Taarifa ya SUMATRA ya kuhamisha kituo cha daladala Mwenge-Makumbusho

Wamiliki, madereva na abiria wote mnatangaziwa kuwa kituo cha daladala Mwenge kitafungwa rasmi siku ya Jumapili jioni tarehe 01.06.2014.

Kuanzia siku ya jumatatu asubuhi tarehe 02.06.2014 kituo kitakachokuwa kinatumika ni Makumbusho tu.

Sababu kubwa ya kufunga kituo hicho ni ufinyu wa eneo hilo jambo linalochangia dadalada kushindwa kuingia kituoni kwa wakati hasa vipindi vya asubuhi na jioni hivyo kusababaisha foleni kubwa katika eneo la Mwenge.

Kwa mujibu wa Ofisi ya Mkuu wa Mkoa eneo hilo kwa sasa litabaki kuwa eneo la wazi.

Madereva mnatakiwa kutii agizo hili ili kuepukana na hatua kali ambazo zitachukuliwa dhidi ya yeyote ambae atakaidi, aidha abiria mnatakiwa msilazimishe kushushwa eneo ambalo hakuna kituo cha daladala.

Barabara za kuingia na kutoka kituoni Makumbusho zinaendelea kukarabatiwa na Manispaa ya Kinondoni ili kusiwe na tatizo la kuingia kituoni hapo.

Conrad Shio
Afisa Mfawidhi Kanda ya Mashariki

Tanzania will not hesitate to contribute more UN Peacekeepers - Minister

High table stands in a one minute silence to remember UN Peacekeepers who lost their life on Peacekeeping operations. (All photos, story shared by Zainul Mzige/modewjiblog)

By Damas Makangale, MOblog, Tanzania -- The Tanzanian government has reassured the United Nations (UN) that it will not hesitate to contribute more peacekeepers to UN Peacekeeping operations.

Tanzania already contributes 2,259 peacekeepers in Darfur, Lebanon, Abyei, South Sudan and Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) for peacekeeping missions but has promised a larger commitment.

Speaking today during the commemoration of the International Day of UN

TMF Fellowship Programme Launch, this Friday @ Serena Hotel

Dar es Salaam 29 May 2014, The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in collaboration with Tanzania Media Fund (TMF),LEAT, TAMWA, Drugs Control Commission and Life Media cordially invited the media to the launch of five fellowship programmes to be held on Friday, 30th of May, 2014 at the Serena Hotel, Kivukoni II hall from 8:30am.

The theme for the launch event is, "Creating a specialized media sector for accountability". The Guest for Honor will be The Minister of Labor and Employment, Hon. Gaudencia Kabaka. The six months fellowships

Gone from Bad to Worse!

(It all started with Retired President Ali Hassan Mwinyi! “Mzee wa Ruksa”! Like it or not, WE HAVE BECOME MORE CORRUPT ever since the retirement from politics by the Late Father of the Nation, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere!)

By @PaulFrancisTZ, a.k.a. Citizen Paul

LET US FACE IT AND BE REALISTIC! Whether we like it or not, it's time to admit that things have gone from REALLY BAD to REALLY WORSE under CCM rule for the past three administrations – Second Phase, under Retired President Ali Hassan Mwinyi; Third Phase, under Retired President Benjamin William Mkapa; and Fourth Phase under President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, and they are about to get EVEN WORSE, unless we WAKE UP and take charge of the situation.

We – the Swahili People – have a proverb: “Sikio la kufa halisikii dawa!” To non-KiSwahili speakers, this loosely translates as “No matter how hard you try to heal them, stupid, sick people just wont respond to medicine!” I said a “loose” translation – not an exact one!

My fellow citizens – and non-citizens alike – have all become witnesses to the amazing decay of moralities among our many societies; incest has become commonplace and is no longer widely scoffed at, as there are tales of fathers having children with their daughters; brothers having children with their sisters; mothers having children with their sons; and so forth! Corruption has become so rampant you will be told to “just pay the bribe” and save yourself from trouble... and bribes are no longer being asked for, they are expected, by those in places of authority and power, such as the Courts and Police Stations. In fact, when you REFUSE to pay a bribe YOU become the criminal, and you are subjected to the worst kind of “legal” treatment. They teach you a lesson you wont forget... you become conditioned to thinking “If I dont pay them a bribe, I'll land myself in jail, AGAIN, and for a crime I havent committed!”

The interpretation of the law in Tanzania has become quite funny, as it seems, even a Police Constable – who has the minimum and relevant knowledge of the law – can make sure you land in jail, simply by withholding vital information to you. I became witness to how people sometimes find themselves in a LOT of hot soup, simply because they didnt grease the palms of the corrupt – well, not all – police officers. It was a simple traffic case; some STUPID Ultimate Security watchman left a parking barrier at the DTB Mbezi Beach Branch parking area, in such a location that I could NEVER have avoided knocking it with my car. Instead of admitting being in error, the Ultimate Security guards in duty started laying the blame on me. The Branch Manager – a most kind and understanding person – was called, so were the Traffic Police. Procedure was followed because I told them let's just file the report so that my Insurance cover would pay for the damages to the broken glass panel, outside the DTB Mbezi Beach Branch, just by the entrance. I was making matters more SERIOUS, it seems. These days, when you COMPLY with the law, you are putting yourself at the MERCY of the corrupt police officers, who expect you to bribe them WITHOUT A FLINCH! And when you ignore – due to your ignorance, thinking that every police officer is an “angel”, which is a very naïve approach and perspective on your part – their unspoken demands for bribes, you will notice the raised eyebrows, which literally are the unspoken language of “Pay me you fool! Or you land your ass in jail!”

I nearly found myself in jail, save for the Angel – whose name shall remain withheld – of a Public Prosecutor, who – without even asking for a single cent from me – managed to work it out that the person who accompanied me (whose identity I will not reveal, also), was allowed to – within the scope of the law – be my surety. Being a traffic case, the Magistrate in charge did not pose any objection; following morning we paid the fine, but there is one very strange thing that still perplexes me!

DTB maintained, from the outset, that they did not wish to pursue the matter legally, as I did not intentionally cause damage to the Bank's property; it was an accident, and the decision was made at the DTB Headquarter level in Tanzania, that the matter should not be pursued in court. The Traffic Police officer in charge – Corporal Anna – of Kawe, insisted that the case be brought to the Court (Traffic Court in Kinondoni District is still being held at the Kinondoni District Court), on the count that, due to their busy schedule, DTB personnel did not inform, in due time, of the Bank's decision not to pursue the matter – as complainant.

I had gone to the Bank's Mbezi Beach Branch, earlier, to inform them of my decision to pay for the damages out of pocket, when the gentleman, Branch Manager (too kind to be messed up in useless legal wrangles, especially traffic cases) of the DTB informed me of the decision reached by headquarters. The treatment I received from DTB – NOT Ultimate Security – was so cordial, I was too impressed, and have decided to open two accounts with them; a personal and a corporate account! Hooray!

So, when Corporal Anna was contacted by the DTB Mbezi Breach Branch Manager, she made up so many excuses of (1) being in class, which makes me wonder what course(s) she is undertaking at the moment, and (2) being occupied, demanding that the Branch Manager pays her a visit at the Kawe Police Station. The Branch Manager didnt make it to the Kawe Police Station, so, instead, it was agreed that myself and a Bank's representative make our presence on the morning of the Court date, at the Kawe Police Station, in order that the case can be withdrawn at the Court. Not so, we found out. Once a case reaches the hands of the Court – this applies for criminal AND traffic cases – the defendants (or “accused” as is the lingua franca of legalese) MUST present sureties, or risk facing certain detention (being put under the custody of the prisons department) for failing to be bailed! THIS INFORMATION WAS WITHHELD DELIBERATELY by Corporal Anna, BECAUSE – I DARE SAY – she did not (as she did not expressly demand) receive any bribes from US (myself and/or the Bank).

  1. COME ON TANZANIA POLICE!!!! Look here! Let's be serious! These are the facts.
  2. Under advise from my legal counsel, I agreed to culpability and liability in order that my Insurance cover – as my vehicle is fully insured – could pay for the damages. In order for this to be done, I had to admit to being “negligent”, which in fact, I was NOT!
  3. Culpability – and this could have been proven, as I did have photographic evidence – was in the hands of the Ultimate Security guard who had wrongly placed the parking barrier, thus obstructing a part of the parking area, making it inevitable to be hit by any car attempting to park in that area. But I said, for the sake of not wasting time, let me just pay the damages and walk out of here, my hands clean. Sometimes we are forced to admit guilt simply to avoid trouble, but as it was proven to me, this wasnt – clearly – the best option. I STILL FACED CERTAIN JAIL TERM!
  4. Having paid the fine, Corporal Anna still demands that the Bank makes a written statement that they do not wish to be compensated by my Insurance cover. BUT THEY DIDNT WANT A COURT CASE IN THE FIRST PLACE, STUPID????!!!! This brings me to the next question: Isnt the case closed when someone who has admitted guilt, in a traffic case, over when the fine has been paid? Well, Corporal Anna DOES NOT AGREE! The written statement from the Bank, must be made, so that my Insurance cover is “indemnified” (Google this!) from liability, of having to pay those damages.
  5. Now, in conclusion, my Driving Licence and Vehicle Road Licence documents are still with Corporal Anna, who ALSO demands that when I visit her office – after the Bank has made that much coveted statement of withdrawal – I must present a COPY of the Government Receipt from the Court. Is that MY responsibility, or HER's? If I am to be fair and square, as that is part of her Standard Operating Procedures, it is the responsibility of the Investigating Officer to follow up ALL and ANY documents pertinent of all cases being handled by the Officer. The Government Receipt is ONE SUCH DOCUMENT, which I am NOT required to produce at the Kawe Police Station, however, Corporal Anna thinks otherwise!
  6. Let's hope that before this article makes it to print, Corporal Anna will have gotten the written statement from the Bank and a copy (I already lost the original receipt. Clumsy me!) of the Government Receipt from the Court, as so DEMANDED!

While this may seem to be a single-handed attack on Police Corporal Anna, it is not, I assure you. I am stating facts. There was an accident, on April 26, 2014, which was a public holiday – Union Day – that comprised of my car, T113BFN, Green Toyota RAV4, accidentally knocking a parking barrier, which was improperly placed at the parking area of the DTB Mbezi Beach Branch. This happened around 3 pm. I was at the Bank trying to withdraw money sent to me via Western Union from a client in the UK. DTB is an Agent of Western Union. The rest of the story has already been told, but it is a SAD, SAD, SAD story!

Was there need for this case to go to court? Wasnt the first – as a sworn Police Officer, who took an oath to protect citizens and their property – duty of Police Corporal Anna to ensure that this case is solved amicably? WHY must all cases that fall into her hands go to the Court? No person had been injured in the accident, and the damage to the property was negligible – ONLY Tanzanian Shillings Fifty Thousand! Doesnt this want you to think that Police Corporal Anna was strongly expecting to be bribed, and when she saw that we would not officially or unofficially comply with her “unspoken” demands (because corruption is now an INSTITUTION!), she became IRATE and made sure that I would see the inside of the prison cell, maybe Keko or Segerea?

WHY do I assume this? Listen, I have been in similar situations before, when Police Officers DELIBERATELY refuse to inform suspects of their right to be bailed at Court. Not every one of us knows that when our cases are brought – YES! Even a Traffic Case???? - to the Court, we must be prepared to secure sureties so that we must be bailed. And – you wont believe this! - the procedure is that, (1) our sureties must sign a bond of Tanzanian Shillings Five Hundred Thousand!!, (2) and they must be TWO sureties, each with two letters; one from the Local Government and one from their Employer! FOR A TRAFFIC CASE!

I am sorry but THIS is INDEED the truth that must be told!

Corporal Anna? Have I done you justice? These are the facts! I paid the fine! Dont worry. You will have received the documents you require when this goes to print. I am so glad that I DIDNT pay anyone NOT A CENT in a bribe! Thank you Jesus! Thank you!

Twitter: @PaulFrancisTZ, a.k.a. Citizen Paul
Email: [email protected]
Text/Voice: +255-772-949577 and +255-762-949577

Jumamosi: Mdahalo wa Katiba Mpya “LIVE” on ITV, Chuchu FM; Wajumbe wa Tume kutoa mada

Muungano wa Asasi za Kiraia Tanzania umeandaa Mdahalo wa wazi  kuhusu Changamoto za Mchakato wa Katiba Mpya.

Mdahalo huo utafanyika tarehe 31/5/2014 katika Ukumbi wa Blue Pearl Hotel, Ubungo Plaza, jijini Dar es Salaam kuanzia saa 8.00 mchana hadi saa 10.00 jioni.

Mdahalo huo utatangazwa mojakwa moja na vituo vya ITV, ABM Radio ya Dodoma, pamoja na

Wateja Vodacom kusajiliwa kielektroniki

Mkuu wa Idara ya huduma kwa wateja wa Vodacom Tanzania, Brigita Stephen akiwaonesha waandishi wa habari usajili wa wateja kwa njia ya kielektroniki kupitia simu za mkononi ulioanza kutumiwa na Vodacom ili kurahisisha kazi ya usajili. Tofauti na utaratibu wa kawaida wa usajili unaotumia zaidi ya siku kumi na tano, mfumo huo unakamilisha zoezi la usajili ndani ya saa moja kutoka mahali popote mteja alipo.

Kampuni ya Mawasiliano ya Vodacom Tanzania inawawezesha wateja wake kufanya usajili wa nambari zao za simu kwa njia ya kielektronikia kupitia simu za mkononi, mfumo ambao unatoa urahisi kwa kila mteja kukamilisha zoezi la usajili ndani ya muda mfupi zaidi wa chini ya saa moja.

Kusajili kwa kutumia njia za kawaida, zoezi la usajili huweza kutumia hadi siku kumi na tano kutoka siku mteja alipojaza fomu ili kutoa nafasi kwa wakala aliyesajili kutuma fomu jijini Dar es Salaam kwa

Picha za maadhimisho ya “Siku ya Afrika”, Washington DC

Balozi wa Tanzania nchini Marekani, Mhe. Liberata Mulamula akiwa kwenye gwaride la bendera wakati wa ufunguzi wa Gala dinner ya African Day siku ya Jumanne Mei 27, 2014 katika hoteli ya Marriott, Washington, DC.

Taarifa ya LAPF kuhusu kumkopesha Mbowe kuwasaidia Msigwa, Mbilinyi





Taarifa ya msiba wa Aruken G. Mushi

Aruken Geoffrey Mushi

Sarah Mushi wa Ashburn, VA anasikitika kutangaza kifo cha mama yake mzazi Mrs. Aruken Geoffrey Mushi (pichani) kilichotokea Jumatano May 29, 2014. Msiba upo nyumbani kwa mfiwa: 20937 Killawog Terr, Ashburn, VA 20147. 

Kwa taarifa zaidi unaweza kuwasiliana na David Kisanga (703)932-0540. 

Bwana ametoa, Bwana ametwaa na jina lake lihimidiwe! 

Morogoro celebrates "Milk Day" with yoghurt from goat milk

A boy enjoys the tastes of goat milk yoghurt made by TWAWOSE at Kihonda, Mazimbu road in Morogoro during the sensitization day on milk use for health

Tanzanians to start with Morogoro residences get a chance to taste the flavor, value and understand of the yoghurt made from goat milk through a “Milk Day” sensitization with the theme “Maziwa ni Afya, Maziwa ni Uhai and Maziwa ni Mali”.

The event happened early this week in Morogoro where people living along Old Dar es Salaam road, Nane Nane, Kihonda, Msamvu and Morogoro town in general drink and wonders the goat yoghurt. The sensitization not only aimed to promote goat yoghurt use but also expand the market as to improve the income of goat milk producers in Mgeta, Morogoro.

Goat milk has a lot of health ingredients for human body. They contain important minerals such

Hii kali! Mfuasi wwa Raila atakavyomshitakia #BabaWhileYouWereAway ...

Mwanaharakati na pengine mfuasi wa aliyekuwa mgombea wa uchaguzi wa kiti cha Urais wa Kenya, Raila Odinga ameeleza mambo atakayomshitakia, punde tu atakaporejea kutoka mapumzikoni nchini Marekani, kuwa yalitendeka nchini Kenya wakati hayupo (#BabaWhileYouWereAway).

Bofya video iliyopachikwa hapo umsikilize akiorodhesha, "...Baba ukiwa away..."

Dovutwa alazwa ICU ya Aga Khan

MJUMBE wa Bunge Maalumu la Katiba na Mwenyekiti Chama cha UPDP, Fahmi Dovutwa, amelazwa katika Hospitali ya Aga Khan kutokana na kusumbuliwa na matatizo ya kifua.

Taarifa iliyotolewa na Katibu Mkuu wa UPDP, Felix Makuwa juzi ilisema kuwa,
Dovutwa alilazwa juzi hospitalini hapo baada ya kusumbuliwa na maradhi ya kifua kwa siku kadhaa.

“Alianza kusumbuliwa na kifua tangu wiki iliyopita. Tatizo hilo limekuwa likimsababishia pumzi kuziba," alisema.

Makuwa alisema awali, Dovutwa alikwenda katika Hospitali ya Sanitas Mikocheni, lakini kutokana na hali yake kuwa mbaya, alihamishiwa Aga Khan. Alisema bado hali ya kiongozi huyo si nzuri na kwamba, amehamishiwa katika Chumba cha Uangalizi Maalumu (ICU), ambako madaktari wanaendelea kumtibu. -- Uhuru.