Taarifa ya mafanikio ya mfumo wa Matokeo Makubwa Sasa (BRN)

“Mabadiliko katika mfumo wa Serikali katika utendaji kazi kupata mafanikio haraka”

Dar es Salaam, Tarehe 5 Febuari, 2014: Ofisi ya Rais - Ufuatiliaji wa Utekelezaji wa Miradi (OR- UUM) imetoa taarifa kwa umma kuwa utekelezaji wa mfumo wa – Big Results Now ! (BRN) unaendelea vizuri. Mfumo wa Matokeo Makubwa Sasa (BRN) unaweka utaratibu thabiti wa kufuatilia na kutathimini utekelezaji wa miradi katika maeneo sita ya kimkakati kitaifa (Kilimo, Elimu, Maji, Nishati , Uchukuzi na

Tanzanian arrested, in court, for intimidating South Africa President’s wife

Steven Masunga (photo: Zanele Zulu)
Steven Masunga (photo: Zanele Zulu)
Tanzanian national, Steven John Masunga, threatened one of President Jacob Zuma's wives with a claim that she had a love child, the Camperdown Magistrate's Court heard on Wednesday.

Brigadier Clifford Marion, head of the police's detective branch in KwaZulu-Natal, was questioned about details of the intimidation charge against Tanzanian national Steven John Masunga. Marion told the court Masunga had sent several threatening SMSs from his cellphone to Zuma's wife Nompumelelo Ntuli, commonly known as MaNtuli. She has two children from her marriage to Zuma.

Asked by magistrate Thys Taljaard to be more specific about the intimidating SMSs, Marion replied: “The

Taarifa ya IGP Mangu ya mabadiliko katika Jeshi la Polisi nchini

05 Januari 2014


Inspekta Jenerali wa Polisi (IGP) Ernest Mangu amefanya mabadiliko ya baadhi ya makamanda wa mikoa, wakuu wa upelelezi wa mikoa, wakuu wa usalama barabarani wa mikoa pamoja na watendaji wengine wa vikosi na vitengo mbalimbali ndani ya Jeshi la Polisi.

Miongoni mwa makamanda wa mikoa waliofanyiwa mabadiliko ni pamoja na aliyekuwa kamanda wa Mkoa wa Ruvuma Kamishna msaidizi mwandamizi (SACP) Deusdedit Nsimeki anayekwenda kuwa kamanda wa

US billionaire conservationist to finance building airport near Serengeti

Article published BusinessWeek reveals that a US based billionaire conservationist, Paul Jones, has partnered with the government of Tanzania to construct a modern airport near Serengeti National Park.

Jones who has heavily invested in tourism and conservation in Tanzania has agreed to finance the construction of the airport which will serve to ease movement of tourists intended to tour the national park.

About Tsh50 billion ($30.8 million) has been set aside for the construction of the airport which would also

Statement by Vodacom (T) on network outage

Rene Meza
Rene Meza
Dar es Salaam, 5th Feb, 2014 — We sincerely apologize for not being able to provide services to our esteemed customers and the public in general on the morning of February 5, 2014. This was due to cuts on our primary fibre cable on Morogoro Road and two more on our secondary fibre at Mlalakuwa (just before the bridge) and Mayfair Plaza on Mwai Kibaki Street.

The damage to our fibre cables caused a network outage because our two data centres – one in Oysterbay and the other in Mbezi Juu - which are supposed to support each other in the event of one of them failing,

CCBRT employees file complaints accusing employer of embezzling salaries from TGov

From IPP’s THE GUARDIAN — The Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) employees have lodged complaints to the Commission for Mediation and Arbitration (CMA) against their employer for allegedly embezzling their salaries allocated by the government.

Speaking to journalists in Dar es Salaam just before filing their complaints, the employees’ Secretary, Achile Edgar said the decision was due to the fact that despite being paid their salaries by the hospital, the

Mo Ibrahim: Why are European companies prosecuted in US but not in home countries?

“Why are European companies prosecuted in the U.S. but not in their home countries?” 
“Those guys in the U.S., they walk the walk when it comes to anti-corruption” 
“In Europe, we talk but we never walk the walk” 
“In Africa we have our problems but we haven’t cornered the market on corruption”
Such a quotes from Anglo-Sudanese billionaire and philanthropist Mo Ibrahim in a speech he gave on Monday at the London-based international affairs think-tank Chatham House.

Ibrahim also called for governments to crack down on tax evasion and trade mispricing, saying that bribery prosecutions were “low hanging fruit” compared to the issue of multinational companies artificially reducing their tax bill by transferring profits out of one country and into another low-tax jurisdiction.
“Multinationals don’t pay taxes in Africa, we all know that” 
“Business is global, countries need to react to that, taxes need to be paid where profit arises”
Washington DC-based transparency watchdog Global Financial Integrity estimates that African economies have lost between $597 billion and $1.4 trillion in net resource transfers in the past three decades, much of it through trade mispricing, tax evasion and corruption. --- Trust.org

Dr Murthy, another one with Indian roots expected to become US Surgeon General (and the youngest in history)

Dr Vivek Murthy
Dr Vivek Murthy
On Tuesday, Microsoft named Satya Nadella its new CEO. He joins the growing list of executives with Indian roots heading major global corporations such as PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi and Deutsche Bank co-CEO Anshu Jain.

Here again comes Dr Vivek Murthy, 36, President Obama’s nominee who, if confirmed by the USA Senate, will go into record books as the youngest U.S. surgeon general. He will also oversee the National Prevention Council, a 20-member creation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA aka ObamaCare) that oversees federal health and prevention efforts.

Dr Murthy, who testified on Tuesday on Capitol Hill before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee hearing on his

NW Nchemba azungumza na TRA na kutoa msimamo wa matumizi ya mashine za EFD

Naibu Waziri wa Fedha Mh:Mwigulu Nchemba akizungumza na Watendaji/watumishi wa TRA,Hazina ndogo,Takwimu na Uhakiki Mali Mkoani Mbeya mapema hii leo asubuhi.
Naibu Waziri wa Fedha Mhe. Mwigulu Nchemba akizungumza na watendaji/watumishi wa TRA, Hazina ndogo, Takwimu na Uhakiki Mali Mkoani Mbeya mapema hii leo asubuhi.
Na Habari Kwanza Blog — Naibu Waziri wa Fedha (Sera) Mhe. Mwigulu Nchemba hii leo asubuhi (Tar. 05/02/2014) amekutana na Watendaji/Watumishi wa Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania (TRA), Hazina Ndogo na Wahakiki Mali za Serikali Mkoani Mbeya kwa ajili ya kufahamiana nao, pia kuzungumza nao kuhusu

Former owner of Washington Post creates scholarship program to aid immigrants

For DREAMers by DREAMers is a slogan in one of the photos at TheDream.US, a scholarship program announced on Tuesday in the USA by the former owner of The Washington Post (the WP was sold to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos), for students who were brought to the United States illegally as children.

Donald Graham said the "TheDream.US" fund already has raised about $25 million.

In order to qualify for this scholarship students must be participating in the "deferred action" program

Ngoma Africa Band takes “Bongo Tambarare” music CD to Ethiopia

Kamanda Ras makunja (center) with friends in Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, Ethopia — Kamanda Ras Makunja, leader of the famous African music and dance band in Europe “Ngoma Africa band” aka FFU aka Anunnaki Alien, is in Ethiopia to promote their new music CD ‘Bongo Tambarare’ following requests from music lovers in Ethiopia. 

Radio listeners will be able to hear the songs when played by radio stations across Ethiopia.

After Ethiopia, the band will visit Russia, an invitation it received to tour during the 2014 Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Viwanja vinauzwa Kigamboni

Viwanja vilivyopimwa katika eneo la Gezaulole, Kigamboni vinauzwa kama ifuatavyo:-
  1. SQ 1010 Sh milioni 18/=
  2. SQ 1100 Sh milioni 19/=
  3. SQ 800 Sh milioni 15/=
  4. SQ 1500 Sh milioni 30/=
  5. SQ 1062 Sh milioni 22/=
  6. SQ 822 Sh milioni 19/=
Viwanja vyote vina ofa. Bei zilizotajwa hapo juu ni pamoja na malipo yote ya Manispaa.

Kwa maelezo zaidi, piga simu namba: 0652020343

Bongo Celebrity’s interview with Sporah Njau

Bongo Celebrity: Now let’s talk about The Sporah Show. How did the idea come about and what were the challenges you encountered when trying to establish it?

Sorah Njau: The idea came after watching different TV talk shows here in the UK, and the impact they have to the society. This made me realize how powerful TV is and how it can influence people’s lives. My motive was to motivate people’s lives especially the younger generation. I was really into watching a lot of TV talk Shows back then. I really liked the idea of doing a talk show, but the tough inner question was always “How do I do that?” So, I started doing a lot of research I got to know more about the Television Industry and... click here to read more

Taarifa ya kujiunga na Jeshi la Polisi kwa wahitimu Kidato cha Sita 2014


Katika mwaka wa fedha 2014/2015 Jeshi la Polisi linatarajia kuajiri wahitimu wa kidato cha sita mwaka 2014 na kidato cha nne mwaka 2013. Ili kutekeleza azma hii tumeweka fomu kwenye tovuti ambayo wahitimu watarajiwa wa kidato cha sita wa mwaka 2014 watajaza kabla ya kufanya mitihani yao ya kumaliza kidato cha sita. Baada ya kujazwa kikamilifu wakabidhi fomu kwa wakuu wa shule ambao

[photo] President Kikwete with Jane Goodall

President Jakaya M. Kikwete (Tanzania) listening to renowned British primatologist, Dr Jane Goodall at the State House in Dar es Salam
President Jakaya M. Kikwete (Tanzania) listening to renowned British primatologist, Dr Jane Goodall at the State House in Dar es Salam recently. Jane has been studying chimpanzees in Kigoma, Tanzania at Gombe Stream Research Centersince 1965 leading to revolutionary findings about the primates. (photo by Freddy Maro)