[text, audio, video] Hotuba ya Rais Kikwete kwenye Bunge la Katiba

Hotuba kwa njia ya maandishi ikifuatiwa na pleya yenye hotuba kwa njia ya sauti na video aliyoitoa Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete alipolihutubia Bunge Maalumu la Katiba siku ya Ijumaa, Machi 21, 2014. Picha zaidi zimepachikwa mwishoni.

Rais Kikwete akilihutubia Bunge la Katiba, Machi 21, 2014
Rais Kikwete akilihutubia Bunge la Katiba, Machi 21, 2014



Mheshimiwa Samuel Sitta, Mwenyekiti wa Bunge Maalum la Katiba;

Mheshimiwa Dkt. Mohamed Gharib Bilal, Makamu wa Rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania;

Mheshimiwa Dkt. Ali Mohamed Shein, Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi;

Mheshimiwa Mizengo Peter Pinda, Waziri Mkuu wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania;

Mheshimiwa Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, Makamu wa Kwanza wa Rais wa Zanzibar;

Mheshimiwa Balozi Seif Ali Iddi, Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar

Mheshimiwa Anne Semamba Makinda; Spika wa Bunge la Jamhuri ya Muungano;

Mheshimiwa Pandu Ameir Kificho, Spika wa Baraza la Wawakilishi na Mwenyekiti wa Muda wa Bunge Maalum la Katiba ;

Mheshimiwa Rashid Othman Chande, Jaji Mkuu wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania;

Mheshimiwa Othman Makungu, Jaji Mkuu wa Zanzibar;

Viongozi Wakuu Wastaafu;

Waheshimiwa Wajumbe wa Bunge Maalum la Katiba;

Waheshimiwa Wajumbe wa Tume ya Mabadiliko ya Katiba;

Wageni waalikwa;

Mabibi na Mabwana;

Nakushukuru sana Mheshimiwa Mwenyekiti kwa kunipa fursa ya kuja kuzungumza na Waheshimiwa Wajumbe wa Bunge letu Maalum la Katiba katika siku hii muhimu na ya kihistoria kwa nchi yetu.  Nimekuja kuwatakia heri na naungana na Watanzania wenzetu wote kuwaombea baraka za Mwenyezi Mungu, ili muweze kuifanya kazi yenu kwa utulivu, hekima, umakini mkubwa na

Another historical discovery in Tanzania: Rukwanyoka holmani - Oldest fossil evidence of modern African venomous snakes

Ohio University scientists have found the oldest definitive fossil evidence of modern, venomous snakes in Africa, according to a new study published March 19 in the journal PLOS ONE. The newly discovered fossils demonstrate that elapid snakes -- such as cobras, kraits and sea snakes -- were present in Africa as early as 25 million years ago, said lead author Jacob McCartney, a postdoctoral researcher in the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. He's part of a team that has been examining the Rukwa Rift Basin of Tanzania over the last decade to understand environmental change through time in the East African Rift System.

Elapids belong to a larger group of snakes known as colubroids, active foragers that use a variety of methods, including venom, to capture and kill prey.

Colubroid fossils are documented as early as 50 million years ago. But

Uza, Nunua muziki kupitia kampuni ya Mkito.com

Family of a girl abducted from Kenya to Tanzania seeks help

By HENRY NYARORA/The NATION -- The family of a girl kidnapped last year and taken to Tanzania wants the government to help them trace their daughter.

The government should put pressure on Tanzania to assist in finding Delvin Bosibori Okioyi, who was a Form Three student at Gianchere Secondary, Kisii County.

Parents Julius Orieko Okioyi and Beatrice Kwamboka said Delvin disappeared in October last year. They claim to have crucial leads that could help in her rescue.

The girl is suspected to have been kidnapped by while waiting for a matatu to

[music audio] Dr3am Ville: When Positivity Reigns

Led by their 16 year old singer, Dr3am Ville are out to share some positive vibe across Africa in this collaborative track featuring Zambia’s Meta4riq Skillz. The feel good reggae track Irie, urges all and sundry to be happy, encouraging the African Unity, education of the youth and eradication of negativity.

“With so much negative things going on in the world, it is a great honor when you

Taarifa kuhusu maadhimisho ya Siku ya Hali ya Hewa Duniani


Yah: Maadhimisho ya Siku ya Hali ya Hewa Duniani 

Tarehe 23 Machi, 2014

Kila mwaka tarehe 23 Machi nchi wanachama wa Shirika la Hali ya Hewa Duniani hujiunga na kuadhimisha kuzaliwa kwa Shirika hilo lililoanzishwa tarehe 23 Machi, 1950 kulingana na kauli mbiu. Kauli mbiu ya mwaka huu ni ’Ushirikishwaji wa Vijana katika Masuala ya Hali ya Hewa’- ”(Weather and Climate: Engaging Youth)”.

Katika kuadhimisha Siku ya Hali ya Hewa Duniani (WMO), Shirika la Hali ya Hewa linawahamasisha vijana ulimwenguni kote kujihusisha na masuala ya hali ya

High Court in Tanzania blocks $75m IPTL pay

The High Court yesterday granted an injunction barring the withdrawal of $75 million (Sh121 billion) escrow monies paid to VIP Engineering and Marketing, a local company that had at one time owned 30 per cent of the Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL).

Liquidators of the IPTL’s majority shareholders, Mechmar of Malaysia, through their lawyers, IMMMA Advocates, have filed an application at the High Court seeking an injunction to stop the withdrawal and use of the $75 million paid to VIP Engineering and Marketing in January this year. High Court Judge Fauz Twaib gave the order after the plaintiff—Mechmar, currently in liquidation, filed a suit together with an application for injunction on March 17, 2014.

In the main suit, Mechmar is seeking orders against VIP Engineering and IPTL for payment of contractual and damages of $52.5 million which is 70 per cent of $75 million, the total value of the IPTL asset which has been extracted from the company in breach of the Articles of Association.

The plaintiff also wants contractual damages of reduction value of the plaintiff shares in the company valued at $175 million.

In addition to the suit, the plaintiff filed an application for injunction for orders to “restrain VIP Engineering or any person pursuant to the order control for instructions from taking possession of exercising beneficial and/or legal right.”

The case came for hearing on Wednesday, this week, before the ruling was issued yesterday in favour of Mechmar, hence introducing a new twist in the IPTL sale saga.

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