

Itakumbukwa kuwa tarehe 15 ya mwezi jana ulitangazwa mgao wa umeme kwa mikoa sita nchini. Leo, taarifa iliyotolewa na Mkurugenzi Mtendaji wa Shirika la Umeme Tanzania (TANESCo), Dk. Idris Rashidi inasema kuwa, nchi nzima itakuwa katika mgao wa umeme unaoanza mara moja kwa kukatika tangu saa 3:00 asubuhi hadi saa 5:00 usiku. Meneja Mawasilino wa TANESCO, Badra Masoud, alisema ratiba kamili ya mgawo huo kwenye maeneo mbalimbali itatolewa karibuni.

Sababu za mgawo
  1. Kupungua kwa kiwango cha maji katika mabwawa ya kuzalishia umeme ya Kihansi na Pangani na hivyo kusababisha kiwango cha uzalishaji uememe kushuka katika gridi ya Taifa.
  2. Ukame katika majira ya kiangazi.
  3. Kuharibika kwa mtambo wa Songas, Kihansi na Hale (Tanga).

TANESCO ina mpango wa kuhakikisha kuwa:
  1. Mtambo mpya wa Tegeta (Dar es Salaam) wa megawati 45, unaanza kazi mwezi ujao
  2. Mtambo wa Songas wa Unit 1 na megawati 20 matengenezo yake yatakamilika haraka iwezekanavyo kabla ya mwisho wa mwezi huu.
  3. Mtambo wa Kihansi Unit 1 wenye megawati 60, matengenezo yake yatakamilika katikati ya Desemba mwaka huu.
  4. Shirika litashirikiana na Serikali kuanza maandalizi ya ununuzi wa mitambo mingine ya kuzalisha umeme ili kukidhi mahitaji ya umeme mwaka ujao na siku za baadaye.

Mvua za vuli zinategemewa kuanza Novemba na kuboresha hali ya uzalishaji umeme wa kutumia maji.

Nadhani hili suala la umeme si mlima mrefu kiasi hicho kupanda, hasa ukizingatia kuwa nchi hii imekuwa katika tatizo hili kwa miaka nenda rudi tangu tumepata uhuru toka kwa mkoloni mwaka 1961!
Miaka ya mwanzo Marehemu Baba wa Taifa (JK Nyerere) alisema tuipe muda nchi, ndiyo kwanza inajikongoja, tunahitaji wasomi na wataalamu wengi katika nyanja mbalimbali ili tuweze kutatua matatizo yetu wenyewe. Tunapozungumza hivi leo katika karne ya 21 ambapo baadhi ya nchi zinajitahidi kutengeneza umeme utokanao na nishati ya nyuklia, ni jambo la kusikitisha sana kuona kuwa sisi wa Tanzania bado tunategemea maji ya mvua kuzalisha umeme na bado hatuwezi kuyatumia vilivyoo. Naafiki tunapojitetea kuwa hatuna wataalamu wa sayansi ya nyuklia kuzalisha umeme wa uraniam, lakini hatutumii wasomi wetu na wale wa nje katika kuyahifadhi maji yanayotumika ili kuyarudia tena na tena badala ya kuyaachilia.
Nchi inakadiriwa kuwa na kiwango kikubwa cha madini ya Uraniam ambayo ndiyo yanayotumika, kuzalishia umeme pamoja na shughuli za utengenezaji vifaa vingine hasa mabomu ya vita, cha kusikitisha ni kuwa madini haya inavyoelekea yatafaidisha nchi nyingine na Tanzania tutaishia kujisifu kuwa tunapata pato ambalo mwishowe, kama ilivyo katika nyanja nyingine, tutasikia habari za pato hilo kufisadiwa.