New report puts Tanzania, Kenya and 5 others on ‘list of shame’

A new report "Ivory’s Curse: The Militarization and Professionalisation of Poaching in Africa" released early this week has listed Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Sudan, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as seven “corrupt governments” in Africa that support elephant poaching.

The report accuses public officials in the named countries of condoning or arming criminals who kill elephants and rhinos for their tusks and horns, respectively.

It says organised crime, government corruption and militias are all linked to elephant poaching and the illegal ivory trade. Poachers in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sudan and Kenya it found out move across borders with near impunity.
  1. Outside of active conflict zones, in places like Tanzania, the presence of Political Corruption creates a high-risk vector for the potential looting of national wealth for personal gain. A history of corruption in key environmental ministries and a unique system of allowing private individuals to manage wildlife ranges with little oversight exacerbate this risk.
  2. Tanzania there is growing evidence of very concentrated hunting in specific sectors of parks.

Click here to download a copy (PDF) of the full report.

Amazing catch of an infant falling from a building

Amazing save of a child again in China.

The NPR notes that:
The one-year-old baby had apparently been looking for his mother during a rainstorm when people in the street below noticed the infant had climbed out a window. They nervously watched — and prepared for the worst as the child perched on the ledge in Zhongshan, a city in Guangdong Province.
A man identified only as Mr. Li in Chinese media reports saved the day, after hustling over from the spot where had been trying to wait out the rain. And that leads us to think it's a good thing Mr. Li didn't have his umbrella with him: If he'd been holding one, he might never have seen the little boy whose life was in peril above everyone's heads.

You probably remember another remarkable save of a 2 year old child who fell from a building and luckily happened to be saved by a group of motorcycle couriers who were taking a break, in east China's Zhejiang Province. See the video below...

UNDP to assist Tanzania upgrade voter registration

The East African reports that, The United Nations Development Programme has promised to assist Tanzania to upgrade its voter registration system.
“I understand that the national electoral body has computerised some things but I have been informed that the technology they are using is outdated. We will help them obtain modern technology,” 
said UNDP administrator Helen Clark.

She said UNDP would ensure that Tanzania used the biometric voter registration system before next year’s General Election.

Dewji atoa misaada kwenye taasisi za Kidini zaidi ya 80 jimboni mwake

Mbunge MO akizungumza na waumini wa Msikiti wa Kisasida, ambapo ameahidi kutoa msaada wa Mabati 100 na Mbao 100 kwa ajili ya kumalizia ujenzi wa Msikiti huo.

Uturuki na Tanzania kujenga kijiji cha kuwatunza albino

Ubalozi wa Uturuki kwa kushirikiana na Serikali ya Tanzania, wana mpango wa kujenga kijiji nchini kwa ajili ya kutunza albino wapatao 500.

Ujenzi wa kijiji hicho unakadiriwa kugharimu dola za kimarekani milioni tano sawa na Sh bilioni 8.2.
Mke wa Balozi wa Uturuki, Yesim Meco alisema hayo jana Dar es Salaam kwenye mkutano na waandishi wa habari, ambao mumewe, Ali Davutoglu alikuwa akizungumzia ujio wa meli ya jeshi la nchi yake wiki ijayo. 

Yesim alisema lengo kubwa la kujenga kijiji hicho ni kusaidia watu hao wenye ualbino.

Alisema kabla ya kuanza mchakato wa ujenzi wa kijiji hicho alifika mkoani Shinyanga iliko kambi yao na kukuta watu hao wakiwa na hofu kuu.

Alisema aliomba Serikali ya Tanzania kuhamishia kambi hiyo jijini Dar es Salaam,

Wabunge wa Bunge la Afrika Mashariki wafuatilia bajeti ya Wizara yao Tanzania